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    -- P4 3.2 GHz w/hyperthreading, 800 MHz FSB -- 1 GB Corsair PC3200 XMS Ram (DDR400) -- 2 SATA HDs: #1 RAID 0 Stripe, partitioned; #2 120GB -- ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (128MB) Dual Head Video Adaptor
  1. I had a vexing problem with my bookmarks toolbar disappearing and originally posted a description of the problem here. I believe I have found the problem (duplicate profile entry).I was unable to delete this post so I've substituted this updated message. Thanks for looking in and sorry to have wasted your time. Cheers,-Doug
  2. I've held off upgrading from 1.5x to but took the plunge with a clean install the other day, on both my desktop and work laptop. Both instances installed w/o a hitch and I didn't lose many extensions or themes after updating them. So far I haven't noticed any major resource hogging, and FF 2.x seems a little less demanding on both my machines than does IE 7. I can't really say that IE or FF loads or runs noticeably faster or smoother than the other. (Admittedly I don't run IE 7 much.) I also took some time to prowl around for new (for me) extensions and themes. Haven't done that in a long while. There's a brand new theme from Frank Lion that I find very clean and attractive (and he's still tweaking it): Metal Lion - Vista v.1.3. I also discovered another useful extension that enables a quick preview of web links before actually clicking onto them: CoolIris Previews v2.1. Extensions and themes provide functional and fun flexibility that makes FF a little more endearing for me, so long as one doesn't get carried away adding too many and is mindful of the spyware potential for some extension types.Cheers,-Doug
  3. I'd like to research the latest versions of security suites and I'm looking for suggestions of where to find reliable reviews. (Just read the PC Mag October review of some 2007 suites.)Thanks,-Doug
  4. I'm embarassed to ask, but it has been a while since I've gone through the update process and I've misplaced my previous notes.What is the procedure to update from 1.0.3 to on my win xp laptop and desktop? I want to save my config settings and salvage as many extensions as possible (I use about 6 of them.)Thanks,-Doug
  5. I've been using FF for about 6 months. I was attracted by the additional features over IE (which has been developmentally dormant for a few years) and the logic that it's probably not as big a malicious code target as IE. And I like the notion of not being part of the masses all the time.BUT...I had and still do have frustrations with FF. Its update process remains clunkier than IE; reading recommendations to do a clean install every time a .xx version/update is released ain't warm and fuzzy and this makes it not ready for prime time for too many casual browser users. Not yet having enough mainstream firewall support is another negative, albeit it supposedly for just a few months longer. The coolness of open code and creativity and diversity of talented folks releasing terrific extensions is a great virtue...and still a weakness - especially when extensions must be reinstalled or they are not updated by authors and rendered useless. And whether you choose to blame web sites, or FF, or both, it still causes enough of us to wince to have to pop open IE to view some sites. And in all honesty, I cannot find real-use evidence that FF is faster at loading and basic functioning than IE. I have two high end machines that are tweaked to run pretty lean, and I cannot give first-hand witness to a noticeable difference between these two browsers in this performance venue.I like hearing the unvarnished pros & cons for making and living with my choices. Yup, I'll continue with FF for now because I chose to and it works pretty well for me. I hope it continues to grow and refine. Regardless your perspective, it's always important to have genuine choices. -Doug
  6. Just got my Langalist newsletter this morning. He cites US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) findings that FireFox is not more secure/less vulnerable than IE. From the links he provides it would seem that this is not a brand new thing.I think Fred is providing info., that is worthy of review when evaluating pros and cons of FF or any browser. A partial quote from his newsletter is pasted below.-Doug"...For example, between July 1 and December 31, 2004, Symantec documented 13serious vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft Internet Explorer, but found21 vulnerabilities affecting each of the Mozilla-based browsers.But don't take my word for it--- read the reports for yourself, see themethodologies for yourself, and decide for yourself: The article postednow (free!) athttp://www.informationweek.com/story/showA...cleID=160900911has all the details and links you'll need.I wrote that article to try to help readers interested in FireFox inparticular and Open Source in general to make an informed decision. Thereare many, many excellent, proven, objective benefits to switching to OpenSource software--- but there's also a lot of misinformation, and somevery, very *bad* reasons to switch.For example, the "common knowledge" that FireFox is "more secure than IE"simply is false. Switching to FireFox for that particular reason--- in thebelief that you'll magically and automatically be more secure--- is justplain wrong..."
  7. KCDoug

    RSS ?

