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  1. That just explained why I was seeing a different forum on Edge.... Since I usually use Firefox, I had the +s clicked enough so 76 year old eyes didn't need reading glasses to read comfortably. It showed me a more simplified set of buttons than Edge which had not been tampered with. By hitting the minus sign a few times, more buttons appeared. Fooling around ... 120% seems to be the magic number for my set up.
  2. I figured it out. There might be an easier way, but this works: "Follow" all the areas except the one you wish to ignore, by opening each section, one at a time, and setting your "follow" preferences for each one. On the search page set "Following" to "Content in areas I follow" Click "Save as new Stream" and then "Create Stream" Bookmark the url of the result. Use the new bookmark to see new content w/o the one(s) you didn't follow.
  3. That wasn't my point. I wasn't complaining about the upload limits. Pictures would have helped but it wasn't really necessary. My point was that if you guys are seeing different things, it could be explained if you're using different browsers.... The difference between Edge and Firefox were quite extreme, but other browsers might show more subtle differences.
  4. Admin or Not Admin, may only be part of it. I'm getting vastly different results on Firefox vs Edge. The combined size of the screenshots exceeds my limit, so I can't show you the difference. Trying to put them in separate posts didn't work.
  5. I'm not seeing any obvious way to exclude "Computer World" content from Unread Content posted by live persons.
  6. Pete!

    New software?

    Click on the icon at the top (fourth from the right) As far as I can tell this was the only new topic.
  7. Floyd - dropped two trees on my house. Sandy - dropped a tree on my wife's car. In both cases, it occurred after the worst winds had abated. It appeared that saturated soil had more to do with the trees coming down than wind velocity.
  8. Thanks, Pete. Since I see it comes in multiple languages, including Greek, I shared the info with Panos at LzD. Actually I don't like it as well as I did Edge, but haven't had time to experiment with the others.If multiple languages is critical, I guess that's a plus. I already had Sumatra installed. To me the interface feels awkward.
  9. That's about the only thing I was using it for regularly. Although I've been trying to minimize the number of Firefox add-ons I use. http://www.epubread.com/ There are others. I wasn't really looking for it, but I recall seeing the words "Chrome" and "Opera" in my search results.
  10. Is there a battery icon in the tray? Mine doesn't so I cant play around, but if so, does this help as a temporary fix until you figure out what happened? https://www.digitalc...aver-windows-10
  11. I remember a 1970s project involving millions of dollars of electronics. It was powered by a motor-generator set. The only thing connected to outside power was the motor.
  12. The only reason I carry a cell phone is that my wife insists I need a "fallen and can't get up" solution. Since the most likely scenario would occur hiking or fishing somewhere without a specific address, the GPS makes sense.
  13. Actually, that works... Every time a PIA bothers you, give him something to do. Eventually, he'll start avoiding you.
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