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  1. That Fluke sure ain't cheap.....well done.
  2. Celestial Seasonings has some of the best Teas out there... Red Zinger bein one of my Faves'...
  3. Government is misleading in your Topic header...it was a local school that chose to be idiotic.
  4. He is the only Author ever to have at least one work in every Dewey Decimal category...
  5. Macrium Reflect is an excellent Free choice for image backups... And new Seagate Retail HDD's ship with a lite ver. of Acronis...all it's missing is the scheduler and network backup.
  6. http://techspot.us1.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=e4cfda23de0688b6339e986ae&id=dbed5da37a&e=2fa4085855 Undocumented feature perhaps ? ?
  7. Stated he's going to retire quietly... Flying Rescue helicoptors in Australia and the States...
  8. Please don't get me started on the fairness of All Star player selection... Look uo the past 10 seasons how many players on the DL that were voted in... It's a farce...
  9. Most people i know won't use the Free version...Why on Earth would they pay for it ? ?
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