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    DVD+ or DVD- ?

    Thanks Ross, that's the kind of comment I was looking for.Greater liklehood of compatibility of the disks with other people's drives is quite an important factor.John
  2. John259

    DVD+ or DVD- ?

    Sorry if this is an old question.I'm thinking about buying a DVD writer drive.If the drive can record both DVD+R and DVD-R disks at the same speed, and both types of blank media cost the same, which is preferable, or doesn't it matter?Ditto regarding DVD+RW and DVD-RW disks.Any advice gratefully received, John
  3. I'm considering purchasing an external USB2 interface DVD writer drive.Has anyone any good or bad experiences of Freecom or LG drives to report?Thanks, John
  4. I did some more research.It seems as if this behaviour is normal for Windows XP. One might almost risk saying that it is "by design" :)Can anyone confirm whether it happens on their computer as well? And if not, some details of their system to help track down why?John
  5. I did some more research on Google. It seems like a lot of folks have asked this question but there's no way to do it :(However, you can use TweakUI to adjust how sensitive the mouse is to drag and drops. I've changed that on my computer and I'll see how it goes. Probably better than nothing.Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas.John
  6. It tried that suggestion but it had no effect. Nor did NoDragAndDrop = 1.Thanks for the idea though.John
  7. I looked at the option in IE, but of course in Securiity the only options are for the various Internet zones, not for the computer you're actually using. Sorry folks, that doesn't seem to be the answer. The wording of the option is very vague, but I read it disabling both drag and drop and copy and paste, but how that relates to what web site scripts want to do in IE doesn't make any sense to me.I'm surprised there's not a Registry tweak to disable drag and drop in Windows Explorer. It seems to me to be the sort of thing lots of people might want to disable.John
  8. Yes, the problem is in Windows Explorer.But now that Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer are virtually the same program [ ], I'll give that option a try.Thanks for all the suggestions.John
  9. Thanks for that suggestion, which would help avoid incorrect dragging.However, my "accidents" are when I catch the left mouse button and perform a drag when I didn't intend to perform any kind of drag at all.John
  10. Is there any way to disable drag and drop in Windows Explorer? (In Windows XP Home Edition, SP1)I occasionally move something by accident and it would be nice to be able to prevent any risk of this happening. I know I can Edit > Undo but I'm not always sure whether the accident really happened or not. It happens when you're working quickly and half catch the mouse button as you're moving it.I'm quite happy to have to use cut and paste instead.John
  11. I've got Windows XP Home Edition SP1, with all critical and security patches installed (fully up to date).All folders now have the read-only attribute shown as a green square in the Properties dialog box. All attempts at clearing this fail. When the folder's properties are examined again, the green square always reappears.I tried attrib - r *.* /s /d in cmd - it doesn't fix it.I tried the advice in MS KB article 326549 - it doesn't fix it.I tried the registry tweak advised on several web sites, namely to add a new DWORD called UseSystemForSystemFolders with a value of 1 in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer (and reboot) - it doesn't fix it.I think the possible causes might be installing .NET Framework V1.1, or one of this week's Windows critical updates (one of those published in the week ending 17-Apr-04).The only visible effect (so far!) is that it seems to stop a downloaded Java applet from working. The applet fails to gain I/O permission to (of all things!) a GIF file.Does anyone know the solution?John
  12. Wow! That is an extremely rich source of information. It's going to take me ages to work my way through all the material on that site but at a first glimpse it seems to be just what I'm after. Thanks for suggesting it.John
  13. I'm curious to learn about web services and Microsoft's .NET Framework.I tried reading the information on the relevant section of Microsoft's web site but I'm ashamed to say that it made no sense to me. It seemed (IMHO) to be largely informationless pseudo-technical marketing babble aimed at high level management, sprinkled with the occasional technical bit of unexplained jargon.Other web sites that I've found on the subject seem to suffer from similar problems. They're either written for idiots or experts.Similarly, .NET Framework's configuration utility is a masterpiece of bewildering jargon to a beginner.Can anyone recommend a good introductory web site for someone who has a reasonable level of computer literacy (for example, I can write simple VB programs and hand-code simple HTML) but no knowledge whatsoever of this subject? I'd be very grateful.I'm really after an explanation of what web services and .NET Framework can do, and how they do it.John
  14. Yes, tried that. I don't think they understood the question.John
  15. That's a very clever program, and thanks for suggeting it, but unfortunately it doesn't help.The only sensor it finds on my Dell Dimension 8300 is the one on the serial ATA hard disk.This problem is real mystery, because the fan speed increases whenever the processor is busy, so something somewhere is reacting, somehow.John
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