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  1. You can't Adblock on iOS, rooted or not. At least you get the option with Android. Although I don't find a need to block ads on mobile (though I block ads on my computer), as I like to support free apps. I guess it's somewhat hypocritical to not do the same for websites.
  2. Is it worth it to root? I know you're a big fan, securitybreach! But what are the practical uses for it?
  3. I would like if this thread could continue talking about the topic in question and not veer off into politics. This game looks neat. It reminds me very much of "Game Dev Tycoon" which is a very addictive iOS game. I installed the demo. As for the actual post, it's depressing. A great idea to slightly alter the cracked game, but sad to see how successful it was. I wish there was a good answer to piracy. DRM isn't it.
  4. You can get Chat Heads on Android now by updating the Facebook Messenger app. I think you may have to do it manually? It requires new permissions (to draw over other apps, which is how Chat Heads works). You can also use messenger as your default SMS app (probably only in the US?) but I don't know if even I will go that far...
  5. They've streamlined and changed the security/privacy settings (multiple times). They're certainly better now than they were. However, they have been known to introduce new features and make them opt-out...although I think they may be getting better at that too? I think the settings page is easy enough to use (and find) that most people should be able to use them easily. However, I know plenty of people who have their posts visible to Public, say, when they should be visible only to Friends. Facebook should default to Friends and make you explicitly choose Public, in my opinion. Also, they have a selector on every post where you can choose the audience. The problem is making a change there changes the default, so every post you make afterward will be using that audience. So,if you mark one post "public" but have friends set as the default, the default changes. Which is crazy! That said, I'll probably try Home when they launch it for Nexus 4. But I don't imagine I'll use it long.
  6. This is a cool feature. I want to set mine up but am still a little leery. I mean, I log in to Google every single day, multiple times a day (if it counts Android access then it's like every 10 minutes). But I still worry that somehow I'll miss the reminder that they send and somehow not log in for the 3 months (you can pick 6 or 12 months also) and all my stuff will get distributed.
  7. http://techcrunch.co...e-and-chromeos/ Basically, Google is forking WebKit to create its own rendering engine, called Blink. WebKit is itself a fork of KHTML. Opera, which just recently announced it is switching its browser to WebKit, has announced that they will use Blink. Blink will probably be used soon, but at first it will be pretty similar to WebKit. Expect the two to diverge fairly quickly though. One interesting point is that Google was doing a lot of the dev work on WebKit, so where does this leave someone like Apple? Another nice thing is that they've committed to not using vendor prefixes, which should help interoperability on the web. They have a FAQ here. Here's an article entitled 4 ways Google's Blink could change web browsing Here is a Google+ post with a dev interview. It links to a video, which I haven't yet watched (I'm in class right now ) All in all, this sounds like a positive for the web. Not sure what will happen to WebKit, but I'm sure it will be ok too.
  8. Hmm my sites finished importing. I either didn't get or just missed the email telling me. I literally just found out though so I don't have any impressions yet.
  9. I do sideload (although rarely). I have the Amazon app store and I've downloaded one or two apps just from the internet (from what appeared to be trustworthy places).
  10. Is antivirus necessary? I was going to get Lookout (or ESET, but you have to pay for ESET I think)
  11. Yeah I'm in the queue too
  12. http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/map_of_the_week/2013/03/google_reader_joins_graveyard_of_dead_google_products.html
  13. I started using Feedly today. I like it ok so far. I think it may be the best of the replacements.
  14. I saw everyone talking about that Lightflow app but ignored it because I thought it just let you manually activate the LED. I didn't realize you could set what the colors mean! I was going to ask if there was a way to see app update changelogs, but upon searching found this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cypressworks.changelogviewer&hl=en
  15. Is there a guide to what the different notification LED colors mean? I mostly see blue (or white?) but I have seen green. I think it does others too.
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