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  1. Such sad news, even though I've never met you Bruno you will always be remembered.
  2. We're in the middle of a heatwave, temps from 38C to 45C (100F to 113F) and no air conditioning at my place.Please send some snow down here!
  3. This rig was towed only, I don't think they use the heavy lift ships for these semi sub rigs.
  4. The tugs are Far Grip and Pacific Wrangler, they were regular visitors here for a few months after the rig left.We also had a jack up rig (West Triton) working off the coast but it was too far offshore for any decent photos. The tugs working with it were Pacific Battler and Pacific Valkyrie, they used our port as a base so I saw them a few times a week and got heaps of photos.
  5. A rather large visitor to our port seen here ready to depart last February:
  6. I prefer my keyboard for typing speed!Much as I love Macs I think I'll give that one a miss.
  7. Cute kitten!There was a larger koala just visible behind the bushes, I think that was his/her mum.Seems to be a lot more of them around this year.
  8. Thanks for this, just going to try it on one of the Windows' machines right now.
  9. Here's another one, I'm afraid the early morning sun is a "photo killer" but it's usually the only time I get out there.
  10. Found this little guy this morning, less than 2 miles from home:
  11. About 82F in your weather. We have had metric system since about the mid 1960s so I tend to forget what "real" temperatures are.
  12. 28C in my little corner of the world today, wouldn't mind a bit of snow right now.
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