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  1. I still plod along with a GT 730. Then again, I'm no gamer.....
  2. I ate the taters - that's why the bags are empty! (And why I need to exercise......)
  3. I remember when alsa first hit the scene. I continued to use oss until there was simply no other choice. I didn't even quiver over it this time. Not being a true audiophile, there is absolutely no reason to to fret over the change. However, current does have an alsa only solution.
  4. I have ran Slackware64-current since the first day it became available, so I am familiar with frequent build/compile problems. These are generally cleared up in days. Actually, I have a clean install of Slackware64-current in VBox. I do all builds there anymore, along with upgrades. Easier to fix VBox, or blow it away if I really screw it up. Also, there are two partitions on my 2tb drive with Slackware64-current. One is the old one that I keep until time for a clean install. Then I just copy over stuff I need from personal folders in Home. I've only done a clean install once in the last seven years. You are not stuck with anything. Take the plunge.
  5. This is the entire thread if you want to read up on vivaldi: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/vivaldi-seems-to-have-finally-won-me-over-4175643177/
  6. This script will fetch the latest vivaldi browser and turn it into a Slackware package: https://gist.github.com/ruario/dcbba70da900dac68fcc883542ff7ace ruario over at LQ seves this up. It is also in his sig line for other options besides Slackware.
  7. Its not just apps, its mostly cookies that open up your browsing activities to facebook. Search it on google, it'll end up in facebook very quickly.
  8. I don't really use FB apps. I am the grandfather that just looks at the pictures. I am not the user Facebook wants.
  9. You are correct that the police will not do much - but they will write a report. That report of theft is all Steam should need to start looking on their end.
  10. There is some nice stuff here. I will go back and read from the beginning.
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