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  1. Hi all, I have a weird problem with Windows 7 Ultimate which was factory-installed on my Dell Zino 410 which I purchased in 2010 and use with a ViewSonic VX924. I do not recall having this problem in the first years, nor when it started happening since then. However, Win7Ult on my Zino will not save my power saving setting for putting the screen to sleep. I do not use other power saving settings, such as putting the HD to sleep. I also have an Intel NUC with Win7Ult and it lets the monitor go to sleep. Is this a problem with saving to the Registry? Thanks in advance, -Mac- (not for OS)
  2. Hi goretsky, Right, the data side goes down when you want to burn the data. Then, you flip the Lightscribe-compatible disc over to burn the label in the Lightscribe-compatible burner. The label is burned on and therefore is only black. There have been only five colours for the label side, but I have rarely seen a colour other than gold. I have, though my continued use, found that you can leave the disc in the burner, label-side down, and burn it more than once. When you burn the same design, it just gets darker. You can even take the disc out and re-insert it, and the design will be burnt exactly where the first burning is. There is a 'register' mark on the inner edge of the disc where it is clear. -Mac-
  3. Hi all, I have a weird problem involving the installation of the driver for a Lightscribe CD/DVD burner. I have several of these burners including an HP TS-L633R internal SATA drive on one Windows 7 Ultimate machine and a couple of Toshiba/Samsung TSST SD-R6572M IDE drives in an external case and internally in a Compaq EVO N620c laptop with XP Pro. The external works fine with other machines when the driver installs properly including both on my Windows 7 Ultimate machines. An acquaintance of mine was impressed with the ability to burn the 'label' on Lightscribe CDs and DVDs because of the permanency. So he ordered an external drive a year ago. At that time, when he could not get it to burn the labels on the appropriate discs, I tried to install my software, a generic Lightscribe program and the Nero Cover Design program. I also tested his new external drive on my machines and it worked properly. However, I cannot get his to burn the labels using either of his machines, both Windows 7 Home Premium. And, my external burner also does not work with his machine. In trying to see what is different between his machines and mine, I looked at the Registries using Regedit (I am old-school, having been in the software development and IT field since 1983). On my machines, Win 7 or XP, I find reference to Lightscribe all over the place. However, on his home machine, Win 7, (I do not want to go into the Registry of his work machine until I can get his home machine to work) I find no reference at all to Lightscribe. I have even put a spare HDD in one of my XP laptops, reinstalled the OS, checked the new Registry and found no Lightscribe (as expected), then installed the software which I use (on his as well as mine), checked the Registry again and found the appropriate reference to Lightscribe and was able to burn a label. Does anyone have an idea why the driver does not get 'loaded' into the Registry on his Win 7 Home Premium machine? Despite my long-time experience professionally, I have no problem admitting that some things are beyond me, such as how to work with the Registry other than reading it and saving it. I have not had to deal with the Registry in my work, primarily because my work is primarily with database system. TIA -Mac-
  4. 2) a subsequent issue is when I have tried to 'embed' an exported [from NeroVideo 2014 (non-Platinum)] .MP4 on a Webpage using JW Player. When an .MP4 file is created, the exported .MP4 file plays only the audio track, not the video track, with the JW Player. This is a problem with the file when exported from NeroVideo 2014. I determined that it is a problem by using another .MP4 file from a different source and found that the second .MP4 played both the audio and video in full-sync. Unfortunately, the second software program is not a video editing program for editing videos which I have created with my Canon EOS60d (it is a DVD-ripper program which I used to converted my purchased DVD to .MP4). It has been a while since I wrote on this thread, but I only got back around to looking at the problem of a MP4 created with Nero Video 14 which played the audio track but not the video. Well, the MP4 video created by Nero Video 14 is saved as an MP-4 Part 2 Video Codec, not as H.264 which is needed with JWPlayer. I thought I was going to have to use another 'recoder' but am happy to find that the Nero bundle includes Recoder which does the conversion. I will admit that I do not look at all of the programs in a 'bindle', only those which I think will need. That comes in part from my more-than-30-years in the software industry, starting with DOS systems where we had to conserve space on our HDDs (my first was a 10MB HDD, really), and did not want to install the unnecessary stuff which was included. I originally intended to use Nero Video just to convert my .MOV videos from my Canon 60D into .MP4s which I could then watch on iDevices. Since then, I have used Nero Video to also add titles, combine video clips, etc. However, the results then are in the MP-4 Part 2 codec. Now I have found out that I can take those MP4s and recode them. What I did not take the time to learn was that Nero Recoder will recode AND convert the MOVs to MP4s with H.264 codec in only one step. However, without the editing step / functionality of Nero Video. A second reason I use Nero Video (or maybe you have another which you use) is to convert an original .MOV video to a smaller .MP4 video, for example a 340MB .MOV recoded to a 74MB .MP4 video. So, if you have MP4 videos which you are trying to embed in HTML with the JSPlayer (Javascript) and the audio plays but not the video, you can use Nero Recoder, or Transrecoder or other recoders. Best,-Mac-
