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  1. Well, I think that stuff's NVidia-specific, ATI doesn't seem to have any documentation for those options, so I just played around with a few things on my own... and discovered that apparently their proprietary drivers just can't see the DVI connection at all - tried --enable-monitor with tmds1, tmds2, tmds2i, lvds (not a laptop, but just to be sure), and even crt2 - only thing that works is crt1, so I'm just going to stick with the open-source drivers - may as well anyway, this is a dev box and I think ATI's libGL is interfering with some builds I've been trying to run... but thanks for your help anyway
  2. Well, I'll try that trick out then, see if I get anywhere :)By the way, just out of curiosity - your xorg.conf says you have a SyncMaster - which one do you have? I have a 730B LCD on my machine here, just kind of curious... (pretty sure it's the driver, since the DVI cable works just fine up until I set it to use "fglrx"...)
  3. Hello - me again - this time my own question ;)Got a machine here with an ATI Xpress 200 integrated chipset... been trying to get it running for months now... basically I have a fancy DVI-enabled monitor, and it displays just fine with the "radeon" driver, but "fglrx" doesn't want to activate it at all. Would just keep using the open-source drivers, except I do like having 3D graphics... would put in an nVidia card like I did with my other machine (Duron-700, 256MB w/Vanta 16MB AGP) except a bit short on funds from that upgrade...So far I've tried using aticonfig and manual xorg.conf hacking - got it on fglrx driver, did aticonfig --force-monitor tmds1,tmds2 --enable-monitor tmds1,tmds2 ... still only displays on the regular analog VGA connection... even disabling the VGA connection in the BIOS wouldn't work, it still kept displaying the way it wanted to, not the way I want it to...Software config is Ultima Linux 8.1 - this is my dev box - w/kernel, X.org 6.9.0, running native x86_64, all 32-bit packages installed - in case that has anything to do with it. Drivers installed without any errors, I checked over the log and dmesg at least ten times just to be sure...Anyway, if anyone can offer any advice it would be very helpful :)Thanks
  4. Hello - been a while, been really busy with Ultima Linux, but I'm back Anyway, just have a couple quick questions, if anyone might be able to help... some of the members of my own forums were having a bit of trouble, so I figured I may as well see if the "experts" could offer some advice:1) Anyone have any suggestions for running an ATI Radeon 9700 on Linux? We've been trying a while, but it's acting a bit screwy... would suggest an nVidia card, but wanted to see if we could get the existing one running first...2) Does anyone else here have any weird problems with the mouse wheel? Apparently it wants to act like the back/forward button in Firefox among other things.(Basically it's just a really customized Slackware-current system with a few additional apps and a fancy-looking desktop, so if you know any fixes for Slack they should work fine here... not in any sort of hurry or anything, just wanted to see if you might have any suggestions :'()Thanks in advance -
  5. Works for me, then! (So far the thing seems to be doing very nicely; I've set it as my main card, since it's the only video card I have for the machine that supports my new LCD screen's full 1280x1024 resolution; doesn't seem to do 3-D stuff on Linux, though, so I think I'll keep a spare monitor for the built-in Intel chip that does handle DRI correctly...)
  6. Well, I'm back again... haven't been on in a while, but just had a quick question for the experts here ;)I've got a Dell OptiPlex GX100 desktop machine right now, and have been working on upgrading it. Right now it's got a Lite-On CD-RW drive, an 80GB WD hard disk, PCI sound/USB cards, and now I've just added in an ATI Rage XL PCI video card (8MB). I just wanted to make sure that it won't fry the power supply - if you remember I tend to have kind of screwy luck with Dells and video card upgrades... anyway, it claims to be capable of up to 152W if I read correctly, either that or 125W... anyway, does this pose any danger of blowing up my machine?Thanks
  7. Well, remember this old post? I just thought I should add a little update...Ultima Linux is now on its seventh version, Ultima 4. I've got a full-time server now (http://ultima-inet.kicks-ass.org/ultimalinux) - old desktop machine like before, but run as a full-time server. And the download's actually reliable. Thing's gotten a lot easier to install and work with, and yes, there is a user community now... small one but still growing.Anyone want to join?
  8. And you didn't ask me? *sigh* If someone had told me about the problem I would have been more than happy to help with it... drives me nuts seeing people switch from my distro to another one (SuSE seems to be particularly popular for some reason...) without asking the developer first.Oh well, life goes on.
  9. Good news!!I just got back from a week-long vacation last night around nine. First thing I saw were the boxes for the machine. Get it up to my room, and unpack everything... about an hour later, the machine's built, and by midnight the entire thing's running Linux as well. (And fully configured with all my settings as well )This thing's definitely a nice machine... bit bigger than the old one, but easier to work with, and it fits nicely enough on my desk. Really nice-looking too. And everything works - keyboard, mouse, sound, graphics - and by the way it comes with an optical mouse, a nice feature I wasn't expecting. This thing kicks ass!!!Oh, and even the front panel lights are all running perfectly. Most of the time I don't even waste my time wiring them because they never work.This is the first time, by the way, that I have ever ordered and built a brand-new system and selected each new part myself.Thanks for everything!!
  10. That analogy's just a little bit cheesy-sounding to me
  11. The most important thing (the only one that matters): OpenOffice.org has a cute logo. Word doesn't.
  12. Hey, and welcome to the forums! Always a pleasure to see more willing victims - er, I mean Linux users :lol:By the way, please don't use the word "newbie" ... the moderators don't seem to like it. Trust me...
  13. Personally, I couldn't care less who makes the motherboard... just as long as it supports Linux. I do tend to prefer Intel processors, though, because that's the only kind I've ever used, and Intel has a cooler animation thingy than AMD.By the way, nice avatar.
  14. I don't know about DVD burners, never had any sort of DVD drive in my machine, but I do know that Lite On makes really nice CD drives. All my computers have Lite On drives, my desktop has a CD burner and another desktop I converted into a Web server has its old CD-ROM.
  15. Well, seems like there are other FX's in the world! I don't own one myself, but my brother has one configured with the exact same hardware. May need to take a look at the BIOS issue, because we were considering possibly getting a USB adapter for it but if it doesn't support 32-bit cards...(My own laptop is a Micron XPE, which I've upgraded a bit with a rather nice PC card that lets me use USB with the thing... and of course my favorite wireless networking adapter which I keep velcro'd to the side.)
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