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  1. Microsoft is constantly showing me messages to upgrade to Windows 10. I am currently running Windows 7 Pro SP1. I have been reluctant to go to Win 10 because I read that it has alot of problems. Should I cave in or stay the course? Thank you!
  2. Certain windows programs, yes. It's called Wine. Whoa. That is wild! Are there various "gotchas" here and there, or does it just work?
  3. Is there a way to run Windows "apps" within Linux? I do a lot with Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Microsoft Money, etc.
  4. What you propose sounds overly complicated.Windows 7 has an excellent built in partitioning tool. Is Windows 7 installed? Windows 7 was installed on the old PC system drive which died - I replaced it with a brand new empty drive. BTW, I am expecting my new PC to arrive today, and it will have Windows 7 installed.
  5. On my old computer, I would like to try to use a Linux Live CD to get my brand-new hard drive ready to accept the restoration of an Acronis True Image system back up. I wandered around http://linuxmint.com/ looking for such instruction, but have not yet found it. Can anyone help me find the information? Thank you!
  6. Thanks ebrke. I just added Windows 7 Professional 64 bit to the order for my new PC. The seller says "All of our machines ship out with the physical Windows CD and product key. We will also include a restore DVD should you need to reinstall windows without having to install all of the drivers again." Sweet. However,I still can't resist trying to enlist the help of a Linux Live CD to revive my old/dead PC. I didn't realize just how much I depend on my PC* until it was out of commission. *even though I also have an iPad!
  7. And Endpcnoise replied: Hi there, I would probably recommend purchasing an OS. Windows 7 is not very difficult to install but I don't believe the Acronis True Image will work on the machine. You should be able to pull the files you need off of it or at the very least be able to access the drive itself but imaging that drive onto the Windows load we plan to install will not work correctly. Please let me know if you'd like me to add Windows 7 to your order and what version. Thank you
  8. I just sent this email to the company assembling my new PC. If you have advice, please share it with me. "Hello again, If I add Windows 7 to my order, do you folks install it or just send the CD/DVD? I'm wondering if I might ultimately need to install Windows 7 on my new PC if I can't get my Acronis True Image back up restored on the new PC. The system hard drive on the PC I bought from your company years ago died. I just bought a new hard drive locally and installed it. My efforts to restore my Acronis True Image system backup onto the new drive have not yet been successful (perhaps because the original drive contained two partitions.). With Acronis I was able to create a new partition on the new drive, but I cannot boot from it. Perhaps I need to also create a second partition which was on the original drive. I don't know/remember how difficult it is to install Windows, so I am tempted to ask your company to add Windows to the PC I recently ordered... Please advise. Thank you, Stephanie"
  9. How difficult is it to do a fresh install of Windows 7 from a Microsoft DVD? I'm wondering if I might ultimately need to install Windows 7 on my new PC if I can't get my Acronis True Image back up restored on the new PC. I ask because I'm trying to decide whether or not to have the makers of my new PC install Windows 7 for me instead of doing it myself.
  10. Would y'all be so kind as to recommend where to learn about and acquire a Linux Live CD? Thanks!
  11. How ironic ... my PC is "dead as a door nail," and I just got a couple calls from the "ITECH Alert" AMMYY scammers.
  12. And, it doubles as a television display - oh yeah.
  13. securitybreach wrote: --------------- "What monitor size will you be using?" --------------- I use the sweet NEC multisync lcd3090WQXi http://www.necdisplay.com/p/desktop-monitors/lcd3090wqxi-bk Dimensions (WxHx) Net (with stand) 27.1 x 18.8-26.3 x 13.5 in. / 687.3 x 478.6-668.6 x 342.8mm Net (without stand) 27.1 x 17.6 x 5 in. / 687.3 x 446.8 x 126mm Native Resolution 2560 x 1600 The screen can be raised and lowered ~ 8 inches so I can use it to sit or stand - sweet.
  14. zlim wrote: -------- "Was the backup you used a backup of every partition on the dead hard drive? This should be done every so often. If not, you need to find an image that includes all the partition and first restore that to the new hard drive. After that's done and it can boot, then find another, newer, image where perhaps just the C partition was imaged and replace the C with the newer image. " -------- You may be on to something there. I might have created a second partition on the original system drive because I am a hopeless digital camera photographer / photo file hoarder. Always looking for a place to store photo files which I plan to cull "later" (never). I'll create a second partition on the new system drive and see what happens. I don't know the sizes of the original system and photo partitions, so I'm hoping that creating new partitions that are huge will work.
  15. Oops, I thought I already posted it. Here it is: Products on order: 1 x CS-80 ATX NoFan Fanless PC SKU: fanless-tower Case: NoFan CS-80 Fanless Tower Case CPU Cooler: NoFan CR-95C All Copper Fanless CPU Cooler Power Supply: Silverstone NightJar SST-NJ520 (520W) Motherboard: Asus Z97 Pro Motherboard CPU: Intel I5-4590s New Haswell (Quad-Core, 3.0GHz, 65w) Ram: 16GB Kingston 1600MHz (2 x 8GB) Video Card: Use Onboard Video Operating System: No Operating System Quiet System Drive: Samsung 850 Evo 250GB SSD (Solid State Disk) Additional Storage Hard Drive: WD RED 3TB (IntelliPower, Hard Disk), No Extra Storage Installed, No Extra Storage Installed, No Extra Storage Installed Sound Dampening Hard Drive Enclosure/s: 1 x Smart Drive Classic Hard Drive Enclosure Optical Drive: LG DVD-RW (GH24NS95) Optional Thunderbolt Card: No Thunderbolt II Expansion Card Wireless: No Wireless Installed (Use Onboard If Available) Sound Card: No Sound Card Installed (Use Onboard If Available) Keyboard and Mouse: No Keyboard and Mouse Monitor: No Monitor Warranty Options: One Year Parts & Labor Warranty Processing Options: Standard Processing- Ships 6-10 Business Days
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