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Found 15 results

  1. ross549

    Great Android Apps!

    Anyone know of any really great Android apps?I bought a Samsung Galaxy S II last week, and I would like some great apps to use. :)Adam
  2. sunrat

    KDE Connect

    It may have been mentioned before (SB?) but I just tried it and WOW! I've used Airdroid and DroidOverWiFi which have some similar functions (and some that KDE Connect doesn't) but both seem a bit clunky. With KDE Connect, I installed the apps on desktop from Debian repo and on phone from Play Store. One click on each to connect! The phone shows automatically in Dolphin and you can open or transfer files or play media. You can share a URL from the phone and it will open in the desktop browser. You can even use the phone as a touchpad for your desktop or as a remote for your media player. KDE Connect is the easiest phone>desktop hookup I've seen. If you're not using KDE, well, aaaah...sorry. https://albertvaka.w...ng-kde-connect/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5KF6gBI8-o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkCFngNmsh0
  3. abarbarian

    WikiPad WP005 Tablet PC

    WikiPad WP005 Tablet PC NVIDIA Tegra Quad Core 1GB RAM + 16GB Flash 7" Touchscreen + Wifi Bluetooth + Front Camera Android (Jelly Bean) http://www.ebuyer.com/670780-wikipad-wp005-tablet-pc-wp005 I did some research on this tablet and I gain the impression that it is quite a reasonable speced tablet for £69.99. I was thinking that I could use it to surf the web with at me mums through her tv. Would this give me a fairly decent surfing experience ? I know it is not the latest and greatest so would not expect it to be blisteringly fast. Any thoughts would be most welcome as i know nowt about tablets.
  4. abarbarian

    Best android 4.2 VOIP video app ?

    Any good suggestions folks ? Are Viber, Line or Skype any good ? What are folks here using ?
  5. I've seen some nice apps available for Android, which are not available for Linux, or Windows. I also saw an application (forgot the name, shucks!) in which in HongKong, they are using instead of the Internet, or Cell phones. Historically, when something goes wrong, the gov't shuts down public communications, so the people can't organize something. This time, they got one up on Communist gov't. They are using an app that works in Android, and on the Apple cell phones. Now they can communicate without any disruption from the police. The system works on a peer-to-peer system. No cell towers are necessary. No WIFI needed. They just download the app, and start using it. Each user is a node, and communication is good for approx up to 100 feet. However, with more users, one's communication range, can multiply many-fold. The specutlation is that our gov't now wants to tax the Internet. If that's the case, then this technology could become the next Internet system. It would put a lot of towers out of business, and ISP's could just fade out, since their servers would no longer be needed. The communication is not yet secure, Anyone can eavesdrop to listen in. But the next step is coming very soon. Encryption will be available, and secure private conversations will also become available, with someone else on the node. There is an app that works with this communiction, which can drop the user onto the WIFI circuit, if so desired. It will be interesting how much further that this technology will be adopted, and further expansion increased. I still don't know if this would work in Linux, running a virtual Android OS, which is running this peer-to-peer communication system. Of course, the computer would need blutooth to run. The app is opensource, so that it can be modified as desired. Sorry, I forgot the name of the application. But if you google HongKong, I'm pretty sure that you will read about it there. The app can also be downloaded from GoogleTalk. Cheers!
  6. sunrat

    New LG G3

    Just got a new phone, LG G3. Here's a quick review - Wow! 5.5" 2560 X 1440 screen, 3,000mAh battery, wireless charging, KitKat. I thought it might be uncomfortably big, but the curved back makes it nice to hold. Screen is beautiful but default colours are less saturated than SG S5. You can adjust to taste but I like default. Wireless charger came as a free bonus with Optus plan. When I first started playing Ingress on it I found it hard to get a location lock but managed to hack a few portals. I was very worried the GPS was crap. Then I checked settings and GPS was turned off! All good now. http://www.lg.com/au...-Metallic-Black Disclaimer - I am not connected with LG or Optus. (Just impressed)
  7. I do not use KDE but this pretty neat: http://www.thepowerbase.com/2013/08/kde-connect-for-android-shares-everything-even-your-clipboard/
  8. Neil P

    I switched to Android

    I think I've decided as of now that I'm going to buy an Android phone next time around. I'm eligible for an upgrade in December, I think. So it's still a ways away for me. But I'm making the decision now. As of today, I'd probably go with a Galaxy S4* since the S3 is supposedly such a good phone. If Google puts out a new Nexus phone (the 4 came out in November, right?) by then maybe I'll go for that. The reason I don't want the 4 is because I really want an LTE phone and from what I've seen it's HSPA+ (or what AT&T calls 4G but isn't LTE**). It's a very tempting phone though. Maybe I'll head out to the AT&T store and see what the phones feel like. I'm really really interested in Google Now. I know people here will probably spontaneously combust from sending so much data to Google, but it looks so useful. I use a lot of Google stuff already anyway, so deeper integration will be nice. I could get a Nexus 4 now I suppose, and maybe sell my current phone (iPhone 4S)...is that even something you can do with a subsidized phone? Gazelle is offering $205 for a 4S right now. Getting off the upgrade treadmill sounds really nice too... Apple would have to really do something great with the 5S to get me to stay. The biggest reason for me not to switch is that I've spent so much money in Apple's ecosystem already. Slice tells me I've spent $1,125 in iTunes--of course, that doesn't differentiate between apps and music. *obviously the S4 isn't announced yet, but it's expected soon. **I'm seeing conflicting stuff, saying that HSPA+ should be at least close to LTE speeds. My iPhone 4S says it's "4G" but I don't get near LTE speeds. LTE is faster right? Update: I switched!
  9. abarbarian

    Android in embedded systems

    http://linuxgizmos.com/embedded-android-presentation-free-electrons/ Too high flying for me but I thought some of you folk would find it interesting.
  10. Android 4.1.1 doesn't include USB Mass Storage mode Is anyone affected by this yet, or do you have workarounds? I find it extremely useful and would hate to lose it. MTP is too restricted in functionality; for my Galaxy S2 it only sees pictures on mine. I like to put a few FLAC and ogg files there, which play fine but only can be transferred with USB mass storage. I currently have Android 4.0.4 and don't want to update if I lose this.
  11. abarbarian

    Peng Pod open source tablet

    http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2013/02/15/what-about-the-pengpod/ http://shop.pengpod.com/ Neat. So for $160'ish you get the top of the range PengPod with a case and keyboard and 32 Gb of storage. You can use Android or GNU/Linux. Sounds like a winner to me.
  12. sunrat

    Ideas for media server

    Anyone tried anything like this? I'm considering setting up a media server and this looks do do everything except pour you a beer for while you're watching. Egreat R200S 3D Full HD 1080p HDMI 1.4 Blu-Ray ISO Media Player It runs Android 4 and has USB3, WiFi, HDMI. It recommends using NFS so I'd have to learn how to set that up on my Linux box and on housemates' Macs. There's also this Mini Android Thumb Drive that looks pretty cool, although it would need extra peripherals. Lots of cheap interesting stuff on that site (and lots of rubbish)
  13. abarbarian


    http://f-droid.org/ http://www.thepowerbase.com/2012/08/f-droid-the-android-market-that-respects-your-rights/ Might be of some interest to folks with posh phones.
  14. Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in ATL. It's hardware so........ A new Kickstarter project that way exceeded it's target in the first 24 hours. Read more and watch the video: OUYA: A $99 Android Linux Game Console
  15. macdunn

    All things Android?

    What is the best Forum on Scot's Newsletter to post questions/answers about Android? TIA, macdunn
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