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  1. I would consider buying a switch now, it is a fundamental piece of any small network. Fortunately for you, it is also an inexpensive piece. Switches supporting 1Gb connections are commonplace, and don't command a premium price. They are more expensive than a 10/100Mb switch. This will be the limiting factor in network speed, so buy as much as you can. Today's computer come with 1Gb ethernet adapters. Yesterday's came with 100Mb. All can reside on the same network, but the slowest device determines network speed .From this base you can add a router, a wireless router, network printer, etc. Consider this a permanent solution, not a stop gap.You can get a 10/100Mb switch for far less than $30 US. A Gigabit switch will be less than $50 US.
  2. Remember, Mac users had to wait what seemed like 10 years for OS X to arrive. Fortunately it was worth the wait. Unfortunately there is too much big brother in both Apple and Microsoft (and many others) for my tastes. Apple is a little more elegant about it and seems to better use it to their advantage.And I too am hoping that it will be worth the wait.
  3. I've owned Mac's and PC's since the Apple II+ and an 8086 pc with twin 5.25" floppy drives running MS-DOS 2.11. And while I've never owned a mainframe, I've worked on a few of those too.My current Mac is a 17" iMac 2.16Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. It is also my Windows XP Pro computer. I use Parallels to run Windows on my Mac. With the new coherence feature, Windows applications just part of the Mac. Parallels provided this upgrade free. It was significant enough they could have nicked me for a few bucks, but they didn't. Thanks Parallels.I find it interesting that some people will look at both platforms and come to the conclusion that OS X is a vastly different product than Windows XP or Vista, yet others don't see an appreciable difference between the two. I think there is some job security issues at work here that cause some people to not want to accept the difference. But there's a group of people that get it, and another group that doesn't. It's not related to technical knowledge or ability. Many novices get it, many don't. Many savvy technicians get it, many don't.I think I've got the best of both worlds with my iMac.
  4. I'm working on the theory that Microsoft may have Vista SP1 ready by fall, and Apple would love to rain on that parade.And Microsoft, along with all with the pc hardware guys, are hoping for the Christmas they didn't have last year.Halloween 2007. It'll be scary.
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