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  1. I appreciate the efforts, people, I really do. Thanks Al
  2. Will do, GolfPro, thanks. The message notification is coming up in my email client, Eudora. Al
  3. Thanks. I found the little bugger and set Mozilla as the default browser. So I click on the hyperlink in your message - and guess what, Internet Explorer is the browser that sends me to Scot;s Forums. I guess I will have to start using my Lindows OS to get away from IE But thanks for trying to help. Al
  4. I thought I had installed XP Service pack 1, but when I went to Control panel/add-remove programs I only found XP service pack 1-a there and I could not find any item called Set Program Access and Defaults. What am I doing wrong, coach ? Thanks Al
  5. Thanks, Zox. I am running XP and I thought I had SP-1 installed but I can't find any reference to IE under Internet Connections. I'll keep on looking though Thanks again. Al Strachan
  6. Acting on sage advice from these forums, I have changed to Mozilla Firebird as my browser. I have set it as my default browser, but still when I click on hyperlinks up pops the unwanted Internet Explorer. How can I stop this - if it is possible! Thanks Al Strachan
  7. Dear Freddie: Well, since Zone Alarm tells me that nothing has tried to send anything out from my computer, my system has not slowed down and a review of my register (done regularly) tells me that nothing has been added except what I have added ( never from a friends floppy or CD because that is usually piracy) I am assuming that I am clean. Oh, and I sometimes visit Trend Micros website for a virus check - which has never shown anything. Al Strachan
  8. Thank you, Prelude 78. As you surmised, I am not a "newbie" to computing, having started with a Commodore 64, a Franklin ( an Apple clone back when there were such things) and then progressing on to the IBM side with DOS. I merely reserve the right to respond to uncalled for comments. If they come from a forum supervisor, I accept them. When they come from people who like to run off at the mouth, or the keyboard (vide, how many posts they have made) I get upset. Al Strachan
  9. Dear 1b5785 or whoever you are - please do not try and lecture me. I will say what I think on this matter. You do not know whether I am right or wrong - you are just being officious and offensive. Thank you Zox, I have downloaded Firebird and am learning how to use it. Thanks for the tip. Al Strachan
  10. That is very interesting. What browser do you recommend? Mozilla? Al
  11. Good point - I am using NetCaptor as a browser as I am suspicious of IE. Al
  12. I beleive that the anti-virus firms are running a scam on the whole internet. I have a computer running on a cable modem. I have no anti-virus programs and I have never had a worm or a virus because:1: I run Zone Alarmn Pro2: I run my cable connection through a router3: I use Eudora instead of Outlook Express; and4: I never, ever click on an attachment unless I KNOW what it is.To be honest, I would not be surprised to find out that some of the viruses and worms are produced by anti-virus firms employees doing it "on their own time"!
  13. I'm using NetCaptor as my Internet browser and find it very fast and reliable. It also "tabs" the web pages for you which is a great feature. It is very reasonably priced shareware. Al Strachan
  14. It was an Apple clone - a Franklin. That was back in 1984. I'm running a Dell Dimension now with 2GH - but I think I had more fun with the Franklin. Ran the program Dollars and Sense on it. That was a good personal money program. Al
  15. Software that insists "my way or the highway". Intuit is VERY evil about this. I now do not use any Intuit software for that reason. Al
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