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    Dell I8600c Pentium M 755 2.0 GHz|1 GB DDR RAM (2 DIMMs)|15.4 WSXGA+ (Samsung)|60GB HDD 7200rpm (Hitachi)|ATI 9600PRO (128MB)|NEC 6500A (8x CD/DVD DVD+RW,+/-R) |Intel PRO 2200 (802.11b/g)|Modular 40GB HDD 5400RPM (Fujitsu) Fangui 2.2.0|SpeedswitchXP 1.4 XP Pro SP2
  1. It sounds like you've tried this already but, if you haven't, lower the screen brightness all the way in the BIOS, turn off the machine to let everything cool down a bit, boot up and see if that helps at all. Sometimes if the backlight fails and it's due to overheating of the bulbs and/or inverter board this will work as a temporary workaround. It worked for me one time.
  2. An updated version of Regseeker has recently come out - v1.45 - first update in a long time.
  3. The zipped archive version is available here:http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/fir...releases/1.0.1/It's only available on the FTP site as far as I know.
  4. There are many blocklists out there for Adblock - some are better than others, some are better suited for an individual's particular needs than others etc.You might try looking at the Adblock Project Forum referenced in my post above, read some of the sticky threads at the top and read through some of the posts. There you will find loads of info about blocklists, where to get them, opinions, links and where to find basic info about Regular Expressions which is the language Adblock uses for its blocking ability.
  5. Take a look at Adblock. It's a different kind of program than Adshield but does what you're looking for and more. It's one of the most popular FF extensions and probably the closest thing to Adshield you can get for FF. You can find it here: AdblockThey have a dedicated forum here: Adblock Forum
  6. You can, if you want, get stand-alone versions of the reg-cleaner part of the jv16 Powertools (the paid version at Macecraft) called RegSurpreme (basic) and RegSurpreme Pro (additional features).
  7. This doesn't relate to your recent problem, but, for you consideration, you might want to create a storage folder(s) for you saved mails as storing large amounts of mail (like 600mb) in any of the default folders (like the inbox) can lead to corruption of the folder or mail. The default folders have special properties and user created folders are better for long term storage. Just thought I'd throw this in.Regards,Erronius
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