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  1. I'm sorry you'all My birthday is May 16, I changed it. Adam did whish me a happy birthday, so he isn't in trouble.
  2. $ kfmclient openProfile filemanagementDCOPReply<>: cast to 'QCString' errorto awnser adam's question In a Konsole window:CODEkfmclient openProfile filemanagementPost anything that comes up...... maybe there is an error.Bruno..... she is on dialup, so she doesn't do any updates.... vanilla Drake 10.1.
  3. I havn't tried that, it won't hurt my files will it? I have mandrake.EDIT: You can't spell..... - ross549
  4. I typed in both programs and the comand prompt just sits there and dose nothing. Is there another way to get into my folders?
  5. My computer is really weird. I have my home folder on the menu bar I think the program is Konqur (spelt wrong I know) and it refuses to open. My brother adam tried to fix it when he came home, but didn't know how so he set up Nautilus for me. But today it decided not to open as well! What's up with that? So I was wondering if you Linux people knew how to fix it.Amanda
  6. Wisconsin weather is fun... Before I thought it was cold at 20 degrees, but we had a cold spell last week were it was below zero and wind sheild of 30 below. Lately, it's been quite warm at 20....
  7. I will get the hang of Linux sometime......If I have a bunch of blips along the way,I guess I'll learn, or not!Adam has always been soooo supportive.... Ha!
  8. My brother, ross549, would like my New Year's Resolution...... I will try not to break LinuxHe wounders how I can break a icon, but I can. But I stilllike linux!
  9. HIThe goats are called fainting goats. They are abreed used in bible times, in sheep heards, for when the heard was attacked. The goats would faint and be the ones ate. Good for the sheep, not for goats. :'( They are small, come up about to your knee. I raise and sell them. They really aren't "used" for anything, just for pets and breeding, buecause they are so unique. It is fun to faint them. It dosen't hurt them, but it is so funny at times. I could run by one and it will get started, run a bit and fall over. Sometimes if I faint them on a small hill they will roll over a couple times. But, they are smart and catch one to what you are doing and then you have to find new ways to faint them. Amanda
  10. I am a cat freak too. I feel lost if I don't have cats around me.I have 3 in the house andabout 15 in my dad's barn.A friend is bringing 6 more too!
  11. The scanner is a Hewlett Packard ScanJet 4300C. It works real nice.My brother, Adam gave me the browser Firefox and He also downloaded me the coolest theme... cats!!!! I love Linux!
  12. Mandrake 10.1 is really nice.I am sooooo glad my scanner works now.I feel sorry for all the people who weretrying to help me with it. But it's working now! :clap:By the way, thanks for trying to help me with the scanner.
  13. THe irritating thing is, Mcc can see the scanner. But in kooka it still says that my system dose not provid a SANE insttilation. and xsane dose not want to open.AmandaI could cry
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