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    Athlon 2300+, Nvidia Somthing or other, 2 x 80GB Maxtors, 21" Flat Panel, 512MB SDRam, XP Pro, 2-way Satellite Internet - DirecWay DW6000 Modem, on 7 Box network using DHCP served from DW6000, IE whatever (latest and <cough> greatest), Eudora Pro Email Client, Office 2000, Email served off my domain...
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    Mix of 6 boxes - 4 XP Pro desktops, AMD's all, pretty vanilla - nVidia video cards, 256 - 512MB, Durons, Athlons, one Compaq Laptop (XP Home) wirelessly connected through a WAP which serves DHCP for laptop and PDA (iPaq 3450?), and a W2K box with nothing but 4 160GB drives on a RAID for backup storage of data/programs on critical networked boxes. Still implementing that one.
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    3 boxes on a KVM switch... Now that I look at all these Fields (Main System, Secondary and Other System Specs) I realize I've been rambling and now I have to go and completely re-do all my answers.... Dang! This started out to be fun.... <grin>
  1. Yeah - this has power management in properties, just doesn't have the sleep/wake... Just power levels on battery or AC.Not sure how disabling wireless zero configuration will help... It doesn't seem to have any "shut down" in it... - please explain.Thanks!So, anyway, Fast User switching trick didn't do it... Connection still goes to sleep.I may just have to bite the bullet and call Toshiba Tech Support... I just really hate being treated like a 5-year old by someone who has been "into" computers for less time than I have owned my last home-built box!Anyone know of any Toshiba specific discussion forums on the 'net? I searched and found nothing...d|:^)Dick
  2. Hi Maggie,The Wireless Card settings in device manager give me this:<tried uploading an image, but failed...>Nothing about shutting down... Only Hi/Low power use options.d|:^)Dick
  3. Hi LilBambi - long time no see!Yeah - the Toshiba Power Options tool is pretty much that... what the power settings are on battery or AC, and it's pretty basic - screen, processor, hard drives, etc... no adapters.I already have everything set to full power, never shut down while on AC - except for the screen.I did try setting Fast User switching to off, so we'll see if that helps.Thanks! I'll update...d|:^)Dick
  4. Windows - and under power management, it lets me adjust the amount of power for on battery or wall, but nothing about shutting down after periods of inactivity...Intel Wireless... Tanks,d|:^)Dick
  5. Hello again!I have my laptop (Toshiba M35X-S329) connected wirelessly to my LAN. I cannot stop it from losing the connection when the laptop has been inactive for a certain amount of time. I do not use hibernate or standby, the only thing that I have turn off after inactivity is the screen. The Toshiba Power Settings tool (Toshiba doesn't want you going directly into the Power Settings in Control Panel - All greyed out with a friendly little note to use the Toshiba Power Settings instead) does not have the "enable this item to wake up" or "allow this item to shut down to save power" settings like my other computers do - I believe in device manager. Does anyone know where I can set the wireless connection to stay active? I need to have the laptop connect to get email automatically and the wireless shutting down stops this... Thanks for any help! Dick
  6. Yep!That was it... I installed it and did the edit of the two files and it is back!You guys obviously have search skills I don't... Could you please tell me the search you went through to find it?I searched MS, the MSKB, Google, and Dogpile... I searched for:internet explorer zoom inright click menu zoom inIE right click menu zoomand all possible combination of those words, quotes, plus signs, etc...How did you find it?Thanks again for the pointers - I really like that tool.d|:^)Dick
  7. I used to have the ability to right click on a picture in IE and on the right click menu, there was an option to zoom-in or zoom-out...I'm not certain which OS (I know it was Windows) this was, or which browser (IE) version...Could have been Win98?Maybe it was a part of one of the MS Powertoys, or Tweakui, or maybe it was a video card utility, or ??I really liked that ability. I've been searching for a couple of days now... Can't seem to find any reference to it, let alone a download to make it happen again.Anyone remember/still have this ability? If so, where did you get it?Thanks!d|:^)Dick
