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  1. While this topic is wildly unpopular. I thought I would post a link to an extensive review of Ubuntu 10.10 which has a large segment on the new Netbook GUI.http://arstechnica.com/open-source/reviews...u-1010-wip.ars/BTW: I did install 10.10 NBE on an Acer Net-top, and after downloading the latest video driver, I was able to experiment with the Unity GUI. It's a nice blend. They got a great start, and hopefully it will only get better.
  2. Temmu,If you are member of Mobile Me, you can setup "Back to my mac". It will require you to do a little bit of router configuration to make sure it can properly talk via the ports it needs. It will allow you to screen share/mount drive shares/etc. While I am a MM customer, I have opted for a different solution. I didn't want to hassle with opening more ports on my router.The second option is to go out and upgrade to Mac OS X server. OS X Server has a built in VPN server with an easy to use front-end to manage what is offered. I've used this, and it works. The cost is up there... Worth the mention, but will probably be overlooked...A third option is to buy a 3rd party solution that enables the already-installed (but doesn't have a public front end) VPN server. By buying the VPN server enabler, you can then use that machine as a VPN server and remote back in and use screen sharing to access your machine, and more. I have tried this... the software that I bought worked, but had one major bug. The developer didn't really have intentions on updating, since it really did just enable the VPN server. The problem (the bug) was in their choice of applying DRM to their app - aka their licensing system couldn't remember that I was registered!!! If you want the name, let me know and I'll dig through my records.The fourth option, and one that I continue to use, is a 3rd party solution called ShareTool. ShareTool must have 2 licenses: 1 server - your home machine, and 1 client - your mobile computer (reasonably priced). ShareTool runs in the menu bar once setup to share, and makes it extremely simple to remote into your home computer securely. You have access to all of the Bonjour services within the ShareTool client app, and more. I would go for the ShareTool route. It's really the easiest, most robust, and feature rich option. You can find more information at the ShareTool website: http://www.yazsoft.com/products/sharetool/* I'm not directly affiliated with Apple or Yazsoft (makers of ShareTool) other than being a satisfied customer.
  3. Since this thread crossed into the MobileMe sandbox, I thought I would chime in.MobileMe is more than just an email address. You have access to cloud syncing of contacts, calendars, etc for simple syncing to other Mac OS X devices as well as Apple's "i" devices. You also get access to your data via a browser which will sync any changes. While their gallery feature is no Flickr, it is getting better, especially with the privacy settings and allowing non-mobileme users have access to "private" family galleries with proper permissions... You also gain access to the handy find my iPhone service (which will ping the phone and play an audible sound - even if it's muted - to help you locate it). Or if it's lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe the phone, display a message, etc.Does Dropbox surpass MM's iDisk, yeah, no doubt about that. But hopefully the new data center on the east coast will help speed that along. ;)Also forgot to mention, that Apple is bringing more MM apps to their iDevices to expand on the capabilities. Which is a Win for customers.
  4. To help clarify. Apple's Mac OS X Server does not have the hardware requirement... in other words, you can install it on a VM as long as that VM supports it.Apple allowed this not to long ago, but only for Mac OS X Server.;)MrA
  5. Thought I would post an observation...I tried installing the Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition in VirtualBox, VMware Fusion, and Parallels Desktop, and all 3 failed to load the new Ubuntu Netbook "Unity" GUI.It appears that the new Unity GUI requires a 3D capable video card. Otherwise you are stuck with the standard Ubuntu Desktop GUI.Reference: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sourc...question/128737Hope that helps others. I just wanted to check it out. ~ MrA
  6. Bruno,Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the masses. You have left a mark on this world that is beyond words.Godspeed.~ Joshua
  7. Yup, I just had to revisit my Shameless Plug thread... Amazing how fast time flies.I've made some improvements, and there are new reviews online.http://www.streams-of-time.net/
  8. It is incredibly small... the photos, in my opinion make it appear big. If i had to make the decision again... I think I would still get the quad.. its nice being able to swap out drives, monitor the temp an run time, have 4 drives, and have it only take up one power plug.
