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    Acer Aspire as5672WLMi notebook, Intel Centrino Duo (T2300 Core2Duo @2.0 GHz [x2]), 4GB DDR2-PC-5300 (667MHz) ram, ATi Radeon x1400 w/128MB of dedicated VRAM and 384MB of shared (when needed), Win 7 Home Premium | Linux dual boot on Seagate 500 GB/7200 rpm SATA HDD.
  1. Just came from the Mint forum.Every thread this person has hijacked has been locked.Too bad because they are all, except or the ones she started, interesting topics.It appears to be the only way they could find to ignore her.
  2. Too late. The cat's out of the bag.LOLReally though I know what you mean Eric.It's been awhile since I had a real challenge.
  3. Nah, they will be shooting themselves in the head!!
  4. I dunno Bill, I D\L three different images using the method I described (96px, 64px and 48px) and checked the file properties of each.All three are different with different file sizes.The file names are different as well.If you open each in Gimp and check each in image>scale image they are showing different sizes as well.They are in fact different.
  5. Yeah, all bets are off if someone has physical access to your computer.Even a BIOS password is not inviolable if a person has physical access, especially if the password is conveniently posted on the monitor.
  6. I don't use separate /home partitions or one shared /home partition.I prefer a /home directory for each linux distro.Much simpler.Instead of cluttering my /home directory with data I keep stuff on a large Fat 32 partition I maintain for that purpose.I regularly back up that partition.Since I image my linux installs regularly I find no advantage to /home partitions.When I image a distro install it also captures the /home directory and all the needed .files\folders etc.The only data in my /home directories are a folder full of .jpeg's used to create custom desktop backgrounds and a folderfull of .png icons to allow me to customize my desktop icons.My mp3's are in a folder on my Fat 32 shared partition.This works for me and doesn't clutter up my drive with unnecessary partitions.For simplicity's sake all my distros use the same username.
  7. Bill all you have to do to D\L the size you want from sites like this is click on the size you want and save it.I've got thousands of icons for all occasions from sites like this.You do have to be careful as some of these sites ca be malware vectors.Having the WOT addon installed and running can prevent issues such as this.I found this by googling thunar icons.If you used the D\L link on the right then you would get the 128 px image but as you found out it is infinitely scalableas most .png icons are.BTW, the Thunar icons are part of an icon pack shown below then thunar icons there are 1296 icons in the pack and the individual icons can be downloaded by clicking them and selected then size you want.
  8. In KDE the process is a little different.Again right click the desktop and choose "create new" > link to application.In the resulting dialog box general tab name the launcher.Under the application tab type your command and click OK.Right click the new launcher and choose properties and change the icon if desired by clickingon it and selecting your icon.
  9. Hi Bill, in gnome right click a blank are of the desktop and select "Create Launcher"In the dialog box make sure application is selected from the dropdown (it should be selected already) and name the launcherin the name field and type your command in the command field.In the comment field you can enter a brief comment\description (optional) that will be displayed when you mouse over the launcher icon.The default icon can be changed by clicking the icon in the dialogue box and choosing from the list or a an icon of you own.I keep a large folder full of icons in my /home directory for just such uses.Click OK and that's it.To create a panel launcher right click an empty area of the panel and choose "add to panel" and select "Custom Application Launcher" and click the add button.This will open the same dialogue box as the desktop launcher option.The gksu in the command of course assumes that sudo and gksu are installed.
  10. Well she certainly has an impressive post count. :hysterical:I wonder if she has the attention of the British gov't (M5 or Scotland Yard) because of her Hezbollah videos.
  11. Andrea discovered how to restore to factory by contacting HP so that is what she does.Once restored she then has to do an in place upgrade from then factory Win 7 starter to Ultimate\Pro.She bought the DVD's for that purpose.Of course she then religiously removes Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player by simply deleting the program filesfor each.She has to do a registry hack to allow her to remove these system files.It has been suggested that she image her system but it is doubtful she can manage that.She has 3 HP netbooks (all the same) and is worried about HDD space since she has "only" 250 GB each.This is one of the reasons she doesn't want IE, WMP and A\V and email software on her machinesThe funny thing is that Mike the owner of Win 7 forums issued warnings to several of us to be kind to Andrea and thenlater retracted those warnings when he "suspected" that Andrea was trolling.
  12. Excellent Ian.It's great when a plan comes together ain't it.BTW, I have 7 different programs like this on my Win 7 machine as well as Multisystem in Ultimate.If one doesn't work another might.
  13. I'm a member of the Win 7 forum as well as the Mint forum.There is a member of both forums, Andrea Borman that first came up on my radar when she posted a thread at Win 7's linux forumabout why no one should use linux.She has tried various linux live CD in a virtual machine only and has come to the conclusion that it's not appropriate for herbut that no one else should use linux.She writes long incoherent posts supporting her position that are factually flawed and she can't be reasoned with.In addition to her thread about linux she frequently has hijacked other threads on other subjects.To name a few she posted several comments in one thread about free vs paid A\V products to the effect thatshe doesn't believe in these products and would never use one on any of her machines and advising others to follow her lead.She goes on in the same thread about how she doesn't understand how to use any of the several email clientsand that by her reasoning nobody else is capable of using these products either.She has started threads about how to remove core components of Windows like IE and WMP, not recommended.She is free with faulty advice about lots of subjects.I'll post a few links to her rants if anyone is interested.http://windows7forums.com/windows-7-softwa...anti-virus.htmlhttp://windows7forums.com/windows-7-suppor...or-message.htmlhttp://windows7forums.com/windows-7-discus...de-windows.htmlhttp://windows7forums.com/windows-7-discus...our-choice.htmland a link from a Mint forum thread she hijacked.http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=61794Somewhat funny but at the same time disturbing stuffIn addition to all this insanity she has several silly videos on YouTube. As you see by her videos she is also a supporter of Hezbolah.Obviously Andrea is a troll but I don't think she knows it.
  14. In Ubuntu gnome and PCLinuxOS gnome I usually create either a panel or desktop launcher using the command gsku nautilus / This opens the file browser at root with root privileges.I name it SuperNaut.In PCLinuxOS I have to install gksu from the repos.I do the same with Mandy gnome and PCLos KDE.In KDE of course I use konqueror in place of nautilus.I also create a launcher to open fstab in gedit or kwrite with read\right permissions.the command for this is gksu gedit or kwrite /etc/fstab Note the gksu, appropriate and recommended for GUI apps like this.
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