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  1. Thanks. I wanted to get some first hand knowledge from people who have used them though. If not, I could have just gone to sourceforge or something similar and just download like mad. I liked WS_FTP, will give it a go. I KNEW IT. I knew Konqueror would allow me to do this, just couldn't figure out how and a google search left me in the dark. I simply tried ftp.mysite.com and that didn't work. Now I know, will give it a go.Thanks all!Mike
  2. Greetings all from SuSE 10. I'm here because I am searching for a good FTP program. I installed Kbear from the SuSE DVD and everytime I go to transfer a file from my pc (desktop within SuSE) to my server Kbear crashes. It's happened 4 times now.Anyone know of another, similar, FTP program? I like the GUI interfaces like Kbear so would like something similar to that.Thanks all,Mike
  3. md5 hash on DVD iso incorrect. I tried to install earlier, it did a check, and came up with a different md5sum (or hash). The file size is identical, I'm wondering if maybe it happened during the burn or during the d/l. What's an app in Windows where I can check the hash against itself?
  4. Thanks for the advice all. =)
  5. Going to install Mandrake and SuSE and once again spend some time in Linux. Question is, what partitioning format should I use?I read somewhere on linuxquestions that they are essentially the same but I'd like to hear your guys' opinions on what should I do. Both journaling so what's the difference?
  6. How aggravating, it would seem the ISO did not burn properly through Nero, though I have done it a dozen times before. Aggravating. Anyhow, where would I find a link to the downloadable iso's gents? I looked over the site and saw the evaluation version only for d/l.
  7. Bruno, thanks for the link. Teacher, I did install a 64bit processor a couple months back so yes want that version. I have done an FTP install in the past, not the most fun but wasn't too bad--I had a decent mirror then.
  8. Howdly all, long time no see. Looking to do an installation of SuSE 9.3 via FTP and I read in the documentation an allusion to the fact that there can be other ftp sources. However, the only source I can find is the ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/suse/x86_64/current and it is the slowest connection I have ever seen. Currently downloading a 56MB boot.iso file and it's 5.7KB/sec download speed is not going to cut it.Is there a list or do you know alternate trustworthy ftp sources for the installation?Thanks,Mike<edit>BTW, 94 pages of posts since I've been gone--someone pour me some strong coffee.
  9. I understand about the def. update...but unlike the Windows version it doesn't correspond to the year--so I just wanted to make sure I purchased the latest version.
  10. Using NAV 9.0. Is there a newer version for the Mac to upgrade too? It seemed the latest so it is what I purchased.
  11. Just thought I'd let you all know, I picked up an external HD for my iBook. Since I plan on doing some minor video editing, I needed much more HD space and the external Iomega seemed to be the best route as I read around the net that it has some of the best drivers for Mac use. Ended up going with the 250gb, as then I can capture, render, and save without having to loose any data.It has both USB 2.0 and Firewire interface support, and some sort of auto-backup feature which I guess is good but don't really plan on using it.Mike
  12. Loading insanely fast for me now so I agree, it seems to be intermittent.
  13. ooohh, I hit 500 posts...and apparently I am a 'thread head'. Wonder if that's a good thing. Ah well, perhaps I can change it finally!<edit>Apparently I can't.
  14. I heard that Ryan. It only takes one person on that server to take up 50% of the bandwidth at a given moment to slow everyone down. Would be nice to have a dedicated server.
  15. For the past 20 mins. SNF has been as slow as I have ever seen it. Safari even timed out while trying to submit a post--all other sites I'm on now are acting normal.Wonder what's up? Must be ome massive server usage somewhere.
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