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  1. i was in 6th grade? during woodstock. i would have made a great hippie. or so i tell myself.
  2. i smoked 3 packs a day of camel ~filter-less~ for about a year. i went home on leave to see folks. both smoked like chimneys. i thought, o, no! don't want folks to know i smoke! threw the pack i had on me in trash before got on plane, somehow never touched them again. i still smell and taste cigarette smoke where there is none.
  3. neighbors. not the people you don't know and don't wave or say hi when you do. men that looked like, um, men, women that looked like, you guessed it, women school fights were resolved with fists, not knives or machine guns, and the combatants were best of friends thereafter music. today's pop is the same 3 songs by different names, and slightly different presentations. it's a cost savings thing. punishing the murderer and not his weapon (today, weapon is punished and murder is loved and pitied.) (it took < 30 days to execute roosevelt's attempted-murder) (today, they get free medical, college, congegal (sp??) visits, and days-off out of jail)
  4. between the meltdown patch blue screens and this, ya gotta ask yourself, doesn't anyone test before letting these things fly??
  5. the worst part of this disaster is that intel, google, & microsoft all withheld vital information for 6 months from other major vendors such as amazon, major isps, major streaming video vendors, who only could get together after the fact (after jan 3). their input may have been valuable and prevented a lot of blue-screen windows machines.
  6. thanks, securitybreach. it seems a lifetime ago, yet i can remember him answering a video config question. sigh.
  7. There's no record-keeping on that per se. As far as "T" goes, haven't a clue who that might be referring to. hmm... wonder who that would be? as you say, servers? java says it is installed on 3 billion devices! all that is sadly laughable when 3 billion folks starve & have no clean water, much less clothes, shelter, telephony, much less electricity
  8. nice history of car keys, crp! and when it does, i'm moving underground to avoid all the mid air collision debris
  9. likewise, friends, hoping you've had a merry christmas & and will have a prosperous and happy new year!
  10. greetings, bruno was a gentle giver with a big heart, and the patients of job. how long ago did he move on?
  11. apologies for the late post, but likewise, thank you to all those who have served to keep our country free!
  12. my condolences, raymac46, sorry i was not here.
  13. hi, hope everyone is doing well also, for those who celebrate being thankful, happy thanksgiving tomorrow, may your turkey be moist and tender fully stuffed, well rendered, (HD, 4K, and maybe HDR) for your relatives coming by car, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and plenty of clear blue sky hoping your day is full of cheer wishing we could all be here! again, happy thanksgiving and forgive the bad poetry... ha.
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