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  1. For what it's worth... http://www.winbeta.org/news/get-windows-10-app-will-removed-windows-78-1-july-29th-free-offer-ends Kevin
  2. No, as I said, Gateway. The machine was given to me so I'm not sure where it originated but it would have been either Future Shop or Staples in Canada.
  3. Seems like a bit of a joke to me. With my Gateway pre-installed key I get: Unsupported Product The product key you entered appears to be for software that was pre-installed on a device. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options. Ahhh...OK. So I dug out my retail disk and punched in the code. I get a quick flash of the screen with no results, or: Unsupported Language Error The language you have selected is not available for the product you are eligible for. Please select a different language. What was the language you ask? English! I tried a few other languages with the same result. Kevin
  4. Another vote for it looking "wrong". Win7 x64, all browsers.
  5. Most of the machines I've had to wipe over the years have a product key sticker on the case somewhere, or if the system is bootable there are tools to extract the product key from the existing installation. When you install with your CD, try the OEM product key. If it doesn't work, use your product key but don't activate the installation. Next use the Microsoft Product Key Update Tool to change to the OEM product key. It will "activate" automatically and you'll be good to go. I've done it many times. Kevin
  6. Re Safe Mode, can we clarify: 1. are you not getting to the Advanced Startup Options menu where you can choose Safe Mode, or 2. the machine just fails to boot up when you choose Safe Mode? If #1 then look for an "F-lock" (or similarly identified) key on the keyboard and hit that as soon as you power up. If your machine is powering up with function keys off then your finger will wear out before F8 will work. Kevin
  7. It does. If you highlight one of them (say KB976902), the "Uninstall" option disappears.
  8. Those are not "uninstallers" taking up drive space. I suspect it's an XML file of some sort and it's only purpose is to "list" the updates. As far as having to fish through the list to find "real" Windows Updates, just look in Control Panel > Programs and Features > View Installed Updates. You won't see the definition updates there as they cannot be uninstalled. Kevin
  9. What they know about you:http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20110...out-you-111002/
  10. Works with either, incoming or outgoing. Try it.
  11. Tools > Options > CompositionChange "Automatically add outgoing e-mail addresses to my:" to Personal Address Book.Yes, I know you don't want to "automatically" add addresses, but when you manually add one it'll go by that setting.Tested on 3.1.10.Kevin
  12. Having never played with this before, this command seemed to work for me, with a response of "Ok.": netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection" source=static addr= gateway= mask= gwmetric=1 I think it needs the "gwmetric" parameter, since I got the same error as you without it specified. I assume the value of 1 is "auto" but I couldn't find it documented anywhere.After restarting the machine those values were intact.Kevin
  13. My Sony has an intermittent problem with "sleeping".....I put the PC to sleep at night and the monitor sometimes won't wake up the next morning. The power button does nothing and I have to physically disconnect the power cord for a few seconds.....when I plug it back in I have video! Oddly enough it doesn't happen when the monitor sleeps through the day (the computer doesn't sleep). In any case, I turn the monitor off with the button at night.Kevin
  14. Try this:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555067Kevin
  15. Start > Run > \\ipaddress works in a Windows-Windows environment.You may have to look at your Start Menu properties to add the "Run" option, and I'm not sure if you should use the "/" or the "\".Kevin
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