    Thanks - still pop in to rummage around from time to time. Just posted a question last night on Aumha for a new little problem I was having with my system info. not working - got a fix reply pretty quickly.Also just snooped your private URL - I see you've been adding some stuff, or maybe I overlooked some things when I last visited. You'll also be interested to know that I've now got Snag-It, but it is a little more work to use than I anticipated, and still haven't figured it all out. Not enough time to play with it.Cheers,-Doug
  8. KCDoug

    RSS ?

    Great question, Fuzzy.I too appreciate the helpful info., and have been wondering what the hoopla was about. I'm not quite a silver surfer (but getting there) and have been flirting with some of the Altzeihmers characteristics for years.-Doug
  9. Boy - I gotta be getting dense. I could have sworn I'd seen an answer to my question somewhere here before, but I can't for the life of me find it, nor on the Firefox site:I have 1.0PR installed with extensions, etc. To install the new 1.0, do I install over my current install or what? What about the extensions and settings I have in place now?While I'm at it:Do you think that the extensions that worked in the 1.0PR should work in the 1.0?What, if any, are the changes in 1.0 that are differenct from the 1.0PR?Thanks, friends....-Doug
  10. I purchased on-line at the end of August. I rec'd an email this evening informing me that I'd be receiving another email soon that will have a download link for my free upgrade to v7. The Raxco web site, however, is somewhat vague about v7 other than to say it is 20% faster (than what, using what, in what environment?) has a beautiful new UI and can schedule events. Oh yeah, they already had the ultimate convincer posted: a glowing testimonial from a titleless someone from the Univ. of Pittsburgh. (I live in KS, so a PA. originated quote is not necessarily awe inspiring to me )Cheers,-Doug
  11. I was a long-time PowerDesk user and loved it - even as it was sold to various companies.A few months ago I discovered, via a utilities review in PC Mag, ExplorerPlus that is very similar, but perhaps a tad more stable code-wise. It is written by the original developers of PowerDesk. I also have found EP's customer service quick to respond. They are rumored to be having a new major release in Q4 or Q1.If you're curious, do a search on PC Mag's website for EP to read their review from this past summer, and take a look at www.novatix.comCheers,-DougOh yeah, for the record, I also recently bought (licensed) PowerDisk during a discount promotion. I find it satisfactory - and much better than what I was using before from V-Comm, the owner of PowerDesk - but would love to compare it head-to-head on my machine against its mainstream competitor.
  12. Are you speaking of Raxco's PerfectDisk Defrag program or could you be referring to PowerDesk, the file manager program?-Doug
  13. Ryan -Didn't think I could do the right click to save thing (there I go, not thinking). Is there an option for saving the ones I've already installed?-Doug
  14. Ahhh - that's better, I can now find my bookmarks much quicker. Thank's, ma'am for your kind assistance. I searched externsions and never saw this one. I'm kind of surprised that organizing bookmarks wasn't part of the basic FF, but then again, I suppose what I think is basic may not be how many others view it.I don't suppose there is a way to save/store extensions for easy reloading in the even of having to unistall/reinstall FF - or upgrading my PR version to the final release?I'm slowly getting a handle on FF. and will stick with it for a while. Though will wait until final release and see how I like it before loading on my home desktop.Thanks again.-Doug
  15. Thanks, Liz, for the suggestion. FWIW - I couldn't get the link to work.Surprised I haven't heard from Ryan or Neil - where are you guys??
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