  5. Hi All, So, here is a followup on my intended use of the glob() function and the [pointed-out-to-me] getimagesize() function in PHP. Put the following code in an index.php (or whatever you want to call it) file in a directory with JPGs -- foreach (glob("*.jpg") as $filename) { $size = getimagesize ("$filename"); if ($size[3] == 'width="1772" height="1181"') : echo "<img src=\"$filename\" height=118></P> "; else : echo "<img src=\"$filename\" height=177></P> "; endif; echo "$filename</P>&nbsp;</P> "; } This now reads the properties of all the JPGs and displays them according to the height found. I size all of the photos I upload as width=1772 / height-1181 or width=1181 / height=1772 according to whether the photo is horizontal or vertical. I have reduced the height by 10% to display the photo as a thumbnail. I will now enhance the code further for myself, displaying the photos in a TABLE with two-across CELLs. Obviously, the width and height sizes can be read and used dynamically when the hpotos are not saved with consistent dimensions. This will now save me a lot of programming time. During the last Fasnacht season (what is know in other languages and regions as Carnival, Karneval, Mardi Gras and such), a six-week period of costumes, parties and parades, I shot more than 4,000 photos. I just did not want to deal with the program code for my own site and went to Facebook as a quick-and-dirty solution. Now, I will not have to. Thanks again to ALL! -Mac-
  6. Hi ebrke, Yes, that is it. I have to first ask myself why I did not immediately see that when I was looking at the Filesystem functions. Then, I see that it is not listed in the Filesystem Functions. Thanks! I knew there was a function, just not exactly what it is. All Hail Scot's Newletter Forums Participants!! -Mac-
  7. Hi daveydoom, I guess I missed your comment. I had looked at assigning a 'hot key', as I have used in the past with the Windows Recorder on XP, but I could not figure it out. I went ahead by simply rerunning the executable for each photo to be edited and that worked if I hit (and held down) the Ctrl key as soon as I ran the executable (from its directory window). Since that worked and I wanted to get the specific mini-project underway, I did not look further into the 'hot key'. I will in the near future. Thanks! -Mac-
  8. Hi all, I am not sure if the Social Media forum is the right place for my question about serverside programming, but I will go ahead anyway. I have a large number (thousands) of photos which I want to easily organise, by name, on my website. Programming the pages (day-by-day) is time-consuming. I can use the glob() function in PHP to get a list of all of my JPG files in a specific sub-directory. I would like to also be able to read the dimensions for each individual photo so that I can have my PHP program write the appropriate sizing (height / width) on-the-fly. However, I cannot seem to find a PHP function to read the dimensions. File size, yes; dimensions, no. Is there a PHP function which I have missed, or a Javascript function, or...? Thanks in advance. -Mac-
  9. Okay, next day (Boxing Day, day after Xmas), and I can say that AutoHotKey works well enough for my first efforts. Some comments -- 1) My environment is an Intel NUC (I really like it as a workstation, not as an entertainment centre as it is being sold), Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM, Microsoft [3rd gen] Ergonomic Keyboard running IntelliPoint 8 software, but no special keys programmed. 2) When you compile the recorded keystrokes and mouse clicks which are recorded with the AutoScriptWriter program which is included (but not named in the docs), I had to disable AVG. Logically, of course. No biggie. 3) Here is the weird thing, when I first ran the executable, it did not execute correctly, missing keystrokes or mouse clicks and not completing. What I discovered (as a professional QA tester and knowing to pay attention to little things) was that I have to hold down the Ctrl key after starting the executable. Weird. But, it works. -Mac-
  10. Hi daveydoom, Thanks for the recommendation. I have found AutoHotKey and am currently trying it. I looked at two others, and one was listed on cnet.com as Free, but then I found it is only free for 30 days. So far AutoHotKey seems to meet my needs with a Macro recorder. I am having some difficulty capturing some of the keystrokes or mouse clicks in Photoshop, but, as always, so goes the learning curve. I will post my results and comments here on Scot's Newsletter. -Mac-
  11. Hi all, I am editing hundreds, possibly thousands, of essentially identical photos in Photoshop on a Windows 7 x64 machine, doing exactly the same task for every one of the photos (I will be putting them together as a stop-action video). I am looking for a keystroke / mouse recording [to a macro] program, like the Recorder program which was included with Windows up to Win XP. And, freeware. Well, the MS Recorder program may not have been included with all versions, but I know that the last Win version I have which it worked on is XP. I have tried running it on the Win7 x64 machine in XP compatibility, but it immediately displayed the error dialog which says it is not compatible. And, no, I do not want to run it in the Windows XP emulation (I am running Win7 Ultimate) because the emulation is horribly slow, as well as other issues with the emulation. Re: the XP emulation on Win7, I would rather 'carry' all of the photos over to one of my still-in-use XP machines rather than use the XP emulation on Win7 Ultimate, even with 16GB RAM. Does anyone have a suggestion, preferably one that you have personally used? Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays! -Mac-
