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  1. I am attempting to set up Hylafax at my office and it's kicking my butt.Here's the most recent problem I'm having.When I try and print an incoming fax automaticly to a network printer it only prints the first page. I've googled this to death, any help would be appreciated.Jay
  2. Hi Bruno,I'm running Libranet (debian) I going to mess with it tonight again. tranquilo sent me to another apt-get to download lame. I think this is what I'm missing. I'll let everyone know how it goes.Jay
  3. I did as you suggested and I have plenty of players and burners, but I but I don't have a MP3 encoder. so what is a good on to use. It looks like the only one I have is ogg.Thanks
  4. Hi All,I've spent most of the night trying the different CD Ripping packages (Grip & RipperX) they all want to rip it in format ogg. But I want it in an MP3 format. I think that ogg is only the only encoder on my libranet system. So with that being said, how do I get the MP3 format?Thanks AllJay
  5. Thanks for reply Mel & Owyn. I've looked at Mondo but it's overkill for what I want to do. I'll cruise Freshmeat to see what's available. Jay
  6. Hi All,I got my laptop and another Libranet computer running great. I am using them about 80% of the time. As I get more data on them, I feel the need to get crackin on a backup program. What is the everyone using to back up on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.Thanks!Jay
  7. Owyn, I check with Clark Connect to see what package will be pulled down. I pretty sure that 1.2.11 is the package. Better to be sure.Tenspeed
  8. The program is at:http://aleron.dl.sourceforge.net/sourcefor...il-1.4.2.tar.gzSo based on the everyone's post I would just add wget infront of the URL, Right? thanks for the quick post everyone. This is my Sunday project. I have to go to a family dinner, so I will check back in later and give eveyone an update on this project.
  9. I need to upgrade squirrelmail on my Clark Connect box, but I've never downloaded from the command line.How do I get the squirrelmail from the internet then to the proper directory. thanks AllJust to let you know what I'm doing.I currrently have squirrelmail 1.2.11 on my Clark Box, I going to upgrade to 1.4.1. Once that is done I'm using the calendar program for squirrelmail. They have enhanced the calendar function to allow group calendars. The Family already uses the calendar but the group function will allow me so the where my 3 teenage daughters and the wife are. We currently use the calendar, but we login to each persons calendar to see what's going on.
  10. Did you go to the link that I posted earlier in this thread? That was a real good tutorial for setting up eth0. I hate to say this, but you must learn to use command line with linux. Some things are so much easier and quicker with CLItenspeed
  11. Ok your card appears to be working. You have two choices assign an IP address to it or see if the cards is setup for DHCP.I'm not familier with Mandrake but you can use but you can use command line to do it pretty easy. Here's a link for ithttp://www.linuxheadquarters.com/howto/net...orkconfig.shtmlAlso at root type ifconfig it will give you some additional info about what is going with your cardHope this helps
  12. Did you see your card should be eth0? If you see your card, then it isn't getting an IP address. Is your router setup up with DHCP?
  13. also if you do a su at the command line, then netstat it should show if you have and IP address.
  14. Is the router giving you a IP? If your using KDE you can go to info center and select the Network Interface and it should show if you have an IP address assigned to you.
  15. Every distro I've used has detected the Reltec 8139's. Which distro are you using?
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