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  1. Yes cellphone plans suck here in Canada. But back to your original problem, my Samsung Galaxy S7 only updates when I'm on Wifi (my Galaxy S3 before that did the same thing). I usually disable my data when I'm not at home or at work. I've never experienced the issue you described....that just sucks.
  2. I've told people pretty much the same thing as mentioned above . I find Windows 10 a very stable operating system but I must have Classic Shell installed or else I turn into an . I have however dealt with more than my fair share of customers who've experienced problems after WIndows 10 updates but I have no way of knowing what state their computer was in before the updates . I can assume based on the junkware I often see. System Restore, SFC and CHKDSK do wonders to start with.
  3. I would agree as that makes perfect sense. However, the repair utility may still work for either version. Sage would be the ones to ask about that before attempting to use that tool .
  4. Is the gentleman using Sage Peachtree Accounting 2011? If so, there appears to be a link to a repair utility here. It starts at the US site but the direct donwload link for that software appears to be Canadian as shown below: http://cdn.na.sage.c...air Utility.exe It may be worth a shot after speaking with Sage support? I use the 2014 stand alone version of Sage at my business and have no plans of updating for a few more years. I make two backups each day and I periodically make copies of the raw database and any/all associated files/folders. I know my backups work because the accountant uses it each year .
  5. Thanks folks. I haven't heard from Jim in awhile either.
  6. daveydoom

    Thinkpad T430

    Nice, sure beats the ThinkPad T42 I own .
  7. I've been using CopyTrans for years whenever I've been asked to help people with their Crapple products lol . goretsky provided a link above. I despise iTunes.
  8. Did anyone here read about this?: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/announcement/frivolous-lawsuits/help-bleepingcomputer-defend-freedom-of-speech/
  9. I'll take one if that's ok . I'll message you.
  10. Glad it's working for you Mac . I believe that with this software you must assign a hot key to be pressed with the Ctrl key in order to run a script after it's been loaded.
  11. I've used AutoHotkey in the past: http://www.autohotkey.com/ It would probably suit your needs . I probably won't be of much help to you since I was doing some pretty basic stuff with it, but the help they provide on their forums is top notch .
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