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  1. you can always use a google drive spreadsheet to illustrate the live document without editing permission.
  2. Really nice, I've to get some new usbs to get my arch installer ready. How's everything btw ?
  3. I've to say that after I'm on archlinux im a happier man regarding my OS. I tried recommending people linux mint and ubuntu but then when they get the distro-upgrade they usually do something wrong or the update does not go through and they'll have issues.. things that usually do not happen with arch linux.. thanks for the article.
  4. Hi my 2 cents when you are using linux: This works everytime I've an issue with my box.. open up google google "how to PROBLEM archlinux" or "problem linux" and usually someone had the same issue and found the solution! Welcome to linux , you wont regret it!
  5. You can use it with keybase from the AUR on your terminal and you wont need to store your private key on their servers, in fact, I do not store my private key on they server and I can still use it... They will be adding email support, so for example, when someone tries to send you a message through encrypted and the site, you'll encrypt with the public key (on their website or terminal with keybase) and then it can be sent to reynaldo@keybase.io and i'll receive it on my email (i think that this is how it will work)
  6. "Keybase is a website, but it's also an open source command line program. Let's walk through a terminal example, which illustrates what Keybase does. All of this can be embedded into other software, written by anyone." First thing, i have 1 invite left, btw erick if you want an invitation i've saved one for you. If anyone wants the invitation just post up that you want it. Keybase.io seems to encourage to upload or atleast hash your private key onto the website (I did not do it) While it gives everyone access and easy management to encryption with pgp, that crucial fact is encouraging new comers onto bad practices... what do you think? On other aspects, I love it... keybase.io/reynaldo if you want to send any encrypted message to me.
  7. everyone loves elementary OS, give it a try Eric
  8. why 'buntu bro when you can go all the way with Elementary Os freya.. look it up
  9. There was a rant with Linus and some systemd developer that f#$( up something and didnt want to fix it up.. it was months ago. Anyway, the old linux folks have a point about removing the choices from the user, hey its faster but not everyone wants to pay the price to be faster and its quite obvious that systemd was proposed by the bigs (Redhat) and its not quite good to have a free world and then re route the free world through a mandatory system like systemd and remove some of your freedom with all the dependencies that are relying on systemd.
  10. Thats old Josh. Its well known that debian was going to embrace systemd. I do like xfce when installing solydx to new linux folks.
  11. Chromium over here, use firefox when chromium has any rendering problem.
  12. I know alot of people that study "computer science" here on Dominican Republic, no one knows anything about Linux, they do not even know how to do things on windows, or download torrents, etc.. it's a shame.
  13. Josh that is a really nice video they came up with. It explains how serious gaming can be and what people actually sacrifice to play video games professionally, i hope some day i can gather a team and try to climb my way up to the international.
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