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    Gigabyte 7VTXH+ mobo VIA KT266A chipset AMD Athlon 1800+ (1.53Ghz) 512 DDR PC2100 memory nVidia GeForce2 MX400 64MB tv out Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 --------------------------------------------- Windows XP Pro (SP2) Office XP (2002) Sygate Personal firewall AVG Free 7.5 Spyware Terminator SpywareBlaster
  1. I had Spyware Terminator with ClamAV until very recently. Switched it for Avira. Glad I did in hindsight !
  2. It would be nice to know what version of XP is being used. Disabling simple file sharing is to be considered with XP Pro.
  3. Did you try using the drop-down menu choice ?
  4. Guitar Man


    Unless you've been a very bad boy, there should not be any permission changes in your member profile there. Dave posts here occasionally. Perhaps he can look into it if he reads this topic.
  5. Not so. AFAIK you need IE to get MS Updates, regardless of version.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, Corrine. I switched from Adobe Reader to Foxit Reader some time ago. But I still use the flash player. Secunia hasn't added it to their database yet, so I haven't received the usual email notice. But it shouldn't be too long...
  7. I'm a Hotmail user for many years via OE. I rarely use the website unless I have to see who may have fallen into the Junk filter, and change the setting. Otherwise, I get no spam in my OE Inbox because of the filters I set many moons ago. But I never knew how many permissions I was giving until I read the article (to which I subscribe to). Until I got that newsletter, I was not aware. No longer. The permissions are blanked out entirely.
  8. I presume they mean the Malicious Software Removal Tool which is distributed monthly on Patch Tuesday.In my case, I installed the latest updates and noticed a huge decrease in web page loads. I rolled back the system. All is back to normal. For now...I will be reinstalling them one at a time (and rebooting) to see which one is the culprit.
  9. You're partly correct. They're actually the uninstall files for updates. And because one of them may be a service pack, it's important to verify that you're not removing a major one. And as long as those updates (or hot fixes as they were called in the past) don't cause issues (and you only really know once you run your system after a "Patch Tuesday") then you can delete the uninstaller files.The major reason in the past for wanting to remove them was to save space on smaller hard drives. On newer systems, this is no longer a concern.
  10. This is incorrect. I just recently removed IE8 (because of bugs) in order to roll back initially to IE6 (because that will happen), then installed IE7 inthe subsequent MS update prompt.I had XP SP3 installed eons before updating to the tabbed version. What is mentioned in your posted link is this:
  11. We got our Adobe Reader updates at work today. I use Foxit Reader at home.
  12. Maybe because we don't use McAfee ?
  13. I use Secunia's Online Software Inspector, and subscribe to the reminder service. The link is on the left side of the main page.
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