  9. Marsden11... Apple has nothing to do with this...I didn't post the link so you could criticize it. Don't judge a book by its cover, and if you don't have something nice to say: don't say it at all.
  10. Well... being swamped with work and side projects, I was not able to review the new enclosure... so I will share with you the item, then review it later at my blog (with all the details). It is the Quad BayDock 8002 x 250GB Internal :: My main system is a PowerMac G5, so these two are cooled by the tower's fan system.2 x 250GB External FW800 :: These are in fan-less all aluminum enclosures, standing vertically. They tend to get warm, but are not that bad. Are in a direct path of a fan directed towards part of my desk ("the paper-less zone")4 x 300GB + 2 x 300GB External FW800 unit :: This is the Quad BayDock, it has a total of 8 fans: two main, two power supply, and four (one on each bay).1 x 20GB External FW800 & 1 x 8GB External FW800 :: are pain drives connected to the system by a ComboDockI don't really keep track of the temperature in my office, but it is reasonably cool since the walls are concrete, and its in the basement, with air conditioning during the summer.
  11. I love:PhotoshopImageReadyIllustratorInDesignDreamweaverFlash MXSort of ok with:FireworksHate:GoliveFreehandFlash MX 2004 (dont like how they modified the action scripting area, not newbie friendly)If they dump Fireworks, Freehand, and GoLive, I'll be happy... Just don't muck around with Dreamweaver.
  12. Congrats on the PB!I agree with everything Christopher has mentioned.I would add one thing though, besides the added benefits that the .Mac account offers, you have to look at it this way:1) No matter what anti-virus app you get you need to pay every year for updates, and most often times it might just be better to buy the new version, so lets just use a figure: $70 retail for anti-virus year after year...2) With a yearly subscription to .Mac you not only get anti-virus, that protects against Mac, *inx, and Windows viruses (so you dont forward them in emails to your Windows friends), you also get all the added benefits that .Mac has to offer: online storage that can be accessed from say work and home, email, email aliases, online email, special discounts, etc etc.The savings is there, thats why .Mac is so useful! But its a lifesaver when you can mount the iDisk on your work computer (Mac or Win XP) and be able to get your files at home (and vice versa).Shameless plug: check out my list of fav Mac apps over at my blog : link, you might find something you like.
  13. When they announced iWork, I said I was going to wait to purchase it with Tiger, as well as iLife. I however needed the latest version of iMovie for a project so I got that ahead of time.Its my understanding that Pages isn't a Word killer but almost the equivalent of Microsoft Publisher, which isn't offered to Mac users. I'm looking forward to the new version of Keynote and to be able to work in Pages... Since I really dont have an app like that.
  14. Christopher,I can't call them at the moment, but they dont offer Family pack at education prices... well at least not on their site.Since I only have two systems, and if I get a 3rd (it will come with it) I'm saving a bit by just buying the two at $70. Also, there is a chance, though now remote, that my employer will refund me one of them since I use MY iBook at work.I splurged a bit (as I said above), also ordered a 1GB iPod shuffle, the sport case, and iWork 05.
  15. Yeah, if a company offers an education discount i take it... since I work at a High School I'm eligible.I just never thought it was going to be $70. I thought maybe $100 since the retail cost is $130. I'm not complaining!Yeah, they say delivered by, but if you go thru the check out process standard shipping 3 to 5 day is the only option. Just curious, I called and the sales rep said it could arrive before, on, or after depending on where you live.I'm going to go to the Apple store thats by my brother-in-laws on the 29th just to experience the release party. ;)I also ordered a 1GB iPod shuffle. I have a 40GB 3rd Gen iPod... but its a bit bulky in a case when I'm working around the school... the shuffle being really small wont get in my way. and I have work mixes so I don't need a screen, i already use shuffle songs so I'm cool.
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