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  1. Thanks Urmas worked and everything is back to normalCharlie
  2. I have lost the "Applications, Places ,System" And related menu files on Ubuntu 9.10.. These are the ones on the upper left corner of a normal gnome setup. How do I set it all up again, with out backing everything up and reformatting both home and root partitions.. And do a clean installCharlieThanks for any suggestions
  3. RegexorcistTypo errors cause more problems ... I do my best , .. should have copied and pasted as it would save me from the hassle tracking the errorsI have a screen capture of my desktop... I have never used this feature on the BATL , consequently a problem ... Did check out the icons on the message bar , found the insert image ... it is looking for a url Looked into installing the fonts mentioned .. in my Ubuntu .. not found yet it works, It also seems a little unstable .. working on the desktop can cause a crash An impressive trial ... Charlie
  4. Looking good , noticed that your wallpaper needs to have dark colours ... Looking good thoughI noticed that about files , the rrs feed and conjy need to be made executable Here is the terminal out put when I start the program , For a screen shot .. need to get rid of some of the desktop and change the wallpaper CharlieConky: /home/harry/.conkyrc: 41: no such configuration: 'xtfalpha'Conky: forked to background, pid is 3391harry@desktop ~> Conky: desktop window (1e000a7) is subwindow of root window (1a7)Conky: window type - desktopConky: drawing to created window (0x4800001)Conky: drawing to double bufferConky: /home/harry/.conkyrc: 41: no such configuration: 'xtfalpha'Conky: forked to background, pid is 3391harry@desktop ~> Conky: desktop window (1e000a7) is subwindow of root window (1a7)Conky: window type - desktopConky: drawing to created window (0x4800001)Conky: drawing to double buffer
  5. Then start editing..... I did and have the file in my home directory Getting down to do the testing Over all this is an interesting project... from what I have seen and read , could be possibel to add a number of output informationAppreciate the help you(all) have given Charlie aka HarryX
  6. Howdysecurity breach.."Get ready for some questions from others "I did a little looking around on the new to find more out about conkyrc and conkyThe question is where do the files go... Noticed there is a dir /etc/conkyBefore I make any goofs ,and information is appreciatedCharlie
  7. Looks good ...running it under ubuntu 9.10 Is it possible to change it to Canadian provinces Need the correct urls ..???? to make it work interesting python posts tooCharlie
  8. Rejean Good to hear some one appreciates "The Corp" Do you get TV and or radio ??? I have been using their web site for news .. no hookup for TV , and I have a radio , part of the 25 year service awards Looks like we could have some more nasty weather Your additions for multi media would help any one regardless of their distro ????Charlie
  9. Is there going to be a way that we can have both versions of Thunderbird ??So far it is not available in the Ubuntu distro... I have tried it in M$ win .. Impressed but I am not using any plug ins ... What I have seen with it in win , will be waiting for the Linux version (Ubuntu)to put it through the real work outCharlie
  10. Rejean If this about the Google OS , here is a link that might be of help... I have it running in virtual boxLoged in with my google mail info and have the "Corp" web site in the chrome browserCharliehttp://www.techcrunch.com/2009/11/19/guide...ogle-chrome-os/
  11. Thanks Bruno ... install went the way is supposed OK .. no problems , multi boot with the old grub version Used the Gnome desktop .. find it easier to use.. now to get the hang of the new OSCharlie
  12. One question ... does the install/ grub add my other installs ???Good review on DistroWatch today Charlie
  13. hi The comments on Ubuntu 9.10 are technical ....The first thing I noticed when I stalling is appearance ...All the various splash screens , including log on are a little on the grim side .. I have both 9.04 and 9.10 installed .. will not be using 9.10 until I can delete the offending screens or change themAn suggestion are appreciated Charlie
  14. hiI have used the following information for my prompt .. it is an easy to make changes here is the web site url http://maketecheasier.com/making-the-linux...lier/2009/03/19Charlie
  15. Thanks for fleshing out the test Manitoban .. thanks for you assistance it is a work in progress I did make a goof ... I have been able to log in using windows .. not at my home machine .. I feel that I need to do a little more testing ... if I can use windows I do not see why another distro would not work Charlie
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