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  1. Greetings~Just thought id add a bit from my experince with a similar problem i have had on a couple of occasions as far as what you are experincing. From what I was told from the Cable Tech that I had 2 scenarios1) Line is Split AFTER it initially enters the house BUT Before it goes to the Modem and then Split again and continues to BOTH the modem AND a TV it WILL degarde the signal... IDEALLY the Cable Modem SHOULD be on its own independant Branch from a Splitter..with another Splitter on line that will ONLY go to televisions.Examples:(in case that seemed confusing)---> Line to house ===Splitter ===One Line Going from splitter to Modem and second line goin to standard TV(s) IS correct/recommended ----> Line to house === Splitter=== One line Going to Modem then SPLIT again with another Going to a Modem and standard TV(s) is not correct/recommended2) if line IS split correctly the Splitter sitelf MIGHT be faulty .. or may be "downgrading" the signal going to the modem .. the NEWER stype of splitters ( or ones you can get from the Cable company or a knowlegeable technichian should they come to your residence) will be able to supply you with the correct "type" of splitter to give the proper type of signal.If im not mistaken the Signal has to travel in or around a certain Mhz or Ohm rating to be strong enough to be recieved correctly .. and some splitters will "filter" the signal and cause it to be weaker than needed for the Modem to revice correctly.Not too sure as far as Tuner Cards for computer systems(as far as which ones quality wise) but , I would assume it would be the same Theory as far as splitting the cable is concerned .. just replacing the Conventional TV with the TV TUner card where appropriateHope that helped .. I know it seems slightly confusing .. and BELIEVE ME when I tell you it was fun trying to type it out with out myself getting confused LOL .Good luckLoneWolf
  2. Greetings~ I have recived copies of TaxCut for several years .. and YES it IS a legitimate offer .. HOWEVER it is limited to what you can and cannot do ..the program itself ..as Deborah said is quite easy to use for the "average" tax purposes ... i did find however that i had to PURCHASE an extended/deluxe version from the store last year and acctually had to get ahold of HR Block Tech support/Regional in my area (the little "satelite stores" didnt even know it was being given out or what the software was) to do what i had to ..cause some of my payroll came from an out of state company .. but agian good progam easy to use .. and if im not mistaken since it is offered by HR Block they aslo have "audit insurance" ( or some such ) to GURANTEE your return is correct.. Hope that helps LoneWolf
  3. Rbdeitz~ If you are refering to a System Drive roll back .. not a possibility as i dont have system restore activated and have not for a while so no system restore points are available ...If you are speaking of a DRIVER roll back have done that one better i removed the device in Device Manager and reinstalled it using the default drivers and still had a problem .
  4. Addendum: Tried the same procedure as i mentioned above ( creating new user account and switching user permissions ) to be able to get the Error Code ... which is as follows...In Grey Error Box "Windows cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There Might not be a sound device installedon your computer, it may be in use by another program or it might not be functioning correctly" After this there are the "Close" and the "More Information" buttons.Upon selecting "More information" it refrances the following Error Code : C00D11BA which essentially refrences the same thing as the "pop up" NONE of which happens to apply to the situation at all i.e : In use by another application OR that it is not installed .
  5. Interesting problem ... With a limited account in Win XP home Media files ( Mp3, wav, system sounds what have you ) CANNOT be played with out an error popping up to the effect that the Sound device is not active or non exisitant. This happenes with ANY type of media media player ( Windows version 10 final , Win amp ect.) with the error from the respective Media Player . Even with the correct device to use is selected as the output sound device. (SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio) I Have ran ALL scans ( AD- Aware, Spybot, HJT and Windows Spyware) all come up CLEAN . Now heres the interesting part i think ... if i CHANGE the acount type from Limited to Administrator ( which i DONT want to leave as such ) everything woorks ...and if i check the device manager as either Limited or Admin .. the Device shows up . This even happens if i remove the Name on the account and create a NEW account ( diffrent name as well ). My main Admin Account ( status NEVER changed ) works PERFECTLY with sounds or any type of Media file. All drivers ARE current for the Sound Device . Any idea what might possibly be happening here ?P.S. this problem JUST started manifesting itself about a week ago on the limited account ONLY so no major software changes can be done from that account as far as instaling software that would cause this problem. As far as i know.thanks in advance for any help you can provide
  6. Striker that thread DID help and got me the EPim spftware and that was EXATLY whati was looking for in Office ...Installed it and it works GREAT .... Thank you ever so kindly
  7. sorry about not being more specific .. OS Win xp with SP 2 and all updates to presentOffice 2003 with all updates to present im kinda sheepish with workin with the registry LOL but ill give that reg modifcation a try ..thanks what im lookin for is the Calendar option to run on SYSTEM boot up not progam boot upEdited to add :that reg modification seems to exisit already .. and it seems to effect ONLY if the program is currently running
  8. was wondering ...prolly a REALLY simple answer to this question but i sure as heck cant figure it outwhat im loooking to do is have the Calendar aspect of Outlook 2003 run on startup i dont need the entire suite to run .. i do have alot of appoiontments that are listed in the Outlook claendar and woudl like to be alble to have that aspect of oultlook run on startup so that when its comes time for the appointment reminder ill get the reminder that pops up ...any suggestions ????
