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  1. Thanks to everyone. I switched to the default theme and was able to access tools/options. Wish all problems were that easy to solve BTW, after posting here, I went to the FF forum and there were more problems than I've seen with any other version. Hope the themes and extensions get updated soon. Thanks again.
  2. Having installed the new version of FF, I am unable to bring up tools/options. I can see a ghost of it and can click on ok halfway down the page, but that's all. I went under FF safe mode and was able to delete my cache, but apparently I still did not get the settings correct in FF safe mode because I'm still unable to get tools/options in regular mode. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Just read on the Firefox web site that they are releasing an auto-update on March 7. This will update Firefox without having to uninstall Firefox 1.0 and all settings will remain the same. Nice feature for those of us that recommended Firefox to relatives and friends that would have trouble doing the uninstall/reinstall.
  4. Give a dog a command, but give a cat a suggestion
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. However, every web site I attempt to download the TBE, I get the message, "To protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site (lists the different sites I've attempted) from installing software on your computer.
  6. How do you move the tabs to the bottom of the browser window? In the previous versions, I used Tabbrower Extensions, but that is not on the "available" extension list for 1.0PR. I installed MiniT, but can't figure out how to use it or if that is what is needed to move the tabs. I have waited until today to install Firefox after having trouble with a previous version. Since I've read so many good reviews, I decided to take the plunge. Thanks in advance for any help :'(
  7. Finally...I got into Gmail and had a lot of email, but that's not unusual. Have to remember it's beta. Cannot wait for Firefox vs. 1.
  8. Thanks for your response. I am using IE 6 waiting for the final release of Firefox. One would think IE would work. I even ran my anti-virus, ad-aware, etc. and still no luck. It is too strange. I cannot get the page to load and cannot get to the support area.
  9. From early this morning, I have been unable to connect to my gmail account. I continuously get a server problem and am being asked "to cross my fingers and try again in a few minutes." Is anyone else having this problem? I tried emailing google, but got a response to go to the gmail web site which I cannot do. Sorry, but am frustrated and am waiting on a certain email. TIA.
  10. Have 4 invitations to offer. I gave two away yesterday at gmailswap.com. This is a funny place where people offer unusual things in exchange for a gmail account. I got (verified on the websites) two donations to two different charities. However, since I got my gmail account here, I would be glad to share with other board members.Gmail must have picked this week to distribute more invitations.
  11. We had heavy rain for about an hour and then had heavy wind for about an hour. Thank goodness, it was the mildest hurricane/tropical storm (they couldn't decide what it was when it hit) I've been through. Have great empathy for the folks in FL. Unfortunately, it's just August and September has always been a tough month, but we've had uneventful Septembers and I hope this is one of those.
  12. Thanks, everyone, it was a good day and a good year. Can't ask for more than that!
  13. Although Ken is great for ratings, I wonder if the Jeopardy folks will rethink letting winners continue indefinitely. He really is amazing. Personally, I do very well from my easy chair, but would probably freeze on stage BTW, David Letterman was even talking about Ken last night. However, true to Dave, he went on to discuss Alex Trebec's recent arrest for falling asleep while driving.Does anyone know how recently this is taped?
  14. When are the tournaments? Otherwise I don't think this guy is going to lose any time soon. Not only is he very smart, he knows exactly how to work the "buzzer," which has been a problem for many players in the past. Last night, I got a big chuckle out of the woman's answer to the final question; she put "The same as Ken's answer." BTW, has anyone ever won this much or been on this long?
  15. Thanks, Julia and Ryan. I definitely think Sam's is the safest way for me to go at this time. Feel fairly sure about their not going out of business <wink>. Thanks to everyone for their input.
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