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  1. Problem solved. Bought a ethernet card on Amazon for 20 bucks, popped in and bang. Not only my internet speed increased but I din't see any more glitches. It coughed once but i think it was something else. Thank you all
  2. I'm confused. I don't see what 3 weeks has to do with this. If the new install of the OS was the problem, it seems to me the issue would have surfaced immediately after the install. The fact it worked for 3 weeks suggests to me the software was good. That's not to say a software update after the install did not cause problems, but it is safe to assume that same update would have been installed whether the OS was installed 1 week ago, 3 weeks ago, or 3 years ago. Lights flashing on the switch port do suggest some data is hitting the port, but those could be collisions too. My point is, lights do not eliminate the NIC as the problem. I note The fact the wireless devices work fine tells us the router works fine since internally to a wireless router, the "integrated" WAP (wireless access point) connects to the router in the same manner the "integrated" 4-port Ethernet switch does. With the problem only happening with Ethernet connections, that suggests the cable, the port on the switch, or the NIC - hence the suggestion way above to try a different cable and a different port. However, since the OP tried a notebook connected to the same port with the same cable and that worked, it once again points to the computer itself - hence the suggestion to uninstall the NIC drivers, do a cold boot, and see what happens. @marcos - can you log into your router's admin menu? Change cable and ports, not change. How do I unistall the NIC driver? What if I buy a ethernet card and connected it there? Thanks
  3. it said: Ping request could not find host check the name and try again.
  4. My laptop PC when connected to the same wire didn't show any problem. So the problem is in my desktop. Now is time to see if is a software issue or a hardware one?
  5. All other devices that are running wireless are fine. The only thing left to check is to check the wired connection with another computer. I did plugged a mac laptop on it with no problems but I'll try with another pc Thanks
  6. This was a update windows install I believe since I never install it myself. And no, it didn't present any problems. The problems begun maybe 3 weeks after that. It connects fine and the internet is just as fast and reliable. But there is this glitch as if something interrupts the connection or the asterisk sound comes up and if you're writing anything it gets interrupted to then resume again, and it happens every 5 sec. I I remove the internet cable the problem goes away. No new build. I put this computer together about 5 years ago and it has performed without a hitch for all these years.
  7. Windows 10 Pro version 1903 installed on 8/10/2019 OS build 18362.295 Processor: Intel ® Core i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50 GHz 3.90 GHz RAM 16.0 GB System type 64-bit x64 based processor
  8. Thank you Digirati, Did my mother board gone bad? Yes it is in my computer and I've did a safe boot and nothing, same problem. What do you think I should do? The diagnostics don't give me much other than "Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device detected or resource (DNS server) is not responding" However the connection does work but just keep bleeping every 5 seconds as if you had inserted a flash drive or any other connection. How can I test my hardware at this point? If I remove the ethernet cable it stops. When hardware check runs is says board is working fine (ethernet board that is). Should I re install the system? One clue is, it happened right after I installed antivirus software kaspersky, I did removed it at one point but it didn't make any difference. Please help
  9. No, I could try one more thing with the cable. Not sure because this is the only computer that is wired. Other devices are wireless and no problem. This is a problem with this desktop or the connection to it. I'll try a entire new cable. There is an extension of the cable that runs in the wall but I'll just connect it and bypass the wall.. Thanks for your support!
  10. Thanks, I rebooted the modem, flipped the cables but no changes. Are these the devices you were referring to?
  11. Diagnostic run on Network Problem found Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device detected or resource (DNS server) is not responding The result is a constant blinking of the asterisk alert bell, when internet cable is removed it stops... Thanks
  12. I don't think is a browser issue. All browsers react similarly. Any other window that is open will blink too. And at the same time the windows notification bell will sound. It seems it is some kind of notifications issue that momentarily prevent any action to take place. For example as I write this the bell sound come on and the typing is interrupted. Same thing happens anywhere you're typing something. As I write this I've been interrupted at least 8 times. I've tuned off all notification but that didn't work. Any clues to what's going on? Thanks
  13. Hello, I have this pesky bug in my windows 10. Every 5 seconds or so, the top bar of my browser and any other window blinks to a lighter shade of gray on the top bar. If you're typing anything, a window's alert sound comes up and interrupts your typing. I can continue to type until 5 sec. later it repeats. Not sure what it is. The only clue is that I installed Kaspersky internet security. But after un installing it did not change anything. Please help. Thanks
  14. Ok I fixed the problem by tuning internet protocol version 6(TCP/IPv6) it worked but now I can't printer share...that's not good either. So how can I have my HomeGroup running and still have the PC go to sleep on its own? Anyone with the same problem Thanks
  15. Done that...helped. What I'm looking for is a 3rd party app that would do some enhancing work...
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