  9. zlim~yes that was what most of the suggestions that i got adviswd was to "back up " the exisiting profile and use it to transfer to the new profile ...HOWEVER from what i ALSO was able to find thru a differnt link ( dont have it handy right now ) was that the profile ALSO has your bokomarks in it .. and i DID NOT want the person on the non admin account to have acess to MY Bookmarks ...HENCE the reason i went the route i did ...so NOW i CAN take each individual profile and save them and they will be independant of each other ...maybe it sounds like im talkin in circles BUT thats what i assumed would happen if i just took the existing profile and copied it into a NEW profile ...just found the link that refrences what is kept in the profile folder FF Profile Contents?Link found Via Corrine's link she gave me from the Mozilla Forums
  10. welll .. i did manage ( after a few days ) to get things tranfered .. seeing as tho all i wanted was the extensions as some others (not necessaraily here ) had told me to just "transfer the contents of the profile folder from the default to the new profilewell i figured IF i went that way .. i would transfer NOT ONLY the extenstions but the Book marks and what not ...SO what i DID ultimately end up doing is kinda a combination of what was suggested here ,,, as well as at other foums that i asked this questionI created a NEW profile under the NON admin account on the puter ...THEN i wen Extension By extension on the ADMIN account on puter and look up whjat was available for a "home page" for the extensions" and then transfered them to my flash drive ...rebooted to the non admin account .. and installed them from my flash drive to mozilla profile for the non admon account do THAT WAY ... EVERYTHING is independant and no risk at all of the NON admin having acess to the book marks from the admin account ..YES it was tedious but well worth the effort ..i was more so wondering if there was an easier and more sceure way of transfering things over ... for instance just finding the files that refrence the extensions and then copy/pasting them to an outside media then re installing them ...but i DID look for the file extensions on my puter under the admin account and "showing all files and folders" in "folder options " and didnt find a specific refrence to the extensions them selves ...OH its done and i thank you for your suggestions
  11. i checked the Mozilla Forums and something seems to not work right with the search unless i was putting in the wrong ParametersQuestion :i am currently running Firefox ( newest release) on a win Xp Home System...with mutiple user names on the system ( my self and one other )Firefox DID install on both user names but it appears that the Extenisons DID NOT " trickle down" ( so to speak ) to the NON admin account on the system ...I would like them to do so but cant seem to get a definate answer as to how to do so ..... since i know there are QUITE A FEW Firefox/Mozilla users ( which is one of the reasons i switched the system over from using IE as per recommendations of MANY Highlanders as well as other forums )I figured it would ask here and at those and see if some one has ran into the same problem and how they solved it smile.gifi seem to get better tesults if i ask in a "community " like this rather that other places :)Thanks for any help in advanceLone Wolf
  12. Greetings Highlanders ~i was wonderng if there is some software available (preferably free or low cost ware ) that can be used to help someone ONLINE that is usable across All diffrent flavors of Microsofts OS'es ( Win 98 and above ) i myself have Win XP home i have done a google search .. ill admit didnt look thru all the results most if not all say they are compatable with Win 98,98SE ,W2k and XP they skip past ME ....and that seems to be where the problem lies from time to time as i said im looking for a program that goes across all diffrent flavors of Microsofts OS'es any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks in advance LoneWolf
  13. i DID find a solution .. came from the FF forums it self Tools>>>Options>>> Web Featuresthen click on the Advanced Button next to the "heading" ...Enable Java Scripta dialog box should pop up that says "Advanced Java Script Options" put a check mark at the line that says "change status bar script" just in case any one is looking for the solution i am NOW a VEREY happy FF convert :'(
  14. well thank you any way Sip i intsalled the Extension .. but it didnt do it any other suggestions from any one ?
  15. sip- thaks ill give it a shot and let ya know
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