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  1. I'm using the commercial Naturalreader due to some vision impairment and reasonably pleased with it. I find the male voice easier to follow.
  2. I downloaded the Mandriva 2008 RC2 KDE ISO and burnt to CDR and, guess what? I'm sending this from Mandriva on the same previously recalcitrant computer. I am just trying it out now.I also downloaded a 4.3GB Mandriva 2008 RC2 free-something.... The title didn't fit in the text box. It was an ISO so I burnt it to DVD. Is this the full version of the free PowerPack? I take it the RC2 is close to fully operational.Thanks Bruno and Stryker!
  3. Yes Striker, that is a picture of the video card I use. I am downloading from Bruno's link the Mandriva 2008 version. It will take 2-4 hours so I will burn the ISO and try Thursday morning MDT.Thank-you for your kind consideration and advise.
  4. I downloaded this Mandriva Spring One 2007 ISO and burned it to a CDR. I rebooted with the CDR and a orange Mandriva screen was displayed. I said yes to verbose and read the text without a problem. Then the screen went black with the cursor at the top left blinking and then my monitor displayed " cannot display" DVI-D. I tried it twice with the same results. I think Linux doesn't like my Dell 2005 20.1"widescreen monitor. There are two different sockets on the Sapphire 1600pro graphics and on the monitor. I am using the cable that came with the monitor and it attaches to the larger of the two sockets. Would this make a difference?
  5. Just got back to the computer and downloading MDV Spring ISO. 4 hour download so I will try it out tomorrow in MDT. (sep24)
  6. Thx, LilBambi. My problem has been that when trying a Linux LiveCD or a hard drive dual boot install with XP or UBuntu or SuSE, is that I can read all the linux text until the sign in GUI which is illegible and actively scrambled. I would love to buy a Linux distro with Windows Virtual or parrellel to is if I could install my Beyond TV (or find a linux PVR that works with ATI Theatre 550 Pro.) and my Logos Reference Library.Any suggustions would be deeply appreciated.
  7. I would go to Linux except that my TV PVR and Logos programs are windows. The biggest problem with Linux is everytime I try to load it the GUI is scrambled and unusable. I have a Dell 20.1" widescreen LCD with a Sapphire 1600pro with 256 MB. The text of linux loading works okay but the GUI is what I use. Alas I know no code to correct problem.
  8. I might migrate after Vista service pack 1. XP still works fine for me.
  9. Great site and excellent coverage of an important newsworthy item!
  10. Hey!! They found my flashlight. It must've fallen out of the hip pocket.
  11. I though about taping the vegetable sprayer but I didn't want to anticipate the revenge!
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