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  1. I have had this for ages. I find its Microsoft's FindFast component in Office.
  2. I don't think this is easily acheived as you would need to intercept printing requests and run a script to log the user to a text file, for example.Laterz,Jon.
  3. Easy enough to miss mate. I did till too!!!!Laterz,Jon.
  4. There's your answer each PC is set up and to login as Studnt12, Studnt32, etc this will be shown on the Print Censor. All you need to have is a reference file of who is using that PC at a given time. Doesn't have to computer based, and if the users know that what they print can be "monitored" for what resources they are using they may think twice before sending that 200 page print run by mistake...... On a side note you might want to look at http://www.fineprint.com for the rather superb printer package Fineprint to reduce paper costs. Its one of my first jobs to install when upgrading my system.Laterz,Jon.
  5. I thought this subject rang a bell and it did!!!!On my daily check at http://www.betanews.com a couple of days ago I noticed a program called Print Censor.Print Censor's Web page is at http://www.usefulsoft.com/pcIt may well be worth a look!Laterz,Jon.
  6. Yes have a scanner, webcam, digicam and a mouse connected.
  7. I've used EO Video in the past.Site: http://www.eo-video.com/Laterz,Jon.
  8. Didn't work So I have connected via Parallel port and printer works just not on USB :(Laterz,Jon.
  9. Delete all USB Devices and Hubs??Laterz,Jon.
  10. Yes all it says is plug in USB and windows will continue installation but nothing happens.Laterz,Jon.
  11. Done, done, doesn't get any further. USB PC port ok cable ok I get a beep telling me something is recognized but thats it.Laterz,Jon.
  12. HP Deskjet 930C.It seems as though it tried to load the shipped drivers on the XP CD as there are some remants left on the system, I've tried the XP drivers from HP but unplugging and plugging it don't seem to recognize it.I am an admin user.Laterz,Jon.
  13. Read it, but have now fixed it it was something so obvious now but wasn't then. My subnet mask was instead of DOH! :DNow just to fix my printer problem and I'm done!Laterz,Jon.
  14. No Got a new Maxtor Hard Disk. Strange network issues. That's all. I can access to internet over the network and ping the servers IP address but can I see it in My Network Places??? No. Only a minor issue just can't share files with the machine downstairs. Everything else is in and working including my ME digicam that swore blind it doesn't work with XP!!!Laterz,Jon.
  15. Now writing from an XP installation. Some issues to fix but all in all a good installation. :DLaterz,Jon.
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