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  1. I have fond memories of JimmyLee from my brief stint at CNI Radio. I am very sorry for your loss, Fran.
  2. Not sure if this is related or not, but there is new anti-spam legislation that goes into effect on July 1st here in Canada. I received an email from MS Canada (and other Canadian companies) asking me to confirm that I still wanted to be on their mailing list. http://fightspam.gc.ca/eic/site/030.nsf/eng/h_00230.html
  3. That's a good point....I hadn't thought of that particular advantage.
  4. Yes, we MVPs get the freshest of updates from the MS Update Bakery. Everybody else gets 'day-old' offerings.
  5. LOL! I had forgotten all about that song!
  6. I had forgotten about Norton... they had quite the Swiss army of all PC tools in their Norton Utilities and SystemWorks packages.
  7. I have used Diskeeper as well, I think it is at v12 now. I just wonder if it is any better that the one that ships with Windows.
  8. ....I don't think anyone in this thread was alluding to Windows being a 'friendly' OS by any means, although it has gotten easier to install over the years, as I am sure Linux has.
  9. Over the years I have used just about every major disk defragger and while each vendor claims amazing results with every new release, I can honestly say I am not seeing it. Perhaps it depends on how heavily one uses their PC, add files, downloads, etc. What has been your experience? Has any defragger had an impact on your PC's performance?
  10. Yesterday, I reverted my Lenovo T510 laptop back to Windows 7 (which came installed on it). I had put Windows 8 on it just to see if I could. Anyway, I restored a year-old "Clean" image of Windows 7 SP1, but there was a ton of updates to get up to speed with (not to mention the Lenovo updates)! Strange thing is, I still hear people say that they are unsure if they should agree to all these updates.
  11. I'm spending the day doing backups and checking image files. With so many cloud services, there's no excuse for not having important files (esp. photos) stored offsite.
  12. LOL...thankfully, it never got to that point, but I have felt that way in the past, especially when someone asks you for help and you see it would be better to 'nuke' their PC tthan spend the time trying to fix it.
  13. Since I have time on my hands these days (and have to keep off my knee), I decided to tackle an issue my desktop PC was having. For some time now, it would not alwys perform a complete shutdown, or even a restart at times. It would just hang there, saying "Restarting..." or "Shutting Down...." So I said enough of this, let's try some of the new Windows 8 Recovery options. The first option was to restore windows but keep my personal files. This would have meant that I would have to reinstall any drivers, apps and programs I installed since I have had the computer. OK, I was willing to accept this. I had just made a True Image backup a day or so before, so I wasn't worried bout my files and downloaded programs. I clicked to proceed with this option, but agin, the restart would hang. In fact, I couldn't use any of the options under the Recovery app. Then, I discovered in the small User guide that came with this PC, there is something called OneKey Recovery. Upon shutting down (I had to do a hard shutdown) and while restarting, hitting the F2 key would boot to this option. I chose to do a 'wipe and reinstall' of Windows, thus sending it back in time to when I unpacked it. Once that proved successful, there was the GBs of updates to tackle. I install the first round of updates, then run an errand while this was ongoing. I come back to find this message: "Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer" Sigh...I searched and found this KB article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949358 So I let windows do it's thing, restarting several times until at last it acheived the Start screen. I proceeded to install updates with no more issues. I think it must have been the attached USB devices I had, but they were not turned on. Finally, The windows Store allowed me to download and install the 8.1 update. Now I am backing up the present state of this PC should I ever have to start this process over. At least all the updates up to and including 8.1 will be installed. Good thing I was not pressed for time! Next up: reverting my ThinkPad back to Windows 7......
  14. I'm hoping it is going to be a good Stanley Cup final series. I don't know much about LA, but i have followed the Rangers throughout the playoffs. Anybody else watching tonight?
  15. It was XP that got me started on my first website...essentially I was keeping an eye on all the knowledge base articles MS was putting out Re: XP and collecting on my site. I was more active in various Windows forums back then and I got tired of searching the KB database every time I wanted to refer to an issue. So I collected all the important ones on my site. Here it is on the "Wayback" Machine" site: http://web.archive.o...org/Windows.htm Due to this, Scot even gave me (and other MVPs) an honourable mention in a print article, for "PC Today" of January 2005 in his "Scot's Take" commentary. I just scanned the article...see if this link works: http://1drv.ms/1i17mtR They are not hi-res scans. If you want to view them more clearly download and open as PDF.
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