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  1. Thanks for your email. I'd probably have missed your questions without it.1/ This Maltron keyboard, what is its model name?It's the 3D ergonomic keyboard.2/ Is it PS/2 or USB?PS/23/ Does it requires a special driver from the OS or not?No4/ Does it works everywhere and especially under DOS / Linux?It works in my BIOS and in DOS. Don't know about Linux but I should imagine so since it's basically just a PS/2 keyboard.5/ Does it contains an USB Hub (for mouse, graphical tablet)?No, but you may be able to get such a thing now. Mine is an old model and doesn't have the Windows keys on it.6/ How is it possible to add Windows Keys without altering the general layout?I don't know. I never went ahead with having that done.7/ Where did you bought it?eBay8/ How much did it cost you?£120. There's no way I'd have paid out full whack for one without trying first. They're very expensive new.I actually quit using it after a while as I use two computers at home and one at work and it was a pain to have to keep plugging/unplugging and moving it around. Ironically, it was also giving me pain in my wrists! That might be because I wasn't using it exclusively though. It's quite pleasurable to type on actually but there is a learning curve and it takes time. Saying that, I've just ordered a Matias Tactile Pro to see how I like that. I enjoy my old IBM clone with buckling spring keys and the Matias has had good reviews from those who care about what they type on.
  2. I'm just about to place an order for the 213T. Any last minute suggestions to a better screen for the same money?Cams
  3. Okay, so my 18.1" Taxan monitor is on its way out and it's time for a new flatpanel. Some time back, Scott raved about the Samsung SyncMaster 213T and, given the cost now compared to then, it's even more value.I looked around my local hypermarket yesterday and saw some Sony screens with a seemingly shiny surface. A quick bit of research reveals that this is X-Black, dual-lamp technology. Is this technology so much better than the non-shiny screens? I don't game so response time is not really a big factor in my choice of monitor. Crisp text and real estate is what I'm after, so the 213T seems a good option at this time. They can be had for just short of 900 euro at a place in Germany and my current monitor is so bad that I'm itching to place my order. I just thought I'd ask about whether there is another obvious choice that I'm overlooking and whether I ought to consider the new X-Black technology.CheersCams
  4. Recently, on both my PCs, the audio has ceased to work on WMP9. It did work, and then, one day, it didn't. Both are XP Pro SP2 and, on both systems, I use Media Player Classic as my generic media player. Sometimes one needs WMP though (for streaming, for example).Can anyone advise please?ThanksCams
  5. I have a SanDisk Cruzer Mini USB Flash Drive and Windows XP Home Edition. The light on the drive comes on when plugged into the the USB socket but nothing shows up in the device manager or in Windows Explorer. I've been into the Disk Management and nothing shows up there either. I've got hidden files showing and everything looks to be in order (no exclamation marks in Device Manager, USB host looks fine).The FAQs on the SanDisk site don't help and suggest only going into the Disk Management utility and changing the drive letters.The laptop in question has never had any USB devices connected to it if that helps any.TIACams
  6. The difference is huge! The case I have also has grommets on the HDD cage but they're basically playing lip-service to silence. Suspending has completely decoupled the drives from the case and the elastic absorbs the vibrations. So no seek noise gets through to the case. As for the clips slipping, I've checked and rechecked; they're fine. I can lay the case on its side (which I did last night to remove the video card - bloomin' AGP clips that you can't see!) and the drive cage stays suspended. It's quite a common technique amonst silencing enthusiasts actually.
  7. Just thought I would come back and post a link to my web page detailing the build of my system. As I said, it was built for silence and each component was selected on that basis.AMD64: the silent beastNow it looks like I'm going to need a new monitor too. Hmmmm, those 21.3" SyncMasters seem pretty nifty...
  8. Cams

    TFT on its way out?

    Another quick stab in the dark. It couldn't be the ambient temperature, could it? The system is up in my attic and the temps are around 15ºC. I wouldn't have that that too cold for a monitor but thought I'd ask anyway.
  9. Cams

    TFT on its way out?

    I swapped video cards last night and the problem did not go away, so that pretty much means it is the monitor. Looks like I will have to do my video editing on my 15" monitor :(Thanks for the tip about the refresh rate being 60hz, Temmu. I didn't know that.Cams
  10. Cams

    TFT on its way out?

    Yes, VGA analogue. And, come to think of it, I'm not sure whether the problem was there on my old system (I've just built a new one). I was having problems with the colour/contrast on the capture window for my video editor (Premiere Pro) and found an adjustment in my vid card control panel for overlay; that fixed it some but it's still not very good and I find myself watching the video on my camcorder's LCD. Could the video card be faulty? It's an Connect 3D Radeon 9600 and my old one was a GForce Ti500. Maybe I'll just swap back to the old one and put the new one in the family PC. Although I would like to know if it were a fault as it's still under warranty. How does one check such things?
  11. My Taxan Crystal Vision monitor seems to be on its way out. I've had it for only three years and now the colours look washed out and, when I switch it on from being powered down, there is some pretty heavy horizontal streaking which passes after a couple of minutes. Does this seem bad? I would have thought that 3 years was but a short period in the lifetime of a TFT monitor. I have used the same driver since I got the monitor and it has worsened over time. Time for a new one, perhaps? Cams
  12. I did that and they wrote back really quickly with a solution - some direct links to download their software and to install MS JVM rather than the Sun one. I suggested that they put these links in a technical FAQ on their site to save others a lot of frustration. Of course, the less tech savvy would no doubt have emailed them as their first reaction. Whereas those with a dangerous amount of tech savvy such as I decide it MUST be an IE problem and try and fix it. Lesson learned!
  13. I am trying to log on to my bank. They do not allow access with Firefox so I am forced into using Internet Exploder 6.0 on my XP Pro SP2 box. Upon accessing the logon page, I am asked whether I would like to download some ActiveX controls. I click <Yes> but end up with the Info bar appearing to tell me that I can't do it. Clicking the info bar takes me to a help file where it tells me to enable a few things and all will be well. However, all is NOT well. I have enabled absolutely everything, set it to <Low>, added the site to my trusted sites - nothing works.Has anyone any ideas? Can this 'helpful' info bar be done away with?
  14. It doesn't fit on mine either!
  15. I bought a system three years ago and, about a year later, got the silencing bug. I wound up switching parts for silent parts until I got it reasonably quiet. When it became time for a new system, I wanted to build as silent a system as I could, so spent a good four months researching the components whilst waiting for the bank balance to go up a little, and the cost of my chosen components to come down a little. I've just completed the build, which is my first, and it is, I'm very happy to say, silent! I learned a lot from doing it and, although it was more difficult than I expected and frustrating at times, I'm glad I did it that way.
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