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  1. ... no worries, the end of the world is still 3 weeks away.
  2. err, how about OpenOffice Templates? What version of Linux? Ubuntu, I believe, has Greeting Card Maker
  3. ah, thanks for that ... time to start the download.
  4. You don't hear much about OpenSuse, my take is because it's not quite as popular but also once you do have it installed there is nothing to do but enjoy your computing experience. It's quick for a KDE desktop, stable and hardware aware ... I have always favoured Suse and in 12.2 I think they did a grand job.
  5. no, I don't suppose a 560 is very fast these days.
  6. don't use the GPU ... I had the same 'problem' even on Windows ... Boinc is crap!
  7. I have used Ubuntu ... you just go and install via the method they use via their suppository, it works, you don't have to do any "tweaking" even the manager works. With other 'flavours' of Linux, I especially find the KDE variants, to be a tad lacking in getting Boinc to even "log-on" as is. I "learn't" how to get it to attach to WCG after visiting EVERY Boinc-Linux website, even ones with naughty pictures. I just don't have the background in Linux to complacently re-write the program. There has never been a problem, for me, in getting the Deamon (boinc-client) to work ... the 'effin managers all suck!
  8. I must retract my statement, Linux is not the problem, it be Boinc ... always was a heap o' junk program for Linux users. I used the Boinc download directly from WCG. Unpacked it to a folder in my home folders, so I know where the 'efin thing is. It seems to make things a little easier. Well for me anyway.
  9. You need to forget bonkitcrapmgr, one day they may write a program that works, I have never yet found one ... go to http://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/Boinccmd_tool and use the cmd 's necessaries, it is quite easy. ... run boinccmd in the same directory as the BOINC client, you don't need to supply either a host name or a password. check with crtl+esc to see if Boinc is running. I use "nohup ./boinc >& /dev/null &" run from my Boinc folder to start up Boinc if I have had to have a reboot.
  10. I have no words that can express my sorrow ... I salute thee, and thank thee for all your kindness
  11. So ... April 1st begins on March 27th ?? Sorry, not amused one iota ... actually I'm quite pissed off ... sucked in and ****ed up ... should have relied on my instincts. But I'm sure you will not miss me ... Bruno, I do hope my "private" information will be deleted ... good bye!
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