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    Celeron 800 256 mb 2 * 10 gig drives (partitions vary, still reading up on it!) Slack 10.1 Dlink 520+ (working thanks to House of Craig)
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    XP 2800 + 512 mb 160 gb Win XP (sorry, need SPSS for work! and not brave enough to config L on a sata drive)
  1. Also posted on linuxquestions.orgOla,Just got back from Peru, and decided I'd love to learn Spanish properly before I go back to South America. Is there any Linux software to help me, or will I need to use the Windowz (i.e. p1rat3) route?Cheers, and Hasta pronto,Andy
  2. Got Slack-current install cds - thanks,Got nForce2 sound working through S/PDIF - took a while but ALSA did it.Having massive problems with the ATI driver - switching to nvidia card if I cant find a fix tomorrow - tried so many things, got fps to 4k, but can't remember how I did it - I'm back to a clean install and 300 fps!havnblast- don't know when 3.4 will go 10.1 - works great -only prob is passport, crashes on save web password.Even got Baghira working- 3.4 is fantastic. Now I need transparency - anyone help?Cheers,Andy
  3. Thanks all!I had a look at the Slackware readme - I'll have a go at making a CD tomorrow. At the mo I'm reinstalling a couple of times a day! after trying things out & breaking stuff! So I'd like a CD with KDE 3.4 etc rather than install seperately. I'm also going to swap gfx cards, though I'll have a look for chipset drivers first.Be speaking to you all soon :-)Andy
  4. Hello all,Great to see the forum up and running again. I've not got Slackware and KDE running well - I'm not using Linux as my main OS. EDIT - KDE 3.4 is now in slackware-current.I still have a couple of problems that I've been trying to figure out all week, an I was hoping someone on here could help?a) I have an nVidia nForce2 chipset - any ideas how to get the sound working - the nVidia drivers don't seem to do anything? Radeon 9800 pro - I've seen many ideas about this (the main ones lead me to think I should just put my nVidia 5600 back in!) - anyone have success with this?c) Is it possible to build my own Slackware install CD? At the moment I install slack, then upgradepkg to KDE 3.4. I tried copying arts to CD1 and KDE stuff to CD2 and burnt it, but it wouldnt boot. Is there some info on this?Well thats it for now! Back to Google for me, Andy
  5. Cheers Bruno,I found a quick workaround at http://www.tprthai.net/bootmgr.htm using boot.lnx on my scsi drive - I reinstalled Slack and got lilo onto the superblock on the ide,Now when i boot, I get the Windows boot options - the linux one takes me to lilo! Downside is, still can't see any windows drives from Slackware - but as you say this might be a kernel issue.EDIT: I guess I could put a FAT32 partition on the ide - hopefully that would allow sharing.Thanks for your input,Andy
  6. I'm on Slackware 10.1, basic 2.4 kernel. I did an fstab and it showed the same again, ide and cdrom - no sata. I'm beginning to think that the BIOS takes me to the ide boot before it has loaded the sata drivers for the other drive. In which case, I think I'll have to boot scsi, and use NTLDR to give the option to boot from ide.I'll have a play around, thanks for your help,Andy
  7. Hi Bruno,Thanks for the swift reply. I tried a fdisk -l and it only showed hdc (my ide linux drive with 3 partitions on it). I had a quick look at fdisk help and tried fdisk /dev/sda to see if it was seeing my sata drive but nothing.Is there a command (like disk management in XP) that will show all devices, mounted and unmounted?Thanks again,Andy
  8. Hi,Well I went ahead, and now have both OSs on my system, but no oportunity to choose a boot option.The only way of choosing is to alter boot selection in bios:I have SATA drive xp - if i choose in BIOS "scsi 1st boot" it boots up xp, once in I can see the linux drive in comp management (disk 1)I have IDE drive Linux - iif i choose in BIOS "ide 1st boot" it boots up Linux, once in I cant see the sata drive - hda is my cdrom, hdc is the ide drive with linux on.When I installed Linux i asked it to install LILO in MBR , i guess its now on the mbr on the ide drive?Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - I don't mind using NTLDR or LILO, I'd just prefer not to have to change bios every time I want to switch!Thanks,Andy
