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  1. A great open-source raceing game ----- http://www.speed-dreams.org/
  2. Conky can be a pain to get set up the way you want it - but it's great when you do. I found this thread to be very helpful in getting my conkyrc file set up the way I want it:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=281865
  3. I can no longer get it to work either. I sent the blogger an email when I first had issues. Maybe he deleted the post?
  4. Issue solvedafter re-install of everything but the home directory I still had no ETH0 connection. The fix is pretty technical - so try to follow.I dis-connected the network cable from the pc and from the router - and then plugged it back in.Lesson learned - check the easy things first.
  5. see this:http://www.rvdavid.net/how-to-get-gigabit-...er%27s+Blog+%29
  6. Ha! I'll know better next time.The 1000 mbs vs 100 mbs got me ---- hook, line and sinker
  7. I've just installed Mint 11 Gnome 64-bit on my desktopI connected with no issues until I tried to follow this tip:http://www.rvdavid.net/how-to-get-gigab ... s+Blog+%29Now I can't connect at all. I tried to go back to the r8619 driver - but that doesn't seem to helpifconfig shows eth0 and loinxi -N shows Network: Card Realtek RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller driver r8169networking is definitely not my forteAny thoughts on how to fix this mess without a re-install.(sent from my laptop)THANKShere is that link again --- i see it doesn't work in the first posthttp://www.rvdavid.net/how-to-get-gigabit-...er%27s+Blog+%29
  8. Is there a downside to doing that? i.e. installing KDE programs on a Gnome system ----or--- installing gnome apps on KDE? Personally I have plenty of ram, plenty of hard drive space, and a fast CPU. I just don't want to mess up my sweet running system by installing something as small as Kalarm or basket.
  9. "no longer under development""not available for download"not found in apt-get
  10. I've recently switched from KDE to Gnome. I like it OK except for one minor issue. I miss Kalarm! I know I can install it in Gnome - but I would prefer not to do that because I will also get lots of files and libraries that I do not want. Bottom line - does anyone know of a Gnome program that is similar to Kalarm. The program "Alarm-Clock" just does not have the same functionality.Thanks!
  11. I'm looking at installing a new motherboard and cpu on my home pc. I run linux distros only (no doze for me!) Anyone have any suggestions as to what to avoid and what to look for? Are certain brands of mobos more linux-friendly?Requirements - etc:Approximate budget is $200 for the mobo and $200 for the processor. (or $400 total)integrated video or sound is not a requirement (I have cards for those)SSD support is a mustfull-size moboUSB 3.0 support would be nice for future usethanks
  12. thanks for the info amenditmanI'll let you know how it goes
  13. I'm tearing out theSATA and IDE drives on my homebuilt. I plan to install a 120GB SSD and a 2TB HDD and run only Linux. (probably Mint and/or Ubuntu).I read somewhere that one should put the / and /home partitions on the SSD and all other partitions on the HDD. What about a boot partition? Do you guys recommend Grub 2?Any ideas or experience with partitioning SSD's?Thanks!
  14. OK - this is where i am with this. Both FF and Chromium are 32-bit. I uninstalled flash 64-bit and installed 32-bit. I downloaded and installed the latest and greatest driver from Nvidia for my Geforce 6800 video card. My CPU is a lot lower than before - i.e. it only spikes up to 100% when I open a lot of apps and then only momentarily.There is still one app that pushes it up to 100% and it stays there. If I open Nautilus and click on USR/BIN, the CPU immediately goes to 100% and Nautilus grays out and freezes. There are 2246 items in usr/bin totalling 271 MB. This pc has 4G of ram and 9.5G of swap space. In system monitor I never see the memory move off 40% and the swap stays on 0%. Shouldn't the swap come into play when the CPU hits 100%?The top item in HTOP shows a root process taking up 30% of the CPU power - time of 27:52.51 (although I'm not signed in as root), and the command shows (/usr/bin/x :6 -br -verbose -auth /var/run/gdm etc.) What's that all about?
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