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  1. to Antarctica to(it's nice to be missed plukaduk!) :-)
  2. G4 ibook for Christmas! Wonder how my husband knew exactly what i wanted? I'm back into mac & will be learning more!! This forum, of course, was my first stop for information.
  3. 3 late nights, chrooting, not being able to boot automatically to XP rather than Linux, drakx-bug?!? and frozen bubble. That pretty much covers what I remember about Linux!
  4. Show off!! It took me 3 days with Teach & Bruno's help to get Mandrake installed!
  5. What happens if you send yourself pictures?
  6. I've found Nero to be simple to use & reliable for burning on a Sony external DVD burner. It is not free, though.I have not had good results with the free cdburnerxp - maybe others have had better luck than me. I also tried Deepburner, but came back to Nero.
  7. Ghost at work. LOTS of ghosting!! No image software at home.
  8. Giant Panda Mei Xiang gave birth to a cub at 3:41 a.m. on July 9th. Neat stuff! Information & video feed from the National Zoo in Washington DCLive video from Animal Planet
  9. Quint - you still find the best pictures!!
  10. D-Link wireless router set as switchchanged default ssidadded admin passwordI tried to set my wireless network to allow a specific MAC address, but was shut out. <sigh>So, I fell back to 64-bit WEP encryption.
  11. We're benefitting - keep us up to date on your trials!
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