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  1. I have a new motherboard, and it's working. I'm posting from my desktop right now. One problem: I don't think the VGA port works. I had 2 monitors, one on HDMI and one on VGA. I can't get a picture on the VGA monitor. It works, I plugged it into my laptop and got a picture. I swapped VGA cables, I check all my settings and everything checks out (I mean it's the same Windows settings as before anyway.) The video mode on my bios is set to Auto and my options are IGD and PEG, though selecting any option has the same result (PEG isn't applicable anyway since I'm using onboard video.) Windows shows everything is fine, I can change all the normal options for dual monitors, it detects it just fine and shows the second monitor. I can even drag things to the second monitor's desktop. If I set everything to display 2 only I get a blank screen, so I can only use display 1 (HDMI) As far as Windows can tell, everythings is working. All my settings are the same as before. My video is Radeon R7 integrated graphics with an AMD A8-7600 APU. The same as before. Do I have a bad VGA port maybe? I'm not sure how to feel. It's an optional component.
  2. I do have my original OEM power supply that came installed and it is not powering the system either. Adapters from a standard power supply to a Lenovo board are easy to find online. I've tried 4 power supplies (including the original) and nothing has worked. Up until I ordered the new board I had the original PSU hooked up to it just incase but it didn't do any better than the others. A UPS is on my to-do list.
  3. I have a UPS on my Amazon wish list and have been looking up a few, though right now I can't get one right away. First I want to fix my current situation then I am moving to a new place at the end of the month. Question: I am replacing the motherboard with an identical one (same model and part numbers) Will that effect my Windows 10 installation or registration?
  4. All my data is backed up on a network drive which is functioning just fine. I stripped the system down to just the board, CPU, and memory, then tried different power supplies but still no response or even a little LED on the board lighting up or a quick fan spin when I hook up power. I found a replacement motherboard on Amazon. After I replace the board and move to my new place, I'll start shopping for a UPS power supply.
  5. The storm was actually really sudden, it was nice out then it just ripped into the city within about 10 minutes. I didn't even know it was storming until the power was irregular (it wasn't a surge, it was more like it went awkwardly low and fluctuated then out) then suddenly it's like a lake was dropped on the city in less than 10 minutes. The power outage wasn't even a lightning strike, the winds knocked down trees all over the city and took out some power lines. I even plugged the power supply into an old board I had lying around and it looked to be getting power to it just fine. Everything power related seems to be working, so it's the motherboard.
  6. I even tried various ways of unplugging things trial and error to no avail. That it? Just dead? Sigh.... I only had the computer 3 years, the SSD was maybe about a year and a half old. Just upgraded the RAM about a year ago... Edit: If that's the only diagnosis, then I'm guessing my options are buy a replacement motherboard or a new system. I don't have the money for a new system so it looks like I'll have to search out a motherboard.
  7. Greetings. We recently had some power outages in the city during a major storm. Upon power returning to me, my computer system will not power on. I've already swapped power supplies, tried different power cables, and plugged into different power strips and nothing has helped. No indication of power whatsoever, no little lights on the mother board, no fans, nothing. Completely dead. Any thoughts? It's a Lenovo H50-55 motherboard.
  8. I've noticed if I search Linux in the Windows 10 store it comes up with a few distros. Does it install a fully working OS? Is it a dual-boot situation where you can choose at startup? I've worked with Linux and Windows on the same system before but never actually installing it within a Windows app store like you can now.
  9. CrystalDiskInfo detects everything just fine. Even hooked up my previous system drive before my SSD and it's got a few cautionary marks. I'll give Windows Drive Fitness Test a try
  10. SeaTools only recognizes one of the drives when connected through the USB adapter, so looks like I'll have to learn some WMIC commands. I tested an old 40GB Hitachi drive and it failed the short and long read tests.
  11. I downloaded SeaTools. I believe I used it before I put an SSD in my current system. I will check out WMIC also. I haven't heard about it until I posted this so I'll give it a look as well. Thank you for your input everyone.
  12. I have a Seagate, 2 Maxtors, a Hitachi, and one more I'm not sure of since it's in use but might remove it soonish. So something that's decently universal would be best since I have different brands and makes.
  13. I'm on Windows 10. Sorry, forgot to mention that.
  14. Greetings! I just got myself a USB adapter for SATA/IDE internal drives. I have a few old drives laying around and now I can hook them up and see if they're any good. Any good generic hard drive diagnostic tools anybody would recommend to check out these drives to make sure they're working properly? They all work well enough I can read them with the adapter but I want to scan and test them to see what condition they are in or if there are any issues. They've been in storage for a while.
  15. Greetings. Just asking out of curiosity. Anybody recommend good software that scans for outdated drivers in Windows? I've been using Driver Easy to do this task, though the free version slows download speeds. I'm not having any urgent problems, just curious to see what's out there or if there's anything better or more recommended by the forums here.
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