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  1. Yeah i solved this queston the solution is a good nights sleep and going throught MCC again thank you for trying to help me You Guys Are Da BEst
  2. I dont have a modem and i can access only this 2 computers the windows and the linux one
  3. gonna do that but not now because ill be going away soon and that will be just mucher problem a btw the linux pc i 24h online so there should be no problem with that ok iĺl explain how i can: windows(no internet)----Via LAN----Linux(internet) so that it could be made like this windows(internet)---Via LAN---Linux(Internet).burninbush you understood me that is just what i want but getting another line from the hub will make me pay money for another i.p and i dont need that
  4. Guys guys guys !! Youre goin over i had everything connected when i had 2 windows PCs the system whas PC(Windows)<------lan cablle---->PC(Linux)<---------lan cable------>Multiple Hubs<----------Router-------->
  5. 1. You have 2 computers right?Yep2. Do each have a network card?Sure3. Which one is connected to the internet?Linux One4. and how? Is it broadband? Is it dial-up?LAN5. also which Windows version are you using? 98? Me? 200? XP?XP6. Forgot to ask; do you have a router? NopHope you'll help me and people please dont talk linux style i'm still a dumb windows user
  6. No fear that's what it supposed to show that
  7. Ok i have a question how can i connect a computer (windows os) to another pc (linux os) to get the internet connection to windows pc i heard that samba is the key any help would be very appreciated
  8. ok and i have 1 more question before i go i have another computer which is running windows how can i make it connect to linux and get the i-net connection from it
  9. Ahhh i havent looked up my firewall could any of you please ping 81.xxx.xxx.xx or go to the http://cs.miracle.lv it's just my friends are all sleeping. Bruno i dont fink i did. And who's samba ? ** edited out the IP address for security reasonsBruno
  10. Hi i'm new to linux so by suggestions i downloaded and installed Madrake Linux 10.1 everyting is ok but i have a problem with connecton to the internet (it's a strange problem). Ok i have the internet connection i can browse web-page's and everything but people cant connect to me by putty or if they ping me they get the connection timed out prob. any ideas ? I use LAN connection.P.S When i open monitor connections there is written that i'm not connected & when i push connect i says that there are some problems with my connection settings but they are all working fine.Please people help me i'm desperate
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