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  1. Hey man, hope you are doing well my friend
  2. That is literally the only way to get a real buyer.
  3. Many years ago, I used to find it funny to scam the scammers on Craigslist as I was always selling things. I probably had $100,000 in fake checks with funny made up names that a buddy and I would come up with. The mailman used to get a kick out of the names. A friend of mine managed to get a scammer to admit it was a scam thinking that he was going to help from an American. It was fun times
  4. That's normal for Craigslist. It's been toxic for many years now. Expect most of the responses to be various scams trying to get you to ship the item, accept Western Express, pay you more than the item costs expecting you to send the extra back, etc. You name it and it's found on Craigslist. The maintainers do not even care anymore.
  5. Just update it man!! You're more than capable of it. Backup your configs, reinstall and restore configs. I'm sure that there is an easy way to pack up your package list either. Then you can easily reinstall
  6. I didn't take it that way anyway.
  7. Ah, you must of said no to the anarchy repo as I think that it asks you if you want to include it
  8. You had to remove them previously as it comes with some (look at the bottom): https://github.com/AnarchyLinux/installer/blob/master/etc/pacman.conf
  9. Can you post your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist?
  10. Then they are doing something goofy to give you aur support. You sure it's not at the bottom of /etc/pacman.conf?
  11. Also, it has AUR support out of the box which will never be available on archlinux without using an aur helped due to unofficial packages.
  12. Anarchy also uses their own repos as well as the normal arch ones. Check /etc/pacman.conf
  13. Considering how long Slackware releases updates, you should definitely update to the latest version.
  14. I had to google Basilisk but this is from their website: https://basilisk-browser.org/
  15. Chrome has more support for html5 but most everything that you run across should play in Firefos: Firefox is on the left and Chrome on the right.
  16. You should be able to play html5 in firefox no problem. I do it all the time.
  17. Yes but there will be only security patches, no new "features".
  18. I will be so glad when it is killed off next year. Nobody should be using flash for anything. HTML5 is much better.
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