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    CPU- Pentium 4 Processor 2393 Mhz OS- PCLinux i586 p92-nvidia7676 Total Physical Memory- 1.5 GB Video- NVIDIA GeFORCE FX 5200 128MB DDR CDRW- Sony CDRW 52/32/52X CDRW- ADAPI CDRW 16/12/40X
  1. Whoa, just wow. I just do not know what to say. I read the post and read the replies and am having a difficult time in coming up with the words to say. I know this, when we live our lives we all hope that when our time comes people will look back and think what they have achieved and hope others will remember them. Bruno I will remember you sir. I have met many people on line and rarely met any in person, I too would love the opportunity to meet this man face to face and tell him how much he meant to my experience with Linux mostly PCLinux. Without his kind help and patience I would have given up long ago. I never could get how this guy did so much for such little return but now I see how many true friends this man ahs made and that means more than anything in the end. As my signature indicates, I became a true fan of his long ago and will remain.Bruno sir, I will always consider you a friend, thank you.
  2. Update:After getting a new WD 160 GB hard drive, I partitioned it a bit better and am also dual booting with Winders XP *shudder.At this point is it somewhat a necessary evil to use Windows XP as I can also use a program called One CLick DVD to burn my movies without having to use a dual layer DVD. I just finished burning Night at the Museum however, I did use a Dual layer DVD for this as I wanted to keep it the same format as 1Click would have compressed it to 26%.I also learned a couple of things for burning. The disks are VERY expensive. I just bout 25 Sony DVD+R Dual Layers disks for $45.1. Do not let the AV virus run in background and scan the temp directory that the Ripped files from the movie are going to, can cause issue.2. Get latest Firmware updates for your DVD burner from the manufacturer's site.3. Allocate plenty of room for your temp directory of burning DVDs.I'll add more later to this as I update and find other things that work for me.
  3. Thank you much for the reply and partition suggestion. Since the DVD is a store bought Disney movie, this movie would be well over the 4.7 gig size and is why I thought the product DVD shrink would do this for me. Unfortunately, with the DVD Shrink interface, there is no way to see the titles/chapter previews so I have no idea what chapters to remove also such as Previews of other movies, comercials, etc.
  4. I was just getting ready to start a post on this and did a search and found this mentioning Dual Layer DVD message. I just received a VERY nice gift (thanks Dad!) of a LG model GSA-H55N and when going into K3b on TR3 PCLos I too received a message about Dual Layer DVD.When I attempted to copy the Disney movie Flushed Away for the kids (store bought NOT pirating) I saw the project tab stating the project was approximately 6 gig or so and the DVD is only 4.7 gig...Now my assumption is I have to RIP this first or use something like DVD Shrink to do this but when I tried DVD shrink last night and wanted to use all 63 titles (chapters) I let it do its thing and this morning I woke to find errors about not enough room on source or for source and it had not even got to the burning to the blank yet, it was still in RIP mode on chapter 42....Also, as of right now, I am only running PCLos on a 20 gig hard drive. 11.x devoted to root and 5.6 devoted to Home and 1.4 gig devoted to SWAP. I know I need a bigger hard drive or even another one for this and am currently looking. Anyway, maybe someone has a better recommended method of doing this process for this noobie DVD burner guy so I have less coasters?Does anyone have a working STEP by STEP process they use for successfully burning a movie from start to finish for all standard DVD burners?My DVD Burner:20x DVD±R Write SpeedCompatible with all DVD/CD formatsSecurDisc™ Technology - Password Protection - Digital Signature - Data Integrity Check - Data Reliability - Copy Protection (Supports PDF file only) More specs here: http://www.lge.com/products/model/detail/gsa-h55n.jhtml
  5. Ruh Roh!Looks live someone may have forgot to pay the bill or they are exceeding some bandwidth limits...
  6. Thanks bud. A PASS member but do not have those special insider info's you get.
  7. They are currently testing TR3 as final was pushed back due to issues and the TR3 was introduced until final. Depending upon testing of TR3 and what kind of issues discovered, this will determine a TR4, etc or final. Here is a list on known issues and current issues with TR3 testing:http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php?board=40.0Now, that being said, ross549 quoted texstar perfectly:
  8. I am having a weird issue and had it during install of TR3 (which I chose to format 3 times or more because of this) when my PC boots. At the PCLinux is loading (black screen with loading bar at bottom) it hangs just under the 'IN' if loading and I have to hit restart button and then it loads after that. VERY weird. I have gotten all Synaptic updates, nvidia 97 updates and does with or without using Beryl.Not sure what the heck is up with that but everything else loads nicely
  9. Better to have the stable, and as few bugs as possible final release as we come to expect from texstar and gang.I do read this one may be upgradable to final though. Who knows. Either way, glad to see they are still addressing bugs and updates before release.
  10. This should be followed up with the CORRECT way to install WINDOWS VISTA:http://www.dumpalink.com/videos/Installing...Vista-87b3.html
  11. Hmmm, I wait another month for a well oiled, fine tuned, piece of beauty or fork out $400 for a buggy, bloated, CPU intensive, Windows OS.... I'll put another pot on and gladly wait.
  12. Thank you VERY much for the help and great opportunity to learn something new and a bit more about my system.Bruno, you explained it well and cannot wait for .94 and not just to try and get Listen, because PCLos just keeps getting better and better.Oh and rpm -e listen removed it.I hope I am ok leaving the other stuff I installed.. oh well things are running fine and with 0.94 around the corner, I am not worried at all.
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