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  1. Well I saw the midnight showing last night. Definatly a ton of action in this one. Also pretty graphic in parts I definatly would not take young kids to see this one. There were some parts of the dialog that weren't that great but it's definatly the best out of the three new movies.
  2. Yeah I read the book. Should be a great movie based on the book. It's nearly nonstop action. I can't wait for my midnight showing!!
  3. With the new increase I have 50 invites I can give away
  4. Yeah I agree thats why I played with it as much as I did. But it was killing to much time when I can clone it and have everything working right again in 10 mins.Hopefully everything will go smoother after I try again.
  5. Well the more things I try to fix the more things I notice are missing. Rons I tryed that KB article and found that Help and Support will no longer come up. Also the search feature will no longer come up. I also noticed that Automatic Updates is set to never receive updates and is grayed out so I can't change it. So I think now it's come to the point where I'll just pull the vital files off and clone the hard drive from a computer that I haven't installed SP2 on yet.Then I'll try again but I'll start with the network install this time.Thanks everyone for all your help
  6. Under Cryptographics properties the only dependency is RPC. When I try to start that service I get error 5 you do not have access to start this service or something along those lines. An I am logged on to the local machine as administrator so I should have access to everything
  7. Ok I tried Rons solution of using the network install download. It give me the error "Setup could not verify the integrity of the file update.inf. Make sure the Cryptographic service is running on this computer." That service is set on automatic but why I try to start it manually I get the error "Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start" James:SP2 is visible in Add/Remove Programs but it gives me an error when I try to uninstall. It stoppes on the Restoring Catalogs step on the first 5 steps of the uninstall. I have tries the KB solution you linked with the same results as Add/Remove programs.Also I can not get the Windows firewall to come up in the security center. And when I try to start the Windows firewall service manually I get the same 1068 error. Any other Ideas anyone?
  8. Rons:I will give that a try. Thanks
  9. I installed SP2 From windows update and now it take my machine 5 to 6 mins to log in. I also can no longer see anything under Network Connections although I can connect to the my network and to the internet. I also am not able to remove SP2 from add remove programs. System Restore will also not come up. It gives an error that System Restore can no longer protect my system. Anyone have anything I can try.
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