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  1. I hate cable. It's bloated, ridiculously expensive and there is still nothing on most of the time. I do love Netflix though. I miss regular TV, local stations, I believe I can watch them online but haven't bothered to look really.
  2. It's been awhile since I've been here, life gets so busy sometimes. How is everyone?? I was using PCLInuxOS full time but sadly my PC bit the dust. I have a laptop running Windows 7 and a new PC running Windows 10 which I've been using for awhile but I miss Linux. I don't like how Windows wants to connect everything, your email, your social accounts etc... Paranoid maybe but it just seems to me that its unnecessary. Anyway my real question is what distro is everyone using? I see tutorials about dual-booting Ubuntu and Mint with Windows 10 but are they the best options? Anything I should keep in mind before going ahead with this project?
  3. That's exactly what it looked like, thank you. Your link gives me a 404 error though.
  4. Well I'm back with some questions will that help?
  5. I am using eset Smart Security Suite on my Windows 10 PC. When I did a scan today and checked the log file all the entries said unable to open. Am i doing something wrong?
  6. Well Eset had lots of information on how to remove antivirus software including their own and links to sites and removal tools for all the different ones. It was pretty painless really. There is a special browser just for doing your banking which I thought was kind of cool. Once again impressed with this software.
  7. Well I think I will buy the SmartSecurity for the PC and my laptop. I see they have a multidevice one too but they list PC and Mac, I have two tablets and a smart phone that are all android devices. Is it as hard to remove McAfee as it used to be or am I thinking of another antivirus software?
  8. So is this ability to do PUPs checking the main reason to go with Smart security instead of NOD? I just bought a new PC and it came with Windows 10 and McAfee which I have had issues with before. I won a subscription to ESET a couple years ago and was really impressed with it so plan on replacing McAfee on the new PC with it.
  9. So sorry for your loss raymac46, it does hurt a lot. This spring I saw a lily coming up that I have been wanting to see for years but every year Scruffy or her mom Trinity, who we lost the year before, would lay on it and crush it. I used to get upset with them, this year I realized I really would rather have them. Please post a picture of Sammy and feel free to share some happy memories.
  10. Apparently not with PCLinuxOS yet though. This is closer though so probably only a matter of time.
  11. I think its kind of cool. My oldest installed PCLinuxOS the other day though with very little help from me, a few texts back and forth. This may not sound like much but she is the kind of person who hates having to do anything with her PC, it is supposed to just work. I was totally impressed that she did it. She even got Dropbox and Skype working by herself. Amazing the stuff you can learn when you can't afford to just replace something. I was not aware that Netflix worked with Linux yet, so now I have to go find out more about this. Are they running it through wine maybe? Also salads are way more fun to make yourself, then you can put everything in the ready made leave out.
  12. This makes me smile. Scruffy was the size of a small bear but she was definitely a cheeky one. For some reason awhile ago she started making this face that had to be her idea of a smile and it never failed to make me laugh. My little one is already talking about a puppy, but we are waiting for the right puppy and also for the 5-6 feet of snow to melt. Thanks again everyone.
  13. Thanks guys. It helps to know that other people get the connection you have with your pets.
  14. I lost a member of my family yesterday. She had been with us for almost fourteen years. It's amazing how a pet can become such a big part of your family. I will miss her a lot. https://plus.google....sts/1qHa4R8aGh2
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