  12. Hi Aryeh, Thanks for the further feedback and input. I do intend to further report this to MSDN. I am sure they can track down the 'first' person to get this copy by the Product Key if it was distributed through MSDN. Through distributor channels is more difficult if not impossible. I was a technical beta tester (not to be confused with the 'public' beta test) for Win7. I seem to recall (my memory is failing is regards to some things) that I received a full product after it went golden. But, (again, my failing memory...) I think the product I received as a reward for testing had a timed expiration, like one year after golden. But, that really is not a point necessary for discussion. The packaging on what I purchased from the third-aprty seller on Amazon.de matches what is on the store shelves. It is superior to any of the knockoffs I have seen in the bazaars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cambodia or Kosovo in the last nine years. I will post further, if any, results on this thread as they happen. Best to all and a happy and safe holiday!! -Mac-
  13. Okay, last item on this thread. I just received, on a Sunday afternoon, a reply from Amazon.de about the seller and the illegal sale of a developer's copy of Windows 7 Ultimate -- Dear Dunn, I understand how stressful the situation must be for you. The seller is not on amzon.de any more and unfortunately I can not give you more Information about him. As you have already contacted the producer Microsoft in this case, I suggest you report the case to the police. I am sorry that I can not be me helpful to you. Warmest regards, -- end of line Personally, without a name or other id, I doubt if going to the police will do anything. My final step will be to make this a formal notification to MSDN of abuse by a former developer. Then, at least, their goose will be cooked with MSDN (I hope). Best to all and a reminder that TANSTAFL ("there ain't no such thing as a free lunch"). -Mac-
  14. Well, just to keep a record of the steps I have taken, here is the email which I have just sent to Amazon Associates Program at Amazon.com to see what they will do -- Hi, I purchased a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate from the seller - ilimma8 (seller# A2OQZB58T9NXY2) - from Amazon.de on 30 November 2013 (shipped on 2 December 2013), Order # 304-1346648-7991526 for shipment to my address in Germany. The product arrived and has official packaging and security features. Because of a computer crash in December 2014, I have had to reinstall this copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on the same computer. When I attempted to activate the copy, I was notified that the copy had been 'blocked' by the activation server at Microsoft. I made two calls to Microsoft Customer Service and one call to Microsft Developers' Network (MSDN) support. I was told that this is/was a developer's copy of WIndows 7 Ultimate and is NOT FOR RESALE. I have been a dveveloper with Microsoft and know about this rule. The seller's account with Amazon.de has been closed, it looks like, since February 2014 and emails are not delivered to the seller. I would like to have the seller's name and any contact information possible to report to Microsoft for this blatant abuse of the developer's program, as well as theft of Euro 119.00 from me. Thanks in advance, have a stressless Christmas. -- end of line
  15. Okay, here is the policy of Amazon[.com] as found in their Help selection by searching for Counterfeit Product (not for 'illegal') -- Software Only full retail versions of software may be sold through Amazon.com. Software that has been copied or duplicated in any format is prohibited. Additionally, OEM, back-up, fulfillment, promotional, beta (prerelease), unauthorized freeware/shareware, "softlifted" software versions, and academic software requiring pre-purchase verification are prohibited. I am pretty certain that this copy falls into the definition as 'promotional' product. I am seeing on Amazon.de a third-party seller selling MAR (Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher) Refurbished copies of Home Premium and Professional - search for Windows 7 MAR. Here is their description of what that means -- Ein Refurbished H&auml;ndler muss eine Windows XP COA als Vorversion haben, damit er die Windows 7 bekommen kann. Der Endverbraucher braucht gar keine Vorversion haben, er braucht auch die XP Pro COA nicht mehr, da diese COA schon deaktiviert wurde, wenn Sie jetzt eine MAR Refurbished Version kaufen, bekommen Sie eine Win 7 hologramm CD und ein COA, man kann ganz normal die CD reinlegen installieren und mit dem COA aktivieren. translation using translate.Google -- A Refurbished dealer must have a Windows XP COA as a previous version, so he can get Windows 7. The end user needs do not have any previous version, he does not need the XP Pro COA as these COA was already disabled when you now buy a MAR Refurbished version, you get a win 7 hologram CD and a COA, you can normally reinstall the CD and activate the COA. All three answers -- http://www.amazon.de/was-soll-MAR-Refurbished-heisen/forum/Fx5ZQFULION6UC/TxL96ANPEHR2S9/1/ref=cm_cd_dp_aar_al_a?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B00HCHD54W This is a laugh IMHO. These people are selling only the software, not complete refurbished computers. I certainly have never been tempted by these. Here is MS's definition of a MAR -- http://www.microsoft.com/refurbishedpcs/Images/mar_tile1.png But, it makes me wonder how Amazon[.de] is allowing these sellers to sell the product. -Mac-
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