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  1. I'm confused. My computer says it's April, even thought snow is forecast for tomorrow, and Windows' Updates occur on the 2nd Tuesday of the month so May's update is 3 weeks out. So why are we worried about this now??
  2. FWIW I use to smoke, years ago. 4 packs a day. When I quit what worked for me was bitter lemon drops. And that went on for a couple of yrs. And the smell of people smoking was like smelling a barbaque for a decade or two. It takes time to quit.
  3. This is why I do backups the first of each month. Recovery much faster when things go awry.
  4. I'm not questioning your choice of Porteus zlim, it is indeed a small, fast distro. I've been using it for years. And the current versions are less than 300 MB. The x86_64 XFCE DE version is only 270 MB. And when installed to a USB drive will boot on both BIOS and UEFI systems. A x486 3.1 XFCE version is less than 200 MB but doesn't support UEFI systems. <Off topic> Are your Windows 7 systems still updating? I haven't been able to get mine updated since December. </Off topic>
  5. Curious. What is the attraction for a 5 yr old unsupported distro of Porteus rather than a current 4.0 version? Other old versions: http://ponce.cc/porteus/i486/archive/
  6. Grub2Win supports EFI systems, you just need to disable the SecureBoot option. I duel boot to Linux all the time but I boot ISOs.
  7. Ed_P

    Backup Media

    Yes ebrke your mom should be able to use USB drives for her backups. Her current backup app should support the USB drives. If her backup app creates system images greater than 4GB be sure the USB drives are formatted exFAT. She should use multiple USB drives so she can have a grandfather, father, son backup scenario. 64 GB drives should work for her 50 GB backups but try one before buying more.
  8. Hi Rolana. If you want to dual boot Windows and Linux systems I recommend Grub2Win. It's also useful if you want to boot Linux ISOs while looking for a version to install.
  9. Try Grub2Win. It's a Windows app that installs grub2 and creates grub2 menus. Supports Windows XP to Windows 10. mbr2gpt looks like an interesting app.
  10. I was wrong!! The notes and etc were for changing a USB drive not a hard drive. I was using a multi-partitioned system but working on a flash drive so the consequences were less if the procedure failed. But it did work, it converted a bootable FAT32 mbr drive to a bootable FAT32 GPT drive. Whether the steps would work on a multi-partition hard drive I don't know. Read about GDISK and the f parameter here: http://www.rodsbooks...disk/gdisk.html
  11. I've converted a multi partitioned MBR system to GPT a few yrs ago, it is possible to do without loosing everything, though an image backup wouldn't hurt. These are my notes: ## Run GParted to partition & format the USB drive with a msdos Partition table. ## ## Use GParted's View > Device Information to check Partition Table type. ## ## Use GParted's Device > Create Partition Table if Partition Table shows as GPT.## ## Or under Windows use: ## ## > diskpart * Run Command Prompt with Admin Rights. ## ## > list disk ## ## >.... ## ## > select disk 1 * Note: disk nbr is the nbr of the USB disk ## ## > clean ## ## > create partition primary ## ## > exit ## hmmm Notes are for a USB drive, let me look some more. Part of a Linux script: ## ========== ## Load MBR and build GPT from it ## ---------- OPT_LOADMBR="f" build_gpt_fm_mbr() { $GDISK_BIN $TARG_DISK << EOF r $OPT_LOADMBR Y m t ef00 i w Y EOF } Course I don't know what script the notes are from. :'( I'll keep looking. But the bottom line is it is possible to do.
  12. Well it's in the 1803 update. If MS drops it I will look for something else but no reason to at this point imo.
  13. I use the W7 Backup and Restore app with my W10 systems. I have for yrs. I backup to a separate partition on the hard drive before Windows upgrades and monthly updates, and to a separate USB drive every 3 - 4 months. Make sure you create a Windows System Repair disc or USB stick to use with the backups. And test it before you need it. A Disk Management screen shot is good to keep handy also.
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