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    Athlon 1300 (100Mhz FSB) 256MB RAM;60GB HDD<br>Xandros OC
  1. Well I finished up formatting and re-installing XP Pro - thank God it was a weekend.To be fair, the problems I experienced were more like Error 1606, I was repeatedly getting: "cannot find %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" when I tried to install some software. I must assume that since I load my software in a specific order, with only Windows Updates and McAfee AV updates on auto that it was 605 - 015 but it could have been a bit of software that caused the problem, However it now seems to have vanished and I have not yet downloaded any XP updates.So it might have been the update or a piece of software who knows, I just know that I am back in production and my clients are happy again.
  2. Thanks libambi,tried that and also uninstalled the update - all no good I'm afraidGuess I'll just have to reload XP
  3. Oh Dear!I have tried the fixes from Kelly's, I have tried the MS manual fix and tried Error 1606 fixes I have also spent hours examining paths and have done so many many reboots that I have lost count. But alas I have not got a cure!I am desperate to get going again and have a lot of work building up cos I can't get Photoshop loaded, pretty soon I am going to have a number of exasperated clients shouting at me.I think I will have to format and reboot Xp again this evening and work all night to correct the situation but if I do I am going to turn off auto updates until MS have sorted their act out. It's got me wondering about Linux, is there a Photoshop for Linux?I think I will change my name to Fedup Fuzzy
  4. Thank you James, I have downloaded the patch from Kelly's and hope it will resolve the problems.I have spent hours copying the tracks and examining them minutely to try and solve the problem but without success. SO heres hoping!
  5. Further to my earlier post;- I am still having problems, perhaps more explanation is needed - I have just reinstalled XP SP2 and all was going well and after all the latest MS updates I tried loading major software items.I have now tried to load Photoshop CS2 and got the same message as follows;"Error 1606 could not access a network location %allusersprofile%\Startmenu\Programs\Startup\"HELP!
  6. Your ISP is probably using proxy servers, my ISP (NTL) does and I have the same problems. These file hosts read the IP of the proxy server and not your personal IP. So if you think of the 000's using your ISP then it's no wonder that you get those messages. I did take up the matter with my ISP who told me what the problem was and even supplied a piece of script, that would solve the problem,for me to pass on to them. There reaction was effectively "so what" buy a Premium Subscription and have no problems" You have to remember that that is the only way they make any money and modifying there system costs them.The only way I found to get round the problem was to use (free) CGI proxies but its a bit messy and can give very verrry sloow downloads.Hope this helps
  7. I am using Win XP SP2 and am on automatic updates so I am right up to date.Today Nero 7 would not install the info box said something like: " cannot find %allusersprofile%Startmenu\Programs\Startup" I took this to mean : "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs"I checked this address and it was there okay; so :1. I have misunderstood the info (probably, cos I can be quite dim)2. A path has been corrupted and I need to locate and correct this3. There is another problem altogether which I havn't thought of.Can anyone help me please?
  8. My subscription to Zone Alarm Pro ended and I could not afford to renew it so I decided to use Zone Alarm 6,the new free version. I uninstalled my old Zone Alarm and cleared any traces of it from the Registry using JV16 This is my normal practice with new versions of software and I have done it many times.However things seem to have gone wrong this time cos I can'treload Zone Alarm in any version and get a pop up saying" validation failed for C:docume~1\peterp\locals~1\Temp\VSINIT.dll - You probably are missing a necessary root certificate"followed by another on saying:"C:\windows\system32\vsdata.dll. - You probably are missing a necessary root certificate" It seems to me that this must be a Windows problem cos ( as far as I know) Windows holds all the root certificates.Can anyone help me please?
  9. Thanks for your reply EdP i think I will give it a miss for now until something comes up to make me really want it.regards
  10. What is the Microsoft .NET framework, does it do anything useful and is it worth installing?Perhaps everybody except me already knows all about it ! I have come across a couple of bits of software that I would like to have but it says that I must have the .net framework. I am fussy about what I install and a little bit suspicious of "must haves" hence the question.Can someone help me please
  11. Whoopee I finally cracked it !!! so I thought share the good news.Thanks to Fred Langas newsletter I got this link:http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t43096.html which then gave me the following download. :Maximus Decim Native USB ver.2.1I could have given you the direct link but I feel it is important to read the comments about it. It is certainly a generic driver that seems to work.I can now use any of my USB pens on both my W98 machines GREAT!!
  12. Well I have solved the problem. I contacted my ISP about the problem and they gave me an answer very quickly.Quote:The IP address (midd-cache-8.server.ntli.net) is an ntl cache server IP address and not your individual IP address.ntl use proxy servers to speed up browsing and reduce bandwidth costs to our upstream supplier, but we also ensure that each users public IP address is broadcast along with the server address. End QuoteThey also gave me the script that the file sharer needs to use to overcome the problem, which I have forwarded to themThanks for all your help, I hope my experience helps others.regards
  13. You could use the following:ECHO ipconfigipconfigECHO ipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /flushdnsECHO ipconfig /releaseipconfig /releaseECHO ipconfig /renewipconfig /renewPAUSEECHO.Copy this to Notepad and save it as a .bat file with any suitable name.The when you want to clear the DNS cache just click on it ( I have a shortcut to it) and it not only clears the cache but provides a knew IP address. BUT!!!If you have a static IP then only use up to line 4 or you could have problems.regards
  14. a ps,How would I go about changing my IP address ?Does my IPS have to do it or can I do it myself?thanks
  15. Thanks for your reply Ragnar.It is definitley my IP address, all my machines on the net work are all 192.168 .x.x But this 62.25x.x.x and my IPS is identified by name as well.Any help would be much appreciated.
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