  9. To get your scroll wheel working....From Bruno...Wheelmouse in Slackware(This works also on other distros, but the location of your xorg.conf file might be different ! Do a ¨locate xorg¨ to find out where to find it.)Do not start X stay in text mode.Login as root ( not typing ¨su¨, but ¨root¨ )First back up the old xorg.conf file for as things go really wrong:( NOTE: In Slackware versions before 10 the file is /etc/X11/XF86Config !! )CODE# cd /etc/X11/# cp xorg.conf xorg.confOLDThen:# vi xorg.confFind the mouse pointer section, and change/add :QUOTEOption "Protocol" "IMPS/2" ( add IM )Option "Device" "/dev/psaux" ( # /dev/mouse, uncomment /dev/psaux )Option "Resolution" "300" ( add full line )Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5" ( add full line )Option "Buttons" "3" (add full line )Note: Space between the "4" and the "5" !Save the file: ¨Esc¨ and ¨ZZ¨exit ( to logout as root )Login as normal userCODE$ startxNow your mouse scroll wheel should be functional!
  10. Hi,Searched all over, nothing. I'm wanting to switch my main PC to XP/ Slackware. I have a 160gb sata drive 50/50 partitioned XP OS/ XP other. I also have a 40gb ide drive that I would like to put Slack on. Any ideas about which order to do it, where the MBR is, do I use LILO?Thanks in advance.Also, on my other PC (the one I trialed Slack on, and realised it was the way forward!) I tried a 'konstruct' update to 3.4RC1 - after about 6hrs of scrolling i gave up, was it my slow (celeron 800) pc or a bad command? I'd ideally like Slack 10.1 & kde 3.4 on a first install, maybe I'll have to wait,And don't get me started on Baghira - anyone know any decent tgz sites?Oh, and theres Amarok, I installed, then it asked for GStreamer etc.I'm going mad here, but I'm loving the experience - and keeping notes,Andy
  11. Thanks for all your input, it's appreciated.I'm switching over to the Slackware box tomorrow, so may have some issues then. Got some links to data analysis tools that are gpl, will give them a try - SPSS costs me a small fortune!Next up, do Macromedia do any MX Linux stuff?And can anyone recommend an "Outlook" type calendar app? Usually use webmail, but used Outlook in the past, and it did what I wanted.Cheers all,Andy
  12. I remember at my permanent duty station in Germany we would have hallway parties. One of the games we played was "Drag the Newbie Down the Hall". It's not as bad as it sounds. There was a cardboard box and teams involved. We also had roller chair races, but I digress... Sounds interesting!! Was at RAF Gatow (Berlin) in 1986 - Uncle was RAF Military Police.This forum has me hooked already, and I've not even started on my sound card!Andy
  13. Hi Bruno,I've been reading all your brilliant posts - very helpfull.Yep, feel free to change my subj - how does "Slackware - first rung of the ladder" suit? I'll leave it up to you!I'll be back btw, anyone using osx bar from http://www.xiaprojects.com/www/prodotti/osxmenu/main.php ?Having probs (what's "You need the xcursor and the time libs working on superkaramba")?Speak soon, and thankyou for the welcome, - I'm here to stay!!Andy
  14. Thank you very much, I'll try that tomorrow.
  15. Hello all,Been following this forum for a while, fairly new to Linux and have printed out all of the Help pages (brilliant)Im using Slack 10.1 and kde 3.3. At kde-look, I notice some help files ask for e.g Create the directory ~/.icons/defaultis this an absolute place? or does the ~ mean something I'm not getting?I tried a whereis .icons , no luck.Can anyone help?Thanks,AndyPS Probably be on here alot, please bear with my newness!!
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