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  1. OT:How's Win7 working for you Gary?Gotta love graphjam! I saw this the other day and had a good chuckle.
  2. Thanks Scot. Perfect.And yes, I found the RSS feed and have loaded it in my reader.
  3. I'm with you, Pete. While I like feed content of that sort, I'd rather have more control over it with my own reader than being force-fed through a forum. And while I love forums and feeds, I like to keep them separate.Not a bad idea...but IMHO, I'd like to just be pointed to the feed url and I'll load it up in Google Reader.
  4. That's exactly the info I needed.Thanks so much!
  5. Yes, I'm just stepping into the world of DVI...ahem...My sweet momma got me a gift card to a big box store for Christmas and I went with a 22" LCD to replace my venerable 19" CRT. The new monitor has both SVGA and DVI-D connections and my video card has both SVGA and DVI-I connections (both dual link according to this diagram).I'm most definitely NOT going to spend way too much money on a cable from the previously mentioned big box store for a DVI cable. There are some good, rock-bottom deals on cables found with a little internet searching.My problem is that I don't know 1) if I need to switch to a DVI cable when the SVGA may be just as good and 2) what topography of cable to buy, as I don't know the in's and out's of these cables. Since there's "D" and "I" in the mix, I don't know what I would need, if I need to switch at all.TIA,Allen
  6. I love icanhascheezburger!! I have that site and the loldogs in my Google Reader.
  7. First of all, I'm not switching from gmail...don't suggest it please... Since gmail has come out with some bells and whistles, I've been getting an error message. When I reply to an email or, occasionally, if I just have gmail open, I get an error message stating... I've searched this error message and all I come up with are developing forums and code speak, which I don't speak or understand. So a google search didn't turn up anything I could use.I am using some of the Labs features along with Greasemonkey and just a couple scripts and also Better Gmail 2, running the latest FF3 version.Is there a documentation of this error or do I just need to "tear down" my FF/Gmail and start from scratch?
  8. Best youtube clip I've seen in weeks!Nice find!
  9. I would guess overheating. Make sure you blow out all the dust you can with some canned air. You may even need to have someone pop the case and do some serious dusting.
  10. Don't get a Sony.While mine's a dependable piece, some of the speed specs are capped (ripping, writing, etc.) grr...My understanding is that Lite-On devices are pretty good and not choked.
  11. I'll second Foxmarks. I use it and it's slick and easy.
  12. I use Firefox due to an amalgam of functionality...several things rolled into one. Ease of use. Not being too different from traditional browser (why I don't like Chrome). Flexibility. Reputation.Speed isn't really a major factor for me, although if it were a dog, then I'd feel differently. Just as long as it runs competitively.Being specific on functionality, extensions in general are the deal-breaker for me. With open-source development, users get access to a wealth of functionality that IE or other browsers don't approach. Some are even integrated into the code eventually.
  13. I'm with Nathan. I'm more than willing to pay for proper home bandwidth with cable...more reliable too.
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