  8. Main Computer2x160GBFile Cabinet1x80GB System Drive4x160GB in RAID 0/1 arrayBackup Box4x80GBPlayin' With Stuff Box1x40GB2x80GBWife's Box2x80GBShop Computer2x80GBWow! 1.1TB! Too bad they're spread all over the place and not in one box!d|:^)Dick
  9. That's what I thought... I know in the old days, the CD's were the same for upgrade/new, you just had to show proof when buying. This way, it seems, if you buy upgrade and keep it for a while (I've had Office 2000 for 5 years), you have to keep the old set around for re-install purposes - since my computers never last 5 years!Oh well, so be it.I need Publisher, so can't go with the Educational version - besides, I'm not an educator or student, but a business, and I have to have all completely legit software on my boxes.Thanks for the responses.d|:^)Dick
  10. Yep - as I said above, turns out it WAS the Indexing Service... I really need it running though 'cause I use a search snap-in to locate files on my hard drives that is WAY faster than explorer's search, and it requires indexing to be on...I have defragged the drives and cleaned them up. Lag seems to be less, but I know it will always be a problem.Anyone have any suggestions for a search tool that is faster than the "Search" function in windoze and does NOT require indexing to be on?Thanks folks!d|:^)Dick
  11. I have a legitimate, legal, paid for by me, registered to me, licensed to me (so that should alleviate the seemingly required sidelining of this thread to one about pirating...) copy of Office 2000 Professional.I have misplaced the original CD's - if you saw my office, you would understand... I have them somewhere, but have had no luck in locating them. I have not checked to see if Microsoft will replace them for a fee - maybe, I guess.I would like to start using Office 2003 Small Business Edition, since a laptop I bought had a trial version of it installed and I really like it.My questions: - Do I need the physical CD's for 2000 to do the upgrade, or do I just need the licensing information that is in the computer... Does an upgrade ask for the original CD to be inserted? I have the 2 original 2000 Pro CD's copied to files on my hard drive... - Is the Upgrade product the same as the "New" as far as CD's go? If I change computers and have to reinstall on the new one, will I be hosed because I don't have the original originals?I would really like to upgrade, since the price difference between upgrading and buying as a new user is a couple hundred dollars.Thanks for any feedback!d|:^)Dick
  12. I'm like Epp_b...Not too pretty, but functional...d|:^)Dick
  13. Doh!It seems it was the Indexing Service... I turned it off and have had minimal lag time since...This forum is so good, all you have to do to find an answer to a question is write the question and you have the answer before posting! Amazing place! Later,d|:^)Dick
  14. I am getting a real lag time when I do anything like "Save", "Save As", "Open", Etc. within a program - like if I am editing a picture/document and want to save it as a new name, or if I am inside any program and want to access a different directory - whether it is to load or save - The Window pops up with the current directory listed, and I click the down triangle at the right of the "save As" (for instance) box to go to a different directory it takes FOREVER for anything to come up - like 10 or 15 seconds sometimes. If I click again, the window title changes to whatever it was with "Not Responding" appended to it. Then I wait a bit longer and it opens up the directory tree...It doesn't do this every time, but frequently. And it's not like it only does it the first time, but randomly throughout the day... Also does not do it in Windows Explorer.I don't have indexing turned on - I don't think - wait a second, I'll go check... Well, I was wrong - I do have indexing turned on on this box... Now I've got myself wondering if that could be it... I hate to type all this just to do a "DOH!" and slap myself on the forehead! I guess now my question is, could indexing be causing this? Anything else?Drives are all healthy and defragged/cleaned/etc... They are large drives - well, not huge - both on this box are 80GB.Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am going to turn off indexing and see if that helps in the meantime.Thanks!d|:^)Dick
  15. No, actually I never thougth of contacting them...I thought maybe the target="_blank" part made it think it was a popup - not knowing much about popups...How is a popup coded? Is it similar to the way that picture is?I might just email them and let them know about it. Never hurts I guess...Thanks for the feedback.d|:^)Dick
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