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  1. Why not just remote desktop in and fix it for them?
  2. Chrome on 7 x64, but its not doing it today. I don't have any high security settings, and just clear the cache once a week or so. He does have the chrome tool bar at the bottom of the page don't know if that is related. The page would almost completely render and then the warning would come up.
  3. Valve is working on a steam client for linux so hopefully there will be lots more games for all you tux lovers that don't wanna use windows to play. Here is the beta client if you wanna have a look.
  4. Eric you may want to get this worked out. Would prevent many from visiting I am sure, looks like an ad server maybe?
  5. Been saying it since it came out, 7 is the best OS to ever come from MS. I usually junk up my main desktop install in around 6 months and have to reformat with XP or vista, but this 7 install is still flawless. I have installed/ removed tons of apps, games, and swapped hardware and its still fast and stable.
  6. Hopefully this will make my life easier with the family wanting free tech support.
  7. Don't be afraid of 64 bit Colin, I haven't had a single app or issue running 32 bit stuff, even back when I was even running vista. Wow 64 makes 32 bit kinda pointless
  8. Just wondering if you have tried lilo assuming you are using Grub. As I said before I had pclinux (586) installed on the raid before without issue, but it is a raid 0/raid 5 mix and iirc I installed linux on a partition on the large raid 5. The raid 0 us for my windows install.
  9. About what lewmur said Sue don't you have a computer with a spare partition to just move the files over the network before you format the drive you are planning on giving to Steve?
  10. I just think its a cool pic is all, but yea could be anti linux I suppose. I really don't have a choice anymore about what OS I run, apps i use professionally and gaming of course. Gonna be building a new kick butt server soon, and hopefully I can make tux play nice with my all windows lan.
  11. Had to be done. BTW windows 7 is pretty sweet I gotta say.http://i39.tinypic.com/2rr4hft.png
  12. Worked fine for me you just have to make a choice for each one, if you leave one black that error is returned. Oh and LOL @ thread title.
  13. I was able to dual boot a 32 bit distro and windows without issues. Never tried a 64 bit install, intel ICH10r controller X58 board. I would think that intel wouldn't have any issues. Other controllers nvidia, amd or manufacture controller might not be that easy.
  14. Doing great man, business picking back up so hopefully the great recession is behind us. You are right about extensions, but they are getting there. Not nearly as many as ff, but a good few here.Did I mention how much I love chrome?
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