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  1. To LilBambi: Thanks for mentioning Abine's DoNotTrackMe. I've installed it and prefer it to Ghostery, and not just for security reasons.
  2. I use Hotspot Shield. It's fast and free. Any opinions about how this compares with vpnbook? Thanks. For a review of free anonymous surfing services: http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-anonymous-surfing-service.htm
  3. Somewhat related to GIGO: In the early days of computing there was the fairly well-known statement that "computers can calculate faster than an army of mathematicians at desk calculators, but they can also make errors faster than an army of mathematicians at desk calculators." I don't know who said this, or whether it came out before GIGO.
  4. It's satire, but it has more truth in it than most true things. I can't imagine why people would dangle their entire lives on Facebook.
  5. If Chrome browser (in)security is the issue, one might check out the Iron browser. It claims to be the Chrome browser with security improved. Chrome is open source, I think, which is why another party could do this.
  6. Would VideoCacheView or WebVideoCap from Nirsoft be of any use?
  7. I've been using Scroogle for a long time, and think it is (or was) the best thing since sliced bread. It's a special-purpose anonymizing proxy that stands between you and google -- google doesn't see you, only the proxy. Very user-friendly. I suppose one could less easily use a general-purpose anonymizer or proxy. 8-((
  8. To disable upnp I use Steve Gibson's free "UnPlug n' Pray" program: http://www.grc.com/unpnp/unpnp.htm At least I believe that does the trick; If it doesn't I'd be interested in hearing about it. "UnPlug n' Pray" is one of a series of small programs which Steve Gibson puts out, each of which addresses a single security issue.
  9. I have Internet Explorer 6 with Windows XP Home. I know I'm behind the times, but since I only use IE rarely, when all else fails, I haven't had much motive to change. My question: If I update to IE8 and don't like it, can I uninstall it in the usual way using Control Panel/Add and Remove, and revert to IE6? I believe it used to be possible to uninstall IE7 in the usual way and revert, and I was wondering whether this was also true of IE8. Thanks.
  10. Incredimail used to have quite a bad reputation. When I google incredimail+malware, enough turns up that I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. Perhaps thay are okay, but cutesy graphics aren't worth the risk. In fact, cutesy graphics worry me all by themselves. They are the the sort of thing used to draw people where they shouldn't go. Free cutesy graphics from what is obviously a substantial operation worry me even more. One has to wonder where the money comes from if not from Bad Behavior of some sort.
  11. Thank you for this very substantial food for thought.
  12. I'll put in a plug for the not-well-known Sumatra, which works fine for me. Lighter than Foxit, I believe. Probably Windows only. http://blog.kowalczyk.info/software/sumatrapdf/index.html .
  13. For rogue antispyware in particular the classic authority is Eric Howes' Spyware Warrior (http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.htm). This hasn't been updated lately, tho he does give other more recent sources of information.
  14. The problem seems to be taken care of. I added Rampage (www.jfitz.com/RAMpage) to my arsenal of RAM "optimizers," and used it to clean out as much RAM as possible. Of course I wasn't trying to speed up the computer this way; in fact it took a substantial time before necessary programs were re-loaded into RAM. But by doing this I hoped to drive out crud and evil spirits, and then only bring in necessary programs. It seems to have worked. I haven't had to re-boot in the several days since then, and there's no sign that I will have to do so in the future. Whether I might have to repeat the cleaning with Rampage some time in the future I don't know. But at worst the problem has been reduced to a tolerable level. I am a bit puzzled, because I had earlier used Rambooster (www.saunalahti.fi/~borg/rambooster) in the same way as I used Rampage, with no results. I guess Rampage is more effective, or at least different.
  15. Striker - My AV is Norton 2004. It seems to update once or twice a week. As with other programs, Windows Task Manager (and a couple of other similar utilities) shows no increase in NAV's memory use with time. I've tried several browsers, tho perhaps not as diligently as I might. My regular browser is K-Meleon (1.5.0; latest is 1.5.3), and I've tried Internet Explorer (6.0) substantially. I've also slightly tried Firefox and Opera. I guess to check a browser diligently I should start using it exclusively right after a fresh boot. All thoughts are gratefully received.
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