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    So long since I built itb I cant remember .. Have a look the backports are open .. Dont wreck it.
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  1. Very sad news re Lil. She is in my prayers . Really do miss her posts and hope she will be able to recover
  2. I think the reason I got the toner so handy is the guy in the shop may have thought it was so obsolete that he would just be lucky to get the 30 bucks instead of having to put it in the recycle stock bin . I does have the HP sticker on it .
  3. I found a very old HP lazerjet 4000T with no toner cartridge put out of an office building some years ago. Some time later I took a punt and paid 30euro for 27A 10000 page cartridge . At first I just could not get it to work so put it away. Today I got it out again and paralleled it to my Debian machine. I had a look in the os anfd found a tweeking program. So I tweeked about a bit ,then tried it out . couldn't believe it when it started up and printed a test page . So in for a penny in for a pound . I dug out a PDF file and that printed too . All in the nick of time as the 4050 has been glitchy for the last six months or so . Conclusion:- while it may be an older printer it is far superior in the speed quietness and quality of the printed text . there must be billions of $ worth of no-fault equipment consigned to the waste tips all around the so called enlightened nations . The world is overloaded with "rich" DORKS. Small wonder there are so many struggling on starvation incomes .
  4. A very excellent crypt. Rice, spaghetti and cous-cous in the same bowl.With a couple of spurious socket sets for afters . Well done I really like it
  5. Capt.Crow

    False Economy

    Sometimes what could be a false economy proves to be the opposite. I have a very old Epson printer . I had to buy a flash resetter for the cartridges which was a little dear . Hence for the last ten years I have filled the original ink pots and flashed them without problems . The 4 color refill bottles cost about 5 bucks and do about 5 refills a time . This means that the quality of the paper I get is better than the economy rubbish and still saves enough for the odd bottle of chianti .
  6. Really got into Herriot with the TV series . Nice one
  7. Had a look there . Good for having a look at the Synaptic history . As noted .Now I have to find the user history so the maze I somehow got through will be revealed .
  8. Being Oirish it would be sacrilege to waste alcohol on such a mundane operation as cleaning the screen .HoleyMoley... I use a combination of breath steam and a well worn old sock . It works really well. I have come to the conclusion that the heavy oils that seep out of the soles of the feet after a good booze up are soaked into the sock and act as a detergent while the breath steam becomes a surfactant .Hesto presto a very cost effective screen cleaner .
  9. Last night (after motorboating for a week of so ) the sound positively refused to co-operate. Tried a lot of stuff to get the audio back on the desktop. No way would it do its thing . So as it was way past my sleep mode I took out the biggest hammer I could find.*synaptic*Logged on and d/loaded every Pulse file I could find . Installed and rebooted. Still nothing . So somehow after going into zombie mode I started rooting around in the file system . Opened GNOME MPlayer and fiddled about a bit suddenly there it was,A little red X beside a speaker icon . Clicked it and it went away . Restarted the desktop and lo and behold the great one in the file system granted me sounds and audio again . I gave up circa 50Mb of precious hard drive space .But it was worth it . I wish I could remember the path I took ,I tried to retrace my steps again today , no way . Strange thing about the human brain .When the solution to a problem is imperative it seem to run on automatic .
  10. I got so sick and tired of all the drivel and canned laughter on TV that I kicked it into touch about ten years ago.I ripped down the aerial and threw it into the recycle scrap. Now I keep up with the news on NPR and BBC4 .This way it's possible to actually do many other creative things while my eyes are free and the ears are engaged with other forms of entertainment . Besides the ears are not able to hold tools or do anything more than listen and waggle a bit when the jaw muscles are clenched in a certain way . If I really need to watch any show all that's needed is google ,yahoo or bing and there you are . No fuss no time wasted ,everything at your fingertips . Way to go for me.
  11. And we thought we were ripped off for power at 95/100euro for 2mths. Yall would have had a great laugh at me hanging 40ft up an ash tree trimming the branches back to the main stem last Friday. It was blocking my broadband connection . Things are better now and I have about two weeks supply of wood for the stove ,more when I fell the main trunk . I di have a secure app for the process . A strop around me and the bole.
  12. Update:- Woe is me Woe is me , Both Greycoat and Waistcoat have gone AWOL. No sight nor sound of them for a week or more . Sammy and Tux are still here. Tux is getting a lot more used to me at long last . Allowed me to stroke its back and tail for about three minutes the day before yesterday . Sammy is still very wary of me ,though the lad gets to play with him a little . There is now a another tom in from the wild,a smelly git who is going around marking everything . I just cannot seem to take to him as he will not let the other two feed at mealtimes . He is sooooo aggressive with them . I think I will have to start feeding the other two in the lobby ,just to make sure they are getting enough calories . The weather has taken to laying very deep frosts at night ,so much so that a couple of times I thought it had snowed . The days are sunny but cold in the breeze. Tux comes and sits on the timber pile in the sun when I am working there . The wood shed is just really a roof on piles but there is good shelter there. When I'm finished Tux takes off to the plastic tunnel for extra warmth . I hope this wandering gangster moves on soon then perhaps my beloved Greycoat will turn up again with Waistcoat in tow . Woe is me Woe is me :'( :'( :'(
  13. Have a couple of players that can be switched ,namely ,Flash/ Html5/ you player . And for the more obstreperous players Brightcove can be enabled . Don,t ask how it all works as I never took notes when I was fussin round .All on Debian with FF esr
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