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  1. Oh. I don't have that installed. And thank you for the response. Ill check it up on jaspersoft community.
  2. Hello, I have some reports in jprint files and I would like to open/print them. Can someone please tell me how to print them in Windows 10? SHould it be converted to PDF or something? If so, is there any free s/w to do it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, THis may probably come across as a silly question, but, how do i move my contacts from iphone 7 to redmi? I havent backed up the contacts. I could only think of connecting to the pc import contacts then plug in the redmi and transfer it off the pc. Is there any shortcut to do the same or is this the way to go? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you heaps Securitybreach. Another cable did the trick.
  5. Hello ppl, I have run into a problem here trying to move some files from the pc to phone. Its a windows 10 and it ain't recognizing the device. I have tried enabling the usb debugging option and plugging into the pc again. Still the same issue. redmi 4a is not recognized by the pc.On the other hand, iphone 7 gets recognized by the pc. no issues. Can someone tell me how to make the redmi work pls? Thanks in advance.
  6. That quite explains why i lost older addons and extensions. And thanks once again all you guys for all your pointers.
  7. D***, bugger, blast..........! I am saving this new profile folder right away.
  8. I lost my add-ons as well. But yeah, text sizing and fonts are an issue cos spending longer periods on the comp, i dont want to strain my eyes too much. I do use the function keys you mention. But its tedious when I have to do the same everytime I start the browser as the changes I make in the settings folder arent getting saved. Anyway, thank you for your responses. I guess Ill try another time and see if I just need to switch to PM
  9. Hmm...I uninstalled, and installed without rebooting.. IE was slower so switched to FF and never looked back since. ALthough, I suspect FF is a resource hog clocking up so much RAM. I use it mainly cos its lighter and customizable. Guess its time for a rethink.
  10. Hello, I am having trouble with Firefox. For some reason, firefox crashed and after a couple of restarts all my font settings are changed. I have tried reinstalling to no use. I looked up the profiles folder and they seem to have some old and new data (although i am not sure what exactly i was trying to find out there?!). I do have an Old Firefox Data folder on my desktop. Since I don't remember what exactly the settings where, I am unable to change the font settings all over again. Is there any way I can get back my old settings from this folder that has appeared suddenly on the desktop? Some bookmarked pages open with smaller texts and some bigger and google page in tiny fonts. weird Can someone please help me to get back my deafult settings back? Thank you.
  11. Hello, Back again with another question! While removing some programs in my system (windows 10) I discovered tap windows 9.9.2 installed. I have no idea what it is...Since I did not install it, can I just uninstall it or am I messing up some unknown windows functionality by doing it? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hmm... I have tried amarok on my ipod and it is pretty good for all the music on it. But, I have gone for copytrans for the iphone. It is very light, quicker download, simple ui no bs. Thank you all (raymac, barbarian, goretsky, davey and laytoN!)once again for all your inputs. I so dreaded the idea of downloading itunes. Ha! nah, you didnt call me larry but yeah you might have thought that I were indeed not a girl. And its OK. And **** yeah, I have come to the right place with you experts about... a girl has to understand or atleast try to understand that no piece of code/machine can get the better of her!
  13. Thanks guys for your responses! I guess Ill look into this Amarok thingy. If it doesnt work out, Itunes it is!
  14. Hello ppl, I see so many articles on which s/w is better than itunes etc...which leads me to wonder which would be the best alternative to itunes? When I was using Iphones and Ipads on a Windows PC, I found that itunes s/w was bloated and slow and resource heavy. And nothing really improved with each successive release. On a Mac, obviously I didn't find any such isssue. But I am using windows 10 now and have an iphone 7 plus. Could anyone please tell me if there is a good alternative to itunes that would let me move audios, videos, pics etc from pc-iphone and vice-versa, manage files/folders and not be too resource heavy or a pain to download/start the app? Thanks in advance, Bhavana
  15. Thanks Aryeh, Zlim and Capt. Crow for your response. I ran chkdsk and sfc and found no issues at all. Looks like that is all that is needed! Thank you